Best Free Email Marketing Software For Small Business


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Looking for a way to boost your email marketing efforts without breaking the bank? This free email marketing service and list allows you to send thousands of emails every month without spending a penny.

Best Free Email Marketing Software For Small Business

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Keep reading for a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of each email marketing service. At the end we will share our tips. It’s better than Gmail for professional users!

Before we dive in, here’s a quick overview of free email marketing tools, along with the different ranges and free plans of each service:

Note: Although there are other popular email marketing solutions such as ConvertKit, GetResponse, AWeber, HubSpot and SendPulse in the market, we think that their free offers are not the be-all and end-all of our suggested configuration. , or does not exist. Read on for a detailed look at each project that made the shortlist.

Sendinblue has a great free plan (unlimited subscribers) and supports sending SMS text messages, business emails, deep analytics and powerful business features in one dashboard. Sendinblue is also headquartered in France, so you must comply with GDPR.

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The free plan allows you to have an unlimited number of contacts, but you are limited to sending 300 emails per day. For this reason, if you want to send all your subscribers at once, this platform may not be a good choice. However, if you have multiple water campaigns, it is more flexible because there is no shared ceiling.

The first upgrade is called the Lite plan, which offers 20,000 emails sent per month for $25 per month. Also, the daily posting limit has been removed.

Since a free account works, Sendinblue is a good email marketing tool if you have a lot of subscribers but don’t need to send them all at once. If you only send less than 300 emails per day, you don’t need to pay for Sendinblue. It is also a good choice for WordPress users because of its plugins and has better reviews than many other free email marketing services.

We use Sendinblue and because of our association with them, they offer a special 30% discount on all paid plans for the first month. If you buy any of them, contact this email to take advantage of the discount:

Free Email Marketing Tools

Mailjet is one of the best free email marketing tools because of its clean templates, monthly email sending limit and unlimited subscribers. Not only that, but you can use webhooks, APIs and SMTP relays for a seamless and personalized email marketing experience.

Email marketing services include email automation and a smart email editor without the need to touch coding. It’s a completely drag-and-drop app where you start with a Mailjet email template and build it with built-in modules.

Mailjet’s free plan allows for unlimited subscribers and 6,000 emails per month. The daily email limit is 200.

Mailjet’s next tier of pricing starts at $15 per month for the Basic plan, which has no daily sending limit but is limited to 15,000 emails per month. With this plan, you can remove the Mailjet logo, domain listing and add a small account.

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With a daily sending limit but a reasonable monthly sending limit, the free version of ​​Mailjet works best if you avoid emailing large groups of people in one day. We love it for drip campaigns, business emails and newsletter lists. It’s also great if you want to integrate with any software, given the long list of integrations and API access.

Mailchimp is a favorite of many bloggers and small businesses because it was one of the first major email services to offer a completely free plan. Not only that, but Mailchimp has some great tools for e-commerce and email marketing.

The free plan includes 2500 emails per month for 500 subscribers, with a daily limit of 500.

If you want to upgrade to unlimited emails, it costs $11 per month – the catch is that you can only have 500 subscribers – which is not the case for some others.

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We like Mailchimp for small business owners and bloggers who appreciate great features and efficient delivery (this will help you improve your open rate). It is also good if you have an e-commerce store or you are planning to improve your email and want to improve your automation.

The downside is that the free plan is still reducing the registered limit. Mailchimp was famous for its free 2000 signup program, but now it’s gradually reduced to the 500 mark. So, we recommend it for beginners who are blogging and trading to start.

MailerLite is one of the best free email marketing services that is much cheaper than many of its competitors. Overall, this can be a good thing because it offers one of the highest monthly sending limits and you have access to a managed platform that makes it easy.

MailerLite offers beautiful templates, a simple email builder, and even some of the advanced tools you’d expect to find from giants like Mailchimp. We talk about eCommerce platform integration, automation and some of the top options for selling subscriptions and digital products through your email.

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The free plan has a limit of 1,000 subscribers and the second highest monthly limit on our list: 12,000. And while the free version gives you access to almost everything important to email marketing, you can have. Forget about some advanced features

What we mean is, you won’t get a bunch of email templates, live chat support, heat maps, or A/B testing. You can unlock all of these (and use unlimited emails) for $9 per month. If you want to increase the subscriber limit to 2500, you need to spend $15 per month.

MailerLite can be used to create landing pages (for things like webinars), popups and surveys from a dashboard. All the thermal tests make it ideal for startups, small and medium businesses and e-commerce stores that need a good save. This is especially true due to high monthly mailing limits, which makes it easier to send newsletters without going overboard.

Benchmark has a fast email builder designed exclusively for business customers. You can edit photos directly with editors and templates that are great for different jobs. At the same time, their free email marketing software is easy to use and still offers features for lead generation, marketing automation and reporting.

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The free plan allows you to get 500 subscribers and send 3,500 emails per month, which allows you to have a small list, but you can send more newsletters to subscribers per month.

To upgrade, you pay $15 per month for 500 subscribers and unlimited monthly submissions. The first premium plan also unlocks features like advanced lead generation, advanced reporting and pro-level marketing automation.

If you need surveys, polls, segmentation and free drip campaigns, Criterion is the perfect solution. We really like it for businesses with small lists that need to send multiple newsletters per month, considering it’s the only way you can keep it free with a signup limit of 500 and a monthly mailing limit of 3,500. .

Omnisend is one of the best free email marketing services for users who are just starting an online store. It quickly sets up your store and offers beautiful and attractive email and opt-out styles to grow your contact list.

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The Omnisend platform is the best email marketing platform for ecommerce stores, especially with its integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and Bigcommerce. All your products sync well with emails – even things like pricing and product descriptions. The free plan is awesome with A/B testing, pre-built automation and beautiful e-commerce templates.

Omnisend’s free email marketing plan allows you to support an unlimited list of subscribers and 500 emails sent per month. Keep in mind that there is no limit to your subscriber list, but you can contact up to 250 of these people, which makes it more hassle than it sounds. So you can build your list as big as you want, but technically you can send two emails to 250 of those subscribers every month.

Upgrade based on whether you want more emails per month or advanced features. Pricing plans start at $16 per month for 500 subscribers and 6,000 emails sent. The number of emails and prices are increasing with more subscribers.

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Top 5 Free Email Marketing Software For Small Business

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