Add Payment Method Facebook Ads Manager

Add Payment Method Facebook Ads Manager – Facebook Ads Manager is a free public service to manage, view, analyze and improve advertising campaigns on social networks Facebook and Instagram, this tool is ideal for small businesses and other entrepreneurs. If you have multiple projects working on the same advertising project, you should use Business Manager.

Next, we’ll see how to use the Facebook Ads Manager to start an ad campaign from scratch. Our guide is designed for people who are new to this site. and consists of the following steps:

Add Payment Method Facebook Ads Manager

Note: You don’t need to register an Ads account to use Ads Manager. This is automatically issued when you create your business page. If you don’t have a business page yet you can create one using our How to Create a Facebook Business Page guide. It only takes a few minutes. Step 1 Create an account and open your ad account settings. Before you go directly to “Ad Manager”. You should go to your ad account and change some parameters there if necessary. Use this link for quick access (only available if you have a business page)

How To Accurately Track Your Facebook Ad Metrics In 2022

Make sure your time zone, currency, address and other business information is correct. You will automatically create a new ad account. The old account will be closed. But it still appears when you click on the ID at the top of the screen. And all ads created on it will no longer be displayed.

Select and configure the payment method. Running Facebook ads will cost you. Withdraw from the deposit on the website To complete, go to “Payment Settings” and click on the icon. “Add Payment Method”

A window will open where you have to select the payment method available in your region. The state is set to automatic. But the top of the window can be changed. Pay at least $5 in your account. That’s enough to know what it is and start your first advertising campaign.

Log in to Ads Manager. Use this link to access your Ad Manager account or go to your business page, click “Create” and then click “Publish” on the first login. You will be asked to accept the Terms of Service and disable ad-blocking applications.

Getting Started With Facebook Business Manager

At first glance, the service interface may seem confusing and difficult to understand. It will pass quickly if you finish reading our article and start your first advertising campaign. It’s like getting to know your first smartphone: at first it’s not clear what the responsibility is and where to put your finger. But now we are all professionals.

Top Navigation To get to it, click “Ad Manager” at the top left of the screen. Links will open where you can go to your Ads Manager settings and other Facebook products.

Your Account Overview Here you’ll see a summary of running and completed ad campaigns. You can also create new campaigns in this menu. If you have multiple, you can choose which shows to watch.

The Delivery column shows the status of each of your campaigns, groups, or ads. Depending on the navigation tab you select.

How To Use The Facebook Ads Manager: A Complete Walkthrough

The “Create” icon starts the process of creating Facebook ads, which can be done in two cases: “Quick Creation” for experienced users and “Building instructions” for beginners.

Because our article is about how to use Facebook Ads Manager, it is for beginners. We follow a guided build script. If you select another option after clicking the “Create” icon, you can go to instructions using the button. “Switch to Guided Build”

In the first step of creating an advertising campaign you will be asked to select a target, for example if you open an online store. You will need to select Traffic or Conversions or “Sales Catalog” to sell each item. We choose traffic.

At the bottom of the screen you can enter the name of the ad campaign. (In the example the name is “Online Store 1”) and the daily budget with the bid strategy when you activate it. “Campaign Budget Optimization” can still enable A/B testing (this feature requires a separate discussion). After that, click “Set up ad account”.

How To Facebook Verify Your Business Manager Account

Now you need to check if your country, currency and time zone are set correctly. If necessary, change the parameters and click “Continue”.

We give the ad group a name and choose whether or not to drive traffic to: websites, apps, messages, WhatsApp, etc. In our example, we will select Sites. If you want, you can enable a “bid” feature for users to bid. Offers in the form of discounts, promotions or bonuses

Next, you need to decide the audience. Choose the area or region where residents will see your ad, their gender, age and language in particular. You can select a country, city, or country within a 50-mile radius as the region.

In defining objectives in detail you can specify social and demographic parameters that your target audience should follow, such as interests, location, behavior, background, etc. Specify the keywords on the line and select the appropriate option/s.

Create And Fix Facebook Business Manager, Ad Account By Digita_servicex

A link list allows you to highlight people who have already interacted with your website, activity or app. This is used to exclude people who have already liked your business page.

In the “Placement” field you can choose the platform and where your ads will appear. Browse through all the options and choose what your audience wants. You can specify the position of the display more precisely. Advertising campaigns are cheaper and more effective.

And also mention the start and end date of the show. Make sure everything is correct and click Continue.

A new window will ask you to title your ad, for example, “Test Company | 20% off this December.”

How To Accept Payments On Facebook: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Below you will be asked to specify how your business will appear in the notice. You must select your Facebook business page or Instagram account.

You’ll be asked to choose an ad format: carousel, video or single photo. Image or video gallery Online stores often choose carousel images to showcase multiple products. or a single image or video to promote a personal website or product. Since we’re only familiar with Facebook Ads Manager, we chose the easy option: a single photo or video.

The Instant Experience tool allows you to display any full-screen feature on a mobile device. This is usually a full-screen video view or content demo with some interactive features. This tool is available for mobile users only.

A context window will open where you can add product images in several ways: Facebook business page gallery, Instagram image, stock photo or download from device memory. After adding the desired image double click on the image in the gallery.

How To Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Images should be large and of relatively high quality. You can manually crop the image in Facebook Ads Manager or use the “Select a location to optimize” feature template

Next, you should write a short description for your ad, usually these are your product’s features or benefits and a call to action.

And because we are collecting traffic for online store site. So we need to add a link to that page as well.

A preview of your ad will appear on the right side of your blog – this is how people will see it. If everything is in order, click “Continue”.

How To Install Facebook Pixel On WordPress & Woocommerce Store

This is the only one! Your ad has been published. Now it all depends on the Facebook algorithm and the effectiveness of your ads. You should wait a few minutes until you have enough information to decide where to continue your ads. Increase your ad price (more on that below) or keep working.

To see how your ads are performing, click “Ads Manager” in the top left corner, then go to “Ads Reporting.”

Getting the most out of Facebook ads can take some time, leading to finding effective ads. Optimize targeting and ad manager settings. For starters it can create problems in calculating the budget of your advertising campaign.

Those familiar with Facebook advertising will quickly address this issue with the ultimate goal of marketing.

How To Change Your Billing Threshold

Suppose you sell 10 units at 1000 each and earn $10,000. In this case, you need to reach the goal of user 10 (purchase the product) and if you convert at least 1%, you need 1000 impressions because:

If the goal action isn’t a purchase, it’s a conversion to the product card page on your website.

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