Benefits Of Youtube Premium Uk


Benefits Of Youtube Premium Uk – YouTube Premium is something you’ll never want to give up. It’s easy to subscribe through the YouTube app on iPhone or iPad for $15.99, but did you know you can get a YouTube Premium subscription on your iPhone or iPad for just $11.99?

I didn’t realize until I saw an ad on the YouTube site after YouTube Premium was briefly canceled. But the so-called “Apple Tax” is real, and YouTube provides operating revenue that pays Apple for the ability to sell the service directly to iOS and iPadOS users on the iOS and iPadOS platforms.

Benefits Of Youtube Premium Uk

Apple receives a commission from each sale processed through the App Store. This commission varies between 15-30% depending on the developer and includes payments for services that developers choose to offer through the iPhone or iPad app.

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Apple has banned app developers who have apps on the App Store that offer payments with iOS or iPadOS apps without using the App Store to process payments, i.e. YouTube integration. Can not be done. Premium YouTube subscription.

This limitation forces application developers to make a choice. or 2) an additional fee for app store membership to cover the commission fee.

Obviously, YouTube doesn’t like the idea of ​​losing revenue, so it’s passing the additional cost of passing on Apple’s fees to the end user.

The key to paying $11.99 instead of $15.99 for your Premium YouTube subscription is to buy your Premium YouTube subscription directly from YouTube.

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By cutting out the middleman, Apple doesn’t get a cut of the profits, so YouTube charges you the actual cost of the YouTube Premium service instead of a higher premium because it doesn’t pay Apple a sign-up commission. Such.

In the screenshot to the left, you can see the YouTube app for iOS advertising a price of $15.99 for YouTube Premium. Conversely, on the right, you can see the YouTube site in Safari, which advertises the original YouTube Premium service for just $11.99.

Professional advice. No matter where you sign up for Premium YouTube, you’ll get the same features. But if you opt for the iPhone app, you’ll just pay more for it.

If you’ve already subscribed to Premium YouTube from the iOS or iPadOS app for $15.99 and want to re-subscribe for less than $11.99, you certainly can.

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To do this, open the App Store and click your profile picture in the top right, then click the Subscribe button. You can cancel your YouTube Premium subscription when your active account is full.

After cancellation, you must use the remainder of your YouTube Premium subscription before signing up again. When your YouTube Premium subscription expires, you can visit the YouTube Premium subscription site in Safari to re-subscribe for the low price of $11.99.

We want to emphasize that by signing up for Premium YouTube through the YouTube website instead of the App Store, you can enjoy all the benefits you get when you subscribe to Premium YouTube through the iOS app. will

Additionally, you can access YouTube Premium on your iPhone or iPad in addition to all of your other devices and/or devices, regardless of which subscription you choose to subscribe to.

Is Youtube Premium Worth It? What You Need To Know

Did you already know that you can save $4 per month by subscribing to Premium YouTube directly through the YouTube website? And if not, would you still pay $15.99 instead of $11.99 for YouTube Premium? The main advantage of YouTube Premium is to play content without annoying ads. You can watch videos in the background when the phone’s screen is off and download them easily, so you don’t need an internet connection afterwards. Subscription prices vary from country to country depending on the level of purchasing power there.

Argentina and India pay the lowest in the world. If six people share a YouTube Family Premium subscription, the subscription fee is 80¢ per person per month. A little jealous? There is no need.

We have a guide on how to play YouTube Premium for a few cents. We have used it ourselves for many years without any problems.

Worldwide, YouTube offers four subscription options, with an individual premium account available elsewhere, which is more affordable for one year. In all cases, we calculate costs on a monthly basis. For example, for the YouTube Premium Family version, we calculate the price per person out of six possible.

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Student Choice requires verification of student status once a year. YouTube Premium Lite, available in many countries, only removes ads and videos cannot be downloaded or played in the background.

We found value by accessing YouTube from another country provided by a VPN. The offer almost always includes a free month or two.

📢 Has the subscription price changed anywhere? We are missing a country in the information. Please fill out the form and help us update the information.

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Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being evaluated and have not yet been categorized. The long wait for the YouTube Music service is almost over. The company announced on its website that it will launch new YouTube music on May 22. YouTube already has a service of the same name, but this new version updates the old one and introduces two new premium services: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium.

Let’s break down YouTube Music first. The new music streaming service will offer free, ad-supported music through new desktop and mobile apps. YouTube emphasizes that users can “find all the ways music moves in one place”, giving them access to thousands of playlists, official songs and albums, remixes, covers, live versions and music videos.

The new app will also have a “powerful home screen” that offers listening suggestions based on your story, what you’re doing and where you are. Users can also search for songs using YouTube Music Search without knowing the name of the song. Google may have integrated AI into this feature, allowing you to search for songs using descriptions or lyrics. All of these will be available for free through YouTube Music to anyone who can block ads everywhere, making it like no other type of free streaming.

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