Best Online Marketing Certificate Programs

Best Online Marketing Certificate Programs – When it comes to marketing strategy for a small business, you need to master a list of skills, including content creation, managing your advertising budget, and designing attractive graphics.

But marketing best practices are constantly evolving, such as the demand for email personalization or the visibility of video content. TikTok in particular is changing the way we sell products, becoming the most visited domain in 2021. You need to constantly upgrade your skills to stay up-to-date.

Best Online Marketing Certificate Programs

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a world-class education in digital marketing best practices. We’ve compiled a list of the best (free) marketing courses in email, social media, SEO, paid search, analytics, and graphic design. It even beats skills so you can quickly become a marketing expert.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses And Training Programs In India

Let’s start with some basic marketing skills courses that any small business owner or marketer needs. These courses will give you an overview of digital marketing, including topics such as Google advertising and email marketing best practices.

This 26-module course is designed for anyone new to marketing who wants to learn the basics, including how to build an online presence, find your audience and use digital advertising to increase sales. It’s taught by Google instructors and uses real examples of successful marketing strategies in action.

You will get an introduction to many free Google tools such as Google My Business, Google Ads and Google Analytics. After passing the final exam, you will receive a certificate that you can post on your LinkedIn profile or resume to demonstrate your marketing skills.

If you want to get started with Google Ads but don’t know where to start, these courses are for you.

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses For 2020 And Beyond

Google now offers six free courses—each with a certificate option—to master some of its advertising tools. For example, if you know you want customers to find your business by advertising on the first page of Google, you’ll want to take the Google Search Ads course.

In addition, each exam course includes an optional certificate. If successful, you can post your review on your LinkedIn profile and continue.

This video series is perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics of online marketing over time. No registration is required and you can watch all 7 videos at your leisure.

While not a social media “class” in the traditional sense (it’s a series of YouTube videos), the week of webinars covers everything from content management and social media analytics to getting your content featured in your Facebook news feed.

Best Digital Marketing Courses In The United Kingdom, London

When Facebook changed its name to Meta, they launched a series of professional development courses aimed at helping small business owners learn best marketing practices.

Meta offers over a dozen courses related to understanding your audience and telling your business story online.

After you successfully complete each entry-level course, you can choose from eight different certification exams to prove your marketing skills. If successful, you can put your degree on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

PPC University is a free online learning resource created by WordStream to help marketers and business owners develop their PPC and digital marketing skills.

Best Digital Marketing Courses In Singapore & Online

The format is offered in three sets of lesson plans that offer lessons from beginners to advanced users with additional modules for social advertising.

You can also access a number of webinars and white papers to improve your digital marketing skills, and best of all, they’re all mobile-friendly so you can learn on the go, whenever you have time.

This course is ideal for social media managers and marketers who want to put “science” behind their content marketing methods.

This free online marketing course, taught by University of Pennsylvania professor and bestselling author John Berger, helps solve the mystery of why some ideas and products are popular and why others aren’t.

Free Email Marketing Course & Certification

In the beginning, you will understand why things become popular in the first place and how you can use these lessons to create content that goes viral online. You will then continue to spread your new and creative ideas through social media and other digital marketing channels.

Marketers and social media professionals with a basic understanding of how email marketing works will love this free online course from Mailchimp. This is a highly tactical 25-minute class that’s perfect for you on the go to build on the email marketing fundamentals you already know.

By the end of this email marketing course, you will have a good understanding of how to create an attractive email marketing campaign and how to improve your strategy to increase your business profits.

This class is part of a paid subscription, but Skillshare offers a free month to all new subscriptions so you can get the knowledge from this course before the free trial ends.

Seven Boats Academy’s Digital Marketing Certifications

This marketing course is ideal for marketers who want to understand where the marketing field is today and how they can use new age strategies to attract customers. And for those who want to continue their education, this course is part of the larger Digital Marketing and MBA program at the University of Illinois.

Marketing in the Digital World is one of the most popular free marketing courses on Coursera, with over 500,000 students enrolled and a 98% acceptance rate to date. Taught by a University of Illinois professor, this class focuses on transforming marketing strategies and tactics in a digital-first world, specifically how technology puts the power of marketing in the hands of consumers.

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certificate is ideal for anyone looking to learn the basics of inbound marketing. The certificate consists of 6 different lessons and 2 hours of learning material in video and text format.

You’ll learn all about the basics of inbound marketing or creating valuable content that resonates with your ideal customer. This course will teach you how to grow your business using the flywheel model and how to create buyer personas. Plus, after completing the classes and tests, you’ll receive a HubSpot certification!

Online Courses At Emeritus

There are approximately 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms. 65% of consumers shop on social networks. Learn about social media best practices in this free course. This is the best way to grow your audience and potential customer base quickly.

This webinar is for anyone who wants to create a simple social media strategy on any platform, be it Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter.

This is Skillshare’s first chapter on social media marketing strategy! This 45-minute hands-on course will help you create a solid social media strategy to connect with your audience and drive sales.

Bonus: Register for this course and get 2 months free Skillshare – no commitment required:

Engage The Stages Of Learning To Take On New Marketing Skills

This introductory course is perfect for anyone looking to take advantage of paid social advertising. By the end, you’ll be ready to run your first social media advertising campaign – connecting with customers, turning views into actions and increasing impact for long-term commercial success.

This course will cover everything marketers and small businesses need to know about social media marketing success.

This category, like most Skillshare categories, is part of a paid subscription. Luckily, Skillshare offers a free month for all new signups.

Meta designed this course specifically for beginners who want to create an Instagram content strategy. This course is especially useful for anyone who is new to Instagram and wants to understand its many features such as Instagram Stories, Reels and Live.

Massive List Of Thousands Of Free Certificates And Badges — Class Central

Meta uses real-world examples to teach students how to develop branded content. It also includes a module for writing interesting captions, so you can be sure to use references, mentions and site tags correctly.

“What is social?” It is an open online course (MOOC) for business owners, managers and marketing professionals who want to significantly improve their ability to develop their social media strategy using effective and proven methodologies. In short, it’s a great traffic-driven introduction to social media.

The fun of this hands-on class is that not only will you hear about ways to enhance your professional persona through social media, but you’ll actually do it! “What is social?” It is the first six-course major offered by Northwestern University. Remember that only this course is free – the full course is part of the paid program.

Whether you’re new to social media or a seasoned veteran, this course provides a quick flow of social monitoring for people of all skill levels.

Best Coursera Certificates Worth Pursuing In 2022 (reviews)

This free social media lesson will show you how to monitor your online audience and subscribers with detailed examples of monitoring in action. It will also provide an overview of different social media monitoring tools and strategies for applying what you learn.

Business of Social is for business owners, marketers, and social media managers who want to connect social media with real business growth goals. In other words, people who want to realize real and measurable value from a social media strategy.

Instead of focusing on creating content, this chapter focuses on how to do it

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