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Best Instagram Marketing Agency Mr Seo – Gen Y says: When I moved from home to office, I spent thousands of dollars on moving, but then I discovered that my bedroom was better

After opening a digital marketing business in my bedroom in 2019, I, like many others, was desperate to get my business off the ground and received hundreds of calls almost every day looking for clients.

Best Instagram Marketing Agency Mr Seo

My dream is simple. At some point I wanted to expand, which meant renting a physical office to have a co-working space and a team to help run the business.

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So I developed a vision for my business and planned to move it from my bedroom to a real office.

Ten months later, I’m making over $15,000 a month from my bedroom.

I have been waiting for this moment because I can direct part of the company’s profits to rent a physical office.

A little context: This was in the midst of the pandemic in November 2020, when remote work was the norm. Currently, my company has only one employee who has been working from home for the past two months.

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Only one employee and one owner – me, do I really need office space? I weighed my options.

I thought to myself that office space would make this small business more reliable and trustworthy. Finally, I can attract more customers.

I also see it as an investment in my team. After all, my company is not going to be a co-creator for long. I went to expand.

The next thing I know, I’ve signed a lease for the Woodlands office to house my company for the next two years.

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But the story of the realization of my “dream” did not end there. Repairs, utilities, travel, and other bucks and cents I didn’t expect to come in didn’t take long.

Fast forward a few weeks later. I live in a renovated office, the renovation cost S$40,000 and the rent is S$3,120 per month.

It’s always about people. I think this office space is the most important part of the business and allows us to work harder for the business by creating a work environment that the team enjoys.

However, I realized that having an office is useless. Two new hires left within three and six months of joining.

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One of them resigned because he lives in Pasir Ris and his office is in Woodlands. The three-hour journey was too much for him.

Not to mention, work expectations have also changed due to the pandemic, and flexible working arrangements are now in vogue.

The pandemic has also shown us the potential of remote work arrangements in most service-related industries, especially when physical interaction is not required.

For team meetings and conference calls, most interactions can be done through Zoom and Google Meetings. Of course, these meetings become more effective and efficient because these meetings can be digitally recorded for future reference.

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Of course, face-to-face interaction is needed every now and then so that we can communicate with each other as human beings and not as pixels on a screen.

Today, my team consists of 9 people and we only use the space twice a month.

I value the feedback from my team and really enjoy working from home and enjoying the independence and comfort they deserve.

One of my team members said, I said, “The office is nothing but my home-to-office problem, and it can be used very well to respond to clients.”

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The pandemic has taught me that brick-and-mortar offices are useless for a digital business like mine because I don’t keep the books.

As a service-based business, we can operate and generate revenue remotely from anywhere, anytime – I wish I had known that before I signed the lease.

I wonder if my team members work on the beach? No. As long as they get the job done and meet the deadlines, I’m fine.

So instead of chasing my dream of being the office boss, I decided to listen to my team.

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When the office lease expires at the end of this year, I may terminate the lease and prefer to rent a co-working space. Why is my company paying S$1,560 for office use when I can get S$100 a day, right?

Yes, I invest money, time and energy to get something I don’t want. But along the way, as an entrepreneur, I learned three very important lessons.

Lesson 1: Don’t tear apart the department to determine if it’s true. Today, most business activities can be conducted through Zoom meetings, and the physical office is not so important.

Lesson 2: Office renovations are very expensive, so if I pay the “free part” which means I have to pay for multiple certificates to renew, I’ll get $10,000 back.

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Lesson 3: Trust the team and evaluate them based on how well they do the job. The work to be done depends on how long they arrive or are in the office.

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We know switching browsers can be a hassle, but we want to make your TODAY experience fast, secure, and enjoyable. A social media strategy is developed based on your overall brand goals. To develop a customized strategy, our team of social media agencies in Dubai conducts extensive research and monitors the competition.

Tags are a great way to categorize content. We use advanced software to track the best hashtags and incorporate them into your content to reach a larger audience.

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It is important to develop an online branding strategy. Our Social Media Relations Manager in Dubai will meet with you regularly to keep your team up to date.

We believe in providing the right KPIs based on your brand and other goals. Advanced analytics help us measure KPIs against set thresholds.

For effective marketing in social networks, it is necessary to conduct a demographic study of the target audience. Understanding their lifestyle, needs and views can help develop targeted plans.

Brands need to know exactly what type of content will appeal to their target audience. Based in Dubai, our social media company’s content creation team creates content that is both informative and entertaining.

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In our professional social media marketing services, we use social listening tools to gather information about the various needs of our audience. This allows us to decide how to improve our content strategy.

To focus on your target audience, you need to understand the latest industry trends and how your competitors compare to them. We use the latest technology to monitor your competitors’ social media channels.

This will provide information on the latest social media marketing trends and the best information to post on each platform to change our strategy.

Your business needs to balance carbon footprint and affordability. But most of the funds for advertising on the Internet are wasted.

Gen Y Speaks: I Paid Thousands To Move My Home Based Startup To An Office, Only To Realise My Bedroom Was Better

Fortunately, our team of paid advertising experts at a social media agency in Dubai can ensure that your sponsorship program has the right mix of advertising and creative to appeal to your target audience.

Are you looking for a partner to align your long-term strategic goals with your social media strategy!

The need to grow your social media presence starts with developing a solid strategy and determining the best way to implement it. You need a partner to help you with your social media marketing and bring your ideas to life. We can help you here.

We need to do competitive research and align our goals in the right way. Plug in the right content to engage your audience and demonstrate your industry leadership.

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The experts at our social media marketing company based in Dubai can help you put your social media strategy into practice. We also believe in using advanced technology to monitor competition and current business trends. The team also established specific health indicators and key performance indicators that can be used as baselines for changing social media strategies.

Hire a team of marketers and account managers at our social media agency in Dubai as one of the best companies to manage your work so you can focus on growing your business.

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