Boost Post On Linkedin

Boost Post On Linkedin – How to promote your post on LinkedIn? This is a great question for anyone creating content on this platform. I got 100,000 Linkedin post views with a few Linkedin post promotion strategies and I’m excited to share them with you!

Bonus: At the end of the article, I’ll share my “secret code” to join LinkedIn engagement groups and increase your visibility🔥

Boost Post On Linkedin

If you’ve ever posted on LinkedIn, you probably know how hard it is to get a lot of views there. 😩

How To Create An Automated Sales Funnel On Linkedin

I know what I’m talking about, my first post got 3 likes. 1 from my wife, she always supports me and 1 from a friend I told. Honestly, it was only 1 like.

But over the next few months, I dove deep into content creation on LinkedIn and got 100,000 views in just 30 days.

I’m no guru (yet🤣), but 100k views for a LinkedIn account with only 3k connections is still a huge number!

In this article, I will share with you my knowledge on how to organically promote your posts on LinkedIn and achieve incredible results.

Tips To Optimize Your Linkedin Engagement Rate

Today I have about 3000 followers, but I can easily reach 30,000 views with my Linkedin posts🤓. Yes, it’s not a million, but it’s still 10 times the amount of my first relationship.

The answer is simple – (I’ve said it before, but still) LinkedIn is evolving and today it’s more likely to support content creators than other platforms.

LinkedIn is a media platform. And like any media, they sell ads (like FB or Twitter). And they need content on their platform to sell more ads at a higher price. So users (you, me, and anyone else on LinkedIn) will read that content and stay on LinkedIn longer. And the longer people stay on the platform, the more ads they see -> LinkedIn gets more money.

Since people don’t create as much content on LinkedIn (compared to FB or Twitter), they need to promote good posts to a wider audience.

Recruiting On Linkedin: A Step By Step Guide

It happened 7 years ago with Facebook and 5 years ago with YouTube and now it’s happening with LinkedIn.

For example, in 2012, the cost of viewing in the US increased dramatically. Credit to Search Engine Journal.

Okay, but one more question remains: “How does LinkedIn determine if your posts should be promoted or excluded from your 500 views?”

I don’t have a 100% accurate answer (since I don’t work at LinkedIn), but I can share with you what I found on my way to 100,000 views.

Linkedin Ads On Linkedin: Start Boosting Today

People read and engage with valuable content. Therefore, when creating your LinkedIn content, you should follow 2 main points:

Honestly, there is a lot to say about this, so next time I will talk about it in the article “How to post on LinkedIn to get views in 2019😎”. If you don’t want to miss this article, subscribe to our newsletter: =9u72epowered by Typeform

When you’re at the beginning of your LinkedIn content creation journey, it’s not enough to just create a post (even if it’s the coolest post ever), it’s important to promote it.

Here is a list of the 4 best methods to organically promote and increase views of your LinkedIn posts:

Promoting On Linkedin: 5 Free Ways To Market Your Business

LinkedIn shows your post to the first connection, and only if they like it and interact with your content with likes and comments, LinkedIn realizes, “Okay, this piece of content is interesting to at least the first connection, it might be interesting to others.”

So, to start getting more views on your LinkedIn posts, you need to organize the process of getting likes and comments from your colleagues and first contacts.

That sounds great, but what if your organization has fewer than 50 people? 7-10 likes won’t make much of a difference in your engagement on LinkedIn.

In that case, you should go to LinkedIn Engagement Groups. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Introducing Linkedin Post Sponsoring With Loomly

The idea of ​​such a group is to reach everyone’s audience. When other people interact with your LinkedIn post, it starts showing up to their audience. As a result, you can get 30k views if you only have 3k connections because “friends of friends” will see your content.

This could be a public Slack channel, a Facebook group, or a LinkedIn group. The place may be different, but the same rule only 1 – support the posts of others and hope that people will support your posts 🤜🤛

There are many different groups and places, but the one I personally use and recommend to you is Content Play

I created packages for my colleagues, joined about 10 different LinkedIn engagement groups, and here’s what I found:

Linkedin Post That Would Boost Your Sales And Connection.

LinkedIn is the largest Pod marketplace where people automatically support each other with likes and comments. This tool allows you to create and join various LinkedIn engagement groups that focus on your target audience and automatically drive engagement with your content.

4- Once you create your pod, you will have a unique “Pod ID”. This is a code that you can share with your colleagues so they can join your group.

5- Your colleagues just need to join this group with the secret code you provided (this automation will only cost $2 per user per month and you will get real results and not bother anyone).

6- So, once everyone has added and joined your group, you can start creating content and promoting your LinkedIn posts in that group.

Linkedin Boost: How Does It Work? Can I Use It For Leverage?

PS: any member of this group can do the same. So, the more people happy with LinkedIn, the better results you will achieve as a company. And it only costs $2 a month.

Just getting the first links, likes, and comments from colleagues isn’t enough to increase content significantly (especially if the company is less than 30 people 😅).

The best way to get millions of views on your LinkedIn content is to connect with the best influencers in your industry and other great people creating content for your target audience.

Imagine that people who create a lot of content for your audience and have a huge SSI (social selling index, the more SSI you create, the better content you create) will interact with your posts on LinkedIn and their audience will see your posts?

Talent Boost Fse On Linkedin: #student #jobfair #talentboost

I’ve told you before that the best place for people to support each other’s content on LinkedIn and join our family is simply:

This way, everyone in the group will automatically like or comment on your post, so their connections will also see your content.

It’s only $5/pack/month. So you get 10x the content on LinkedIn for less than a cup of coffee from Starbucks.

There are already top influencers in your industry, so you can join groups where high-profile LinkedIn accounts are creating relevant content. So, let’s:

Fantastic Linkedin Ad Examples (& Why They Work)

After selecting the appropriate LinkedIn Pod – enter the “Secret Code” here and wait for me to accept you:

Linkedin is a great platform for building your brand, finding new connections and networking. But if some users get too bored, and they have

For many, searching for a job and contacting employers is as exhausting as running a marathon. We’ll show you the right way to message a recruiter.

Do you want to contact us quickly? Contact us via chat or email [email protected] just launched a new feature to help you grow your network with impressive posts: Boosting. In this post, we’ll cover everything from what it means to improve your LinkedIn post to why you should start improving your videos now. Let’s dive into it.

Steps To Create & Kickstart Your First Linkedin Company Page

Boosting allows you to introduce your business to a wider professional audience with “just a few clicks and a credit card”. LinkedIn Boosting turns your content into a paid campaign that targets users who aren’t already subscribed to your company — no need to learn how to use Campaign Manager.

With boost publishing, you can distribute your current and ongoing content to a larger audience in seconds. This way you can get more views, more followers, more awareness and engagement, more traffic to your website, and see faster results at every step of the funnel.

Boosting will replace LinkedIn’s “Sponsor Now” feature, which previously led users to the platform’s Campaign Manager. Now, when you click Boost on one of your posts, a new window will pop up to guide you through the boost process.

Anyone with Super Admin or Admin access to your LinkedIn Page will be able to enhance a single image post, video, or event post.

How To Add A Promotion On Your Linkedin Profile

If you want to improve your posts, LinkedIn uses real demographic data generated by members to reach your target audience based on experience, industry, job title, and more. With Boosting, you can build the people your business depends on the most without having to learn a new advertising tool.

With the help of Boosting, you can turn an organic post into a paid advertisement, select an audience.

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