Active Directory Audit Tools Microsoft


Active Directory Audit Tools Microsoft – In this article, we share the best tools for Active Directory management. Although these tools have different features, lists, and even prices, they are all designed to help you manage your Active Directory environment.

Most of the tools on this list offer a good level of automation. They can help with AD cleanup, user accounts, deletions, password resets, and more. Additional tools include AD monitoring and reporting to help maintain AD health, performance and availability.

Active Directory Audit Tools Microsoft

Additionally, there are AD Audit tools that improve AD security, provide comprehensive reporting, and help maintain compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and more.

Active Directory Auditing Tool

Best Tools for Active Directory Administration 1. SolarWinds Admin Bundle for Active Directory – Free Tool

Active Directory Administration by SolarWinds are three 100% free and powerful AD management and monitoring tools. Both tools help keep Active Directory clean, while the other provides management automation.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is an all-in-one web management, reporting and automation solution for the Microsoft ecosystem including Active Directory, O365 and MS Exchange. It uses a web-based graphical user interface to centralize all management and monitoring tasks.

Using this solution, you can bulk manage AD groups and objects including users, computers and printers from CSV files or editable files. You can also automatically generate detailed data from users, computers, groups, and more. data from

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Download: Get an exclusive 30-day free trial of ADManager Plus. After the trial period, you can purchase the product, otherwise the trial becomes free, allowing you to manage and publish up to 100 products in one domain.

ManageEngine AD360 is a collection of Active Directory management tools developed by ManageEngine. It also includes ADManager Plus, so with this package you get a comprehensive collection of systems including a backup manager for working with AD. This tool manages access management permissions for Azure AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspaces, as well as on-premises Active Directory instances.

Use this system as the default console for Active Directory. Changes and additions made here will appear on all domain controllers in all versions of AD. The system also includes ADSelfServoice, which creates a signing environment and allows users to request password recovery.

Price: The AD360 is available in two versions: Standard and Professional. ManageEngine does not publish its price list, so you must request a quote.

Active Directory Change Tracking

Download: AD360 software is installed on Windows Server and is available as a service on the AWS and Azure marketplaces. You can try the version with a 30-day free trial on the website.

Windows PowerShell is actually one of the most popular Active Directory management and control tools. It is an automation and configuration management tool. It comes with its own shell and scripts to help you create scripts for Active Directory recovery.

Windows PowerShell provides the Active Directory module with a number of cmdlets that you can use to manage your AD directory, AD LDS configuration settings, and AD database insertion tools—all from a single interface. This PowerShell AD module allows you to get information about computers, users, groups, tasks and more.

Adaxes is a capacity management and automation solution for Active Directory, Exchange and O365 environments. It uses a web-based user interface that allows you to manage all environments and jobs from one place.

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Adaxes is popular for its Active Directory user lifecycle automation capabilities. It allows you to assign, reassign and remove users from your AD site. In addition to powerful monitoring and performance features, Adaxes also offers excellent advertising services. It can create detailed custom configuration files for your AD site and +200 generated files.

CJWDEV is a company that develops IT management and control tools. IT Managers Love Two of CJWDEV’s most popular tools are AD Tidy and AD Info.

Both tools allow you to export results to CSV or Excel XLSX files (except ADInfo’s HTML and TXT files).

Price: Free and Standard Edition. To purchase a model, a single use license is $99 for ADTidy and $59 for ADInfo.

Microsoft Active Directory Reporting Tool

Zohno has created two tools to help IT administrators onboard and deactivate employees quickly and easily. Two of their products (Z-Money and Z-Time) are very popular among IT managers looking to automate their customers.

Netwrix Auditor is a powerful IT audit and compliance software. Provides better visibility into worklist and group policy environments. It helps you track changes in Active Directory and domain performance, improve troubleshooting processes, investigate and prevent abuse, and ensure IT compliance.

Netwrix Auditor uses behavioral analysis and risk mitigation techniques to review transactions, configurations and access. For example, it can analyze security conditions, monitor Active Directory users and computers for changes, and provide intelligence to resolve problems.

XIA Automation is a powerful web-based network automation tool designed for user planning and project management. It can be used to automatically assign user accounts to Active Directory, Exchange, O365, Google, etc.

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You can import CSV files into XIA Automation to assign or update user accounts, groups or organizations. Additionally, XIA Automation has a “Custom Attributes” feature that helps you configure Active Directory attributes.

Task Manager, developed by Quest, is a set of troubleshooting and monitoring utilities for AD domains and domain controllers. This electronics is designed to keep AD healthy, and it is. The software provides a comprehensive dashboard with views of AD configuration, replication, notifications and complete administrator information.

The executive director may use one or more proxies who are available on the register. These agents are used for Office Logging, AD Server Analyzer, Azure AD Connect, Database Server Logging, etc.

Pricing: Quest Active Administrator perpetual licenses start at $24.99 per unit (minimum 50 units).

Office 365 Reporting Tool

Lepide Auditor is an excellent screening and prevention program. It is designed specifically to review configuration and permission changes across the Microsoft ecosystem, including Active Directory, Exchange Server, Group Policy, SQL, and SharePoint.

Lepide Auditor gives you a complete view of your advertising environment and comes in handy when needed. Track who is changing settings and permissions in real time. To whom, where, and when.

Spiceworks is an online platform and community for IT professionals. They are known for offering 100% free software (with ads) for IT inventory management, team and network management tools.

Spiceworks provides a free AD management tool that enables detailed and personalized management of individual AD resources. Since Spiceworks is a large community of IT professionals, they also offer free support (which is a special price) for their AD management tool. The software is very easy to install and use.

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Anturis is cloud-based analytics for servers, networks, applications and websites. One of their most popular monitors is Anturis Active Directory Monitor, which collects AD information, analyzes it, and helps troubleshoot performance issues.

Anturis uses administrative behavior based on directory servers and published standards to detect anomalous behavior or failures that disrupt the AD environment. When it detects network anomalies, it sends instant notifications via email, text message or voice call.

Price: Anturis starts at $10.00/month (10 monitors and 10 reports/month). Anturis also has a free version that allows up to five monitors to send email notifications.

SystemTools Hyena is one of the most popular and popular GUI for managing Active Directory easily. Simplify and centralize broad Windows system and Active Directory management. So instead of using a ton of broken Microsoft controllers, Hyena includes these tools and puts them in a single row of glass. You can also use Hyena to query and modify some attributes that cannot be done in the default MS Active Directory Management Console.

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Hyena has an easy-to-use graphical user interface to help you manage your Active Directory infrastructure. Allows you to manage objects and activities including users, groups, domains, computers, devices, services, printers, sections, user rights, schedules, processes, and more.

Enow provides monitoring, management, protection and reporting software for your Active Directory environment. Provides complete visibility and control of AD resources from a single pane of glass.

The Enow “AD Monitoring and Reporting” tool uses default probes to retrieve information from AD components including domain controllers, OUs, DNS replication, etc. These probes can help identify failures, including replication issues, DNS issues, domain controller failures, login failures, account lockouts, and more.

SolarWinds Admin Bundle for Active Directory is the best tool for multiple Active Directory administrators, providing automation, reporting, administration and a great GUI.

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One of the favorite tools of most Active Directory administrators is Windows PowerShell. And for good reason, with PowerShell and some scripting skills, you can take on many mundane, day-to-day Active Directory management tasks. Still, many ad managers prefer it

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