Best Online Giving Platforms For Small Churches

Best Online Giving Platforms For Small Churches – As online giving continues to grow, many churches are considering programs that allow members to donate online. However, finding the right online giving program for small and medium-sized churches is often difficult. There are several options, but many solution fees are too high for small churches. Setup, monthly fees, and transaction fees eat up the majority of online donations. If your congregation is relatively small and you are looking for an online solution, there are some inexpensive options. Here are four notable ones.

PayPal donation offers low fees and a great user experience. There are no fees, monthly fees, or cancellations for PayPal donations. Your church pays just 2.2% and $0.30 per transaction, one of the lowest transaction fees in the industry.

Best Online Giving Platforms For Small Churches

When donating through PayPal Donation, members are directed to a page on PayPal’s website that cannot be personalized. You should see the PayPal logo instead of the church logo. (The name of the church will be displayed.) Members do not need to provide a PayPal account. You can donate as a guest by entering your credit or debit card details.

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PayPal is a great solution for small and medium-sized churches that want to keep costs as low as possible while still providing a simple online solution. Some churches are reluctant to use PayPal for donations because of the company’s stance on homosexuality and past relationships with Christians whose views on homosexuality differ from the company’s. Each church must consider these issues individually, but many corporations have good and bad policies. PayPal is a great and inexpensive option when it comes to online donation processing.

EasyTithe offers customized and affordable solutions. The company works with your church to create a program that complements your church’s brand.

EasyTithe’s fees are not as cheap as PayPal’s, but they have the lowest fees for a custom interface. The company doesn’t charge setup or cancellation fees, and there are no monthly fees for any of the three plans. The transaction fee for this plan is 3% for most credit cards and $0.30 per transaction. (EasyTithe charges a minimum of $10 per month, unless the transaction fee is more than $10 per month.) Churches with high online giving plan monthly fees and lower transaction fees.

For a specifically Christian solution, EasyTithe offers unique options for accepting debit cards. Cutting back on credit cards not only reduces the amount the church has to pay for transactions, but also helps people avoid debt when they donate.

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With no limits on the number of users or donations, EasyTithe is the perfect choice for large churches that need a customizable and affordable donation solution. Being able to only accept debit cards and eChecks is also great for churches following Dave Ramsey and Crown Treasury.

Stripe is another affordable solution that can be customized for your church. Like EasyTithe’s basic plan, Stripe only charges a transaction fee. Whether you use a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card, Stripe charges a 2.9% credit card transaction fee of $0.30 per transaction.

Stripe does not offer customization services, but the platform is designed to make it easy for developers to customize the platform for their organization. The code is “designed for developers,” and the company’s website features a “robust and clean API.” There are sample APIs for various programming languages ​​that developers can try out on the Stripe website.

Stripe is great for small and medium churches where developers are willing to set up APIs for church websites. The company’s fees may be a bit higher for larger churches that receive large donations, but are reasonable for churches that receive small to medium donations online. For churches that want web developers to serve, Stripe is the most customizable solution. Churches without volunteer developers may consider EasyTithe. Church Giving & Engagement Platform Reviews

There are two plans for further giving. The first is that it has no monthly fees, a transaction fee of 3.9% and $0.60 per transaction. This plan is a good place to start. Then, as your online donations grow, you can upgrade to the $29/month plan. Yes, there is a monthly fee, but it’s a significant 1.5% average fee reduction of $0.30 per transaction.

Continue to Give offers a comprehensive giving solution that includes gifts, mobile gifts, church website donations, and unlimited projects and fundraisers. The company plans to work with churches to create custom forms for ongoing giving, similar to EasyTithe.

Continue Giving is different from EasyTithe and other online solutions for churches in one way. Continue Giving has features that make it easy to support missions. Church missionaries can use Keep Giving to manage their fundraising efforts. Members who go on short trips can also express their support through the platform.

Each of these online solutions works for a specific church. None of these are intended to be a one-size-fits-all solution, as small and medium-sized churches have different needs. When a church considers who is likely to donate online, how it wants to appear on its website, and whether someone can help create a giving platform, the right choice becomes clear. Here are four of the best ways to give online for small and medium-sized churches. One of them will help the congregation. Online Giving for Churches provides churches with digital giving tools for online tithing, giving statements, mobile giving and giving. more

Online Giving For Churches—all You Need To Know

Receive online calls wherever you are. Make giving easy by offering a variety of ways to give to your church.

Create unique, mobile-friendly forms without coding. Then share the form by email or on social networks.

Add modules to your site so people can donate securely without leaving the site.

Allow members to create accounts and regularly give gifts to the congregation for better forecasting throughout the year.

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It allows people to use their preferred payment method on our online donation platform, offer processing fees, control donation frequency and set donation goals. You can allow people to donate to your general fund, or you can allow them to donate to specific funds or ministries, such as building funds or youth groups.

We offer a text donation option so that members can participate in digital giving and send an SMS to their church representative immediately with their cell phone. They can make a one-time gift to the congregation or set up an account to schedule recurring gifts. You can also close the payment of transactions. View prices and details.

Our online reporting platform meets PCI compliance standards and uses the same level of protection as banks.

Everyone has a secure portal to create an account on our online giving platform where you can manage donations to the church, view your donation history, download donation statements and update payment information.

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All online submissions are tracked per person and per destination, no action required. You can also link contacts by contact to generate a single donation statement for all contacts in your household.

There is no need to manually enter consents. Entering tithes and offerings offline makes it easy to track donations in one place.

The platform includes a complete accounting system. Save time by automatically generating a series of financial contributions without having to enter data twice.

Quickly send receipts and donation statements to employees with the click of a button. It’s really easy.

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Every time an online donation is processed, people receive an email receipt from the church. You can customize the receipts to match your church’s branding.

Contributions are tracked individually, so you can quickly generate monthly, quarterly or annual reports with one click. For Canadian organizations, the statement meets the requirements of the Government of Canada.

Statements can be sent to individuals or lists of individuals with one click. You can print the statement and email label or send the statement.

Sells individual and group tickets for retreats and ministry fundraisers. You can offer people the option to pay transaction processing fees. You can easily determine which payments are not tax deductible, so you can prevent them from appearing when you file your tax return. You can also ask attendees to participate in free events like potlucks.

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Track people’s activity and presence in connection profiles to track event success and keep track of attendees and non-attendees.

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