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Best Rated Tv Streaming Service – It seems like every few months there’s a new TV streaming service that asks for a monthly subscription or confirms a price increase for an existing service. The latest data shows that nearly 78 percent of American households currently subscribe to at least one streaming TV service. Consumers seem to want access to new original shows, classic movies and HDR 4K content on demand. However, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.

This study analyzed content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney +, Apple TV +, HBO Max, Paramount + and Peacock to offer the best content to users.

Best Rated Tv Streaming Service

For the amount of content you get for the price of your subscription, Netflix’s library is second to none: almost double that of its closest competitor, HBO Max (6,475 vs. 3,503), which are both offers the most basic package for $9.99 a month.

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However, value for money should not be measured by the amount of pure content available to viewers: it should take into account the quality of the titles that users see.

Using IMDb’s rating on a four-point scale, the study shows that Netflix offers the most “Very Good” quality titles (795), followed by HBO Max (463). Some analyzes look at the total amount of content on the platform (including paid movies and series), but this analysis only looks at the content which is available to viewers for a monthly fee.

Netflix probably offers the most content, much of which is of high quality and at the same price as other platforms, so it offers the best value for money. But is it worth every dollar, and which is the best option if you have kids or want the most 4K/HDR content?

This analysis uses the lowest monthly cost to see how many movies and shows you get for every dollar you spend. Netflix leads the way with 18 “Good” movies for $1, and 188 movies are considered “Good”.

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Some may find it interesting that Paramount+ offers the most movies for $1 “Good” (192), beating Netflix’s 188 movies.

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While HBO Max has a movie library that rivals Netflix, nothing beats the big red streaming giant right now when it comes to big seasons.

Netflix offers 62 Very Good (out of 619) and 208 Great (out of 2,075) shows for every $1. Amazon Prime Video offers 25 (of 223) 2nd “best” shows every dollar, while Hulu offers 192 (of 1,340) 3rd “best” shows per $1.

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Overall, Netflix offers 314 shows per $1, while Hulu is second with 289 shows per $1.

If you were to evaluate 4K content by average viewership ratings, Hulu comes out on top with an average IMDb score of 7.32 for 4K movies and series. British drama Ordinary People is the highest rated 4K content on the platform at 8.5/10.

In fact, 4K content has the lowest average rating of HBO Max (6.63), and Netflix has a larger 4K content library of 667 items compared to its closest competitor, Disney +. When this data was checked, Peacock did not stream content in 4K.

We filter the analysis by age 7 (TV-Y7 / PG / etc.) and younger to identify the biggest streaming platforms and the best content for families and kids.

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“Disney+ is now the best value streaming service for kids, offering more than 1,100 titles suitable for younger audiences, beating 2021 winner HBO Max.

Currently, Apple TV+ (7.34/10) is the streaming service with the highest family content, which has shows like Fraggle Rock and Charlie Brown suitable for younger viewers. But according to the numbers, Disney + is the clear winner, with 1,139 kid-friendly titles, 1,101 more than the entire library of Apple TV +.

In 2021, HBO Max was found to offer the highest-rated content for kids (6.99) and the highest offers (1,066), but Disney+ is now the best value streaming service best for children, offering over 1,100 relevant titles. 2021 HBO Max winner for younger viewers.

Our data shows that Netflix only added 122 titles suitable for children in the same period, indicating an increased focus on adult content.

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In terms of quality, HBO Max’s average catalog of 1,066 titles was rated higher (6.87) than Disney + (6.63), with titles like Tom and Jerry and Batman: The Animated Series.

To carry out this analysis, the study also analyzed the influence of audience ratings of each genre on each streaming platform. It examines every movie/show in every genre on every platform and takes the average IMDb rating (out of 10) to see which is the best in each category. Bold dots indicate the winners in each category.

Genre information for Paramount+ was not available at the time of this analysis, so it is not included in the comparison chart below.

This study was conducted for the first time in 2021. Using last year’s data, this analysis can now reveal some important changes in the “streaming war”. Here are some of the findings.

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This streaming service adds and removes many shows and movies every month. Licensing rights for products are constantly changing as new streaming services emerge. For example, the period drama Downton Abbey has left Netflix twice in recent years. It shows how the quantity and quality of content has changed from 2021 to 2022.

On average, the quality of streaming shows and movies is generally stable, with only a 0.91 percent drop in IMDb ratings from 2021 to 2022.

Apple TV + had the highest rating (0.16), and Hulu had the lowest rating (0.02), but overall, the content of the platform did not decrease significantly.

Looking back over the same period, the study highlights how much content is measured on each platform and how it has changed. Apple TV + has the highest percentage increase in the content offered (55.78%), but Netflix increased its library the most (1404), followed by Disney + (469).

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AppleTV+ added the highest percentage of 4K content with Netflix the highest of the year. For those looking for the most 4K content for a subscription fee, Netflix may be your best bet.

The study included an analysis of 19,336 TV shows, movies and documentaries across all platforms. The list was compiled on April 28, 2022, and the 2021 data is from March 2021, so shows added after that are not included in the analysis. Genre, age rating, audience reviews, and running time information were obtained from IMDb.

For streaming platforms that offer paid options in addition to existing content, such as Prime Video and Apple TV+, we remove any content that requires users to paid in addition to their membership fees.

IMDb’s Top 250 content has a score of 8+, so our analysis uses an IMDb score of 8+ for Very Good and 6-7.99 for Good, with everything below rated good to bad IMDb considers internal averages to ensure fairness and not manipulate the system. You can read more about it here:

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When analyzing age ratings from IMDb data, some content is officially considered “Unrated” while others have no rating listed on IMDb. It was removed from any analysis that included age levels.

Content Dollar Analysis is calculated using the number of movies and shows compared to the streaming service’s minimum/base monthly subscription fee.

For the “Family Content” analysis, we used the age rating of all content appropriate for ages 7 and under, not content designated as “Family” on IMDb. This is because not much content on IMDb is listed as Family, or if there are 3 main genre categories listed, Family does not qualify. The age rating is considered more about what is appropriate for the family than the gender label.

If a series has multiple seasons, we average the entire TV show instead of a recurring average for each season or episode.

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Information about movies and TV shows comes from IMDb, where a platform indicates that the content is available on a particular platform, with less additional information coming from the streaming platform itself . To determine whether content is available in 4K or HDR, we use the HD Report list and cross-check that specific information with our own streaming content list.

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