Best Credit Card For New Small Business Owners


Best Credit Card For New Small Business Owners – You probably have a credit card or two in your wallet. So you understand the importance of credit cards. Not only do they make it easier to track your business, but you also need to prove your creditworthiness (i.e., your credit score to cover the money you offer).

But did you know how important it is for business owners to have a business credit card? Just like the process of building credit, you use a business credit card

Best Credit Card For New Small Business Owners

Loans A good credit history will improve your SMB’s rating with credit card companies, banks, and investors (which will make it easier for you to get loans and lower interest rates). Additionally, business credit cards typically have higher limits than personal credit cards, making it easier to make larger or larger purchases.

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In other words, using credit cards responsibly can be a huge help to your business (it can even be used irresponsibly – CEO Chris Ranzio found ~$300,000 in debt to successfully grow his business) .

You’ll know this by using a personal credit card, but different cards have different benefits. Some come with points earned per transaction that can be used to buy merchandise, book travel, or book other services. Some offer cashback – that is, cashback on spending money (a smaller percentage, but still).

Add more advantages where you swipe your card. For example, some cards give you extra points at gas stations, while others offer rewards for shopping with partners (businesses like Amazon, Peloton, and Apple are just a few examples).

You can also consider the financial situation of you and your business. Since you’re a business owner, most credit card companies will look at your personal credit score to determine if you qualify for your first business credit card. They want to make sure your business’ debts are paid off. Things like the annual percentage rate (APR) for annual payments and interest are also important, especially if your business is just getting started.

Credit And Debit Card Market Share By Network And Issuer

Here’s a story for you: Let’s say you run a landscaping business. Your team will drive around town collecting supplies, mowing the lawn, and doing other yard work. So, you’d benefit from getting a credit card that offers 3% cash back on gas transactions (especially with current gas prices).

On the other hand, you won’t be traveling outside the community, so you won’t be thinking about airport or hotel deals. You may also want to consider a credit card, which has additional benefits for purchases from home improvement companies like Home Depot or Lowes.

With so many business cards out there, you might be wondering where to start. We’re in. Here is a list of the best credit cards for small business owners:

The Spark Cash Plus card offers 2% cash back on your purchases. Cons: No annual fee, no APR (you have to pay off the card every month).

Benefits For Businesses That Accept Credit Cards

You’ll earn 3% cash back in categories of your choice including fuel, travel, business advice and more. 2% for catering consumption and 1% for other consumption. Combine your 3% and 2% and they have $50 million.

We’re talking three points per dollar spent on travel and other types of bonuses (including social media and search engine marketing!). Plus, since it’s a Chase business card, users can earn Chase’s ultimate rewards, making travel even more rewarding. But there is a $95 annual fee.

The Brex 30 card does not require a credit check or security deposit, but your business must be in good financial standing (minimum bank balance for accredited investors).

Didn’t find a card that fits your business needs? There are plenty of other great options, too, with personal finance sites like Nerdwallet and The Points Guy listing ways to give away monthly promotions.

Best Business Credit Cards For December 2022

Edited by Chris Ronzio and published daily, Designing Chaos is the playbook, comprehensive strategy, and tips SMB leaders need to take their organizations to the next level. We’ll match you with the cards you need based on your business and credit needs. configuration file. The right business credit card can provide meaningful rewards for your business, protect your personal credit and increase the value of your business.

Customers spend 4x more per business card. Our MatchFactor technology determines your financial match before you apply.

Bad credit is the most common reason small business owners are denied financing. Use free tools to build your business profile so you can stay in good shape when you need the big bucks.

We will notify you of any changes to your personal data. Track how changes affect your finances and any unusual activity. It can help you build and maintain your credit.

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“It’s been a lot of fun and helps me understand the ins and outs of business lending and financing, especially how things can change at some point, even if you’re doing everything right.”

“It provides the tools and resources for everything people need. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow, they have the answers.”

“This site is a blessing. You need to quickly learn how to make decisions about your money without spending a dollar a month on credit monitoring from the big three. For you”

“I went from an obscure career to a prestigious company in a very short period of time. I couldn’t have done it without the tools that were provided.”

Small Business Credit Card Satisfaction Surges

*Customer data shows a business credit card approval rate of 7% in December 2015 (without MatchFactor), compared to 29% in May 2016 (with MatchFactor). Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card and bank offers featured on this site are from credit card companies and banks that accept compensation. This section may affect how and where products are displayed on this site, such as the order in which they appear on group pages. Regardless of compensation, while best efforts have been made to provide a complete list of offers, not all banks, credit card companies or all credit cards offered. Advertising partners include American Express, Chase, Bank of America and Barclaycard.

Small business credit cards are a popular business financing option, especially for entrepreneurs who don’t qualify for traditional business loans and don’t have access to a deep-pocketed network of family, friends and colleagues. No matter what your business is, a credit card can help—as long as you use your credit wisely and avoid buying items your business can’t afford.

Small business credit cards typically have lower spending limits and more generous rewards programs than consumer cards. Some have added perks, such as low APRs, increased credit balances, personal concierge services, and perks. However, many also require an annual fee and require good or excellent credit to qualify.

Without further ado, these are the best small business credit cards on the market right now. These include low-interest credit cards, travel rewards cards, prepaid credit cards, and corporate rewards cards.

How Do Business Credit Card Balance Transfers Work?

The Chase Ink Preferred® Business Credit Card is a long-time favorite among Chase business card users. It shows:

You’ll earn 100,000,000 Ultimate Rewards points if you spend at least $15,000 within 3 months of account opening. That’s $1,000 in cash, plus $1,250 for travel (thanks to the 25% Chase bonus). It’s hard to resist if you travel a lot.

The card’s regular rewards program is equally impressive. 3x status is especially generous: cardholders earn 3 points per $1,000 spent on travel, shipping purchases, communication purchases (such as Internet, cable TV, cell phone bill) and advertising, for a total of $150,000 spent in these categories. Jubilee. Earn 1 unlimited point per $1 on all other purchases.

The Chase Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card is a no-annual-fee business credit card similar to the Chase Freedom Unlimited® Credit Card, a consumer credit card that also offers unlimited 1.5% cash back.

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Ink Unlimited Business makes money through Rewards Points, which can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, travel purchases and general merchandise. One or two unique and flexible rewards programs make this the best cash back card for business owners.

The Chase Ink Cash® Business Card is a popular business credit card with a generous cash back program, strong signature loans and A.P. expertise.

Amex’s Business Platinum Card is a popular business card that’s especially attractive to business travelers despite the $695 annual fee. (

For rates and fees

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