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You can be sure that if something goes wrong, we’ll do everything we can to get you up and running again – as quickly as possible and with as little trouble as possible.

Business Car Insurance Australia

Homeowner, renter or landlord, we can cover your home with information about features you may have thought of and some you may not have.

Eric Insurance Limited

Our car, home, boat, car, motorcycle and CTP insurance sales and service centers will have different opening hours this holiday season.

We have been awarded the Mozo Expert Award for great value for our home insurance and contents and owner insurance. The award represents products on the market that industry experts believe are valuable to Australian consumers.

This annual award honors outstanding service based on customer ratings. Our FEEFO logo helps customers buy online with confidence and shows customers that they are listened to, cared about and trusted.

For the third year in a row, we have been named Australia’s Green Insurer of the Year by We are recognized as one of the leading green businesses in the country.

Small Business Insurance

We received CANSTAR’s 2021 Excellence Award for our simple home insurance solution, thanks to our online information and sales platform.

Premiums4Good is a unique partnership between our customers, partners and shareholders, whereby a portion of customer payments are channeled into investments that benefit society or the environment.

Help and information for consumers and direct sales insurance; Request your certificate of income, payment, claim or renew your policy. If your current car insurance seems like a slippery slope, it’s time to compare car insurance from some of the best providers in Australia.

According to the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE) Australia is a driving nation, with 585 registered vehicles per 1000 people and 15.1 million registered vehicles.

Car Insurance Claims

We drive to work, to the shops and to visit family and friends. For something that has become an integral part of our daily lives, ensuring that our daily drivers are insured against everything from traffic, storm damage, and more serious accidents, will hold you. Repair costs are high.

When analyzing auto insurance offers, the team looks for different products that meet the criteria for exceptional value and quality insurance.

In 2022, experts will compare more than 10,000 different comprehensive auto insurance quotes and consider many factors to come up with the best policies of the year. See the Expertise Report, National Expertise Awards page for a summary of their analysis.

Budget Direct took first place as Value Insurance Provider of the Year for 2022, winning five awards across our insurance categories, including two for their motor insurance. This is the fourth year that Budget Direct has won a major award.

Car Insurance Comparison

With low prices and strong coverage areas, a 15% discount when you buy your car insurance online and a top 24/7 claims service, Budget Direct offers some of the best car insurance away.

This policy includes assistance features to help you drive faster, such as rental car coverage for 14 days after a theft or no-fault accident (up to a total of $1,000 ). You’ll also be covered for a new-to-used car trade-in (when the car is less than two years old or less than 25,000 miles), $500 in personal belongings and $1,000 in replacement keys.

You can take a look at some of the best value car insurance stores in their categories below.

Formerly known as Poncho Car Insurance, Rollin’ tries to keep coverage simple by offering monthly premiums with no additional fees and coverage you can cancel at any time without penalty.

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Award-winning Young Driver Insurance Special Value, this comprehensive policy covers damage to your car in the event of an accident, storm or theft, and if the odometer is less than 15,000km, change your car. A new comparative model is reviewed.

If you damage your windscreen or window glass, the repair will be carried out without paying you a deductible (one claim per insurance period). For other types of claims, you’re looking at a single $800 deductible for all drivers listed, as this is a great option for drivers under 25 and may apply to other young driver surcharges. . an additional $3,000 fee). Currently, ROLLiN policies are available in all states and territories except Victoria.

Key policy features: Bingle’s comprehensive car insurance policy can cover accidental damage or damage to your vehicle from a range of events, including motor vehicle accidents and severe weather (storm, hail, fire, flood, and earthquake). In addition, it covers up to $20 million in legal liability if you damage someone else’s car or property.

With Bingle car insurance, you’ll also be covered if you drive your car for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, which is perfect for those looking for insurance to cover their work and activities. .

How To Start A Taxi Service Business In Australia With A Low Budget?

If you have a child in the vehicle, your child’s car seat or car seat can also be covered up to $500 per item if it is stolen or damaged in an accidental event.

Terms, conditions, exclusions, restrictions and limitations apply to all insurance products displayed on the Website. These terms, exclusions, limitations and limitations may apply to the level of benefits and coverage available under any insurance product displayed on the Website. Please check the relevant product information and market definition on the provider’s website for more information before deciding on an insurance product.

GIO was named Quality Insurance Provider of the Year for 2022, picking up five awards across our insurance categories, including two Comprehensive Motor Insurance awards for their Platinum Motor Insurance.

A platinum policy covers your vehicle against accidental damage and loss due to weather conditions such as fire (including forest fires), theft, collision and more. In addition, GIO’s Platinum Car Insurance comes with a no-deductible claim every year if you need to repair your windscreen, windows or roof glass.

Australia’s Best Car Insurance For December 2022

They also offer a new-to-old car discount if your car is totaled (provided you are the first registered owner and keep it with GIO Platinum for the first 13 months after your car is sold), not in a rental car. accident or theft (up to $100 per day), giving you a choice of repairs.

For the Special Quality Awards, experts evaluated 66 insurance policies based on several factors, such as the number of insurance cases covered and the amount of coverage per person.

Key policy features: Cuba’s adjusted premium system can help you pay less if you drive less. With per-kilometer pricing, your monthly payments are based on the exact distance you travel, monitored by a plug-in on your car’s computer that sends driving data to the Koba app.

This fixed cost is between 3 and 8 cents per kilometer for most customers, but there is also a fixed cost that you pay each year. Don’t worry – there is a limit per day (250 km) and per month (1,750 km), after which you will not have to pay.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Coverage limits range from $500 per claim ($1,000 per incident) for coverage for damaged children’s vehicles and the rental car is paid for up to 14 days after the theft ($70 per day ), for emergency travel and accommodation up to $500. If you live more than 20 miles from your home.

Below are some great car insurance offers from partners this month, selected by our editors. We value these policies because they contain features that suit different types of drivers. If you want to compare other options, visit our car insurance comparison page to browse our full database, or read our auto insurance news and policy guides.

Key policy features: When you take out QBE car insurance online, you can save $75 on your first year’s premium. If you want, you can add the option to select an editor (for an additional cost). In addition, QBE allows you to insure your trip for agreed or market value.

In addition to these benefits, this policy provides good support after accidents. You get rental car protection for 14 days after theft or in the event of an accident that is not at fault. Due to accidents that went wrong, a rental car is offered if you choose the option (your money will increase). A QBE policy can pay up to $500 for necessary repairs to your car and $1,000 for emergency transportation and accommodation.

Popular Small Business Insurance Companies (2022)

But remember, for the following drivers

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