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Business Car Insurance Go Compare – The owner of Zoopla has made a takeover approach with, its rival price comparison site, Sky has learnt.

The tycoon behind Zoopla and uSwitch has made a secret takeover bid for, valuing the rival price comparison site at more than £400m.

Business Car Insurance Go Compare

Sky has learned that ZPG, led by entrepreneur Alex Chesterman, approached Gocompare’s board in recent days to offer to buy the company at a price believed to be in the region of 110p-a-share .

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It is said that this proposal was rejected by the board of Gocompare, chaired by Sir Peter Wood, one of the most successful figures in British insurance.

At 110p, the offer represents around a 20% premium to the level at which Gocompare shares were trading on Tuesday evening, although it is trading higher than its last offer price a month ago .

The stock has traded up more than 40% in the past year, and investors seem excited by its evolution into a broader technology company and its support for startups like Mortgage Gym.

Sir Peter also heads Esure, the owner of Sheila’s Wheels, which has also been the subject of takeover speculation in recent months.

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It recently sold a 5% stake in Gocompare at a discount of less than 10% from ZPG’s proposed price.

Gocompare – famous for the fictional opera star in its advertising campaign, Gio Compario – was spun off to become a separately listed company a year ago.

If so, it will mark Mr. Chesterman’s drive to consolidate the growing price comparison sector.

ZPG owns property sites such as PrimeLocation and Zoopla, home switching specialist uSwitch and recently acquired, a financial services comparison site.

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It now has a market capitalization of around £1.5 billion, making it more than three times its target size.

Deutsche Bank is understood to be advising Gocompare on ZPG’s approach, which was advised by Credit Suisse and Jefferies.

Competition regulators have recently given the health bill price comparison market a clean chit, although they have opened further investigations into Comparethemarket on how it sets up contracts with insurers. UK-based aggregator GoCompare has partnered with software provider CDL Software to create an anti-fraud citation endpoint for GoCompare and CDL partners.

For insurers and brokers quoting through GoCompare, this fraud detection and prevention tool will enable real-time personalized risk management.

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“We are very excited to announce our partnership with CDL, and our tailored enrichment service will enable CDL partners to implement fraud and behavioral control at the point of quotation through our website. This capability allows insurers and brokers to assess the risk in real time. and either reject the business or the price accurately to ensure that all parties are well protected. We are well aware of the important role we play in the prevention of fraud for the industry and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our solutions are easily accessible to all partners. so being able to offer anti-fraud services through CDL will strengthen our capabilities. Just do this.” – Fleur Lewis, head of fraud at GoCompare.

“We are pleased to have supported GoCompare to go live with this new enrichment service, which is the first in the aggregator space and gives brokers greater control over the quality of the business they insure. A online fraud is an ongoing challenge for this sector, and this is a development that is positive to give brokers additional insight into their exposure to risk and allow them to make informed business decisions. – Nigel Phillips, commercial director for CDL.

“Fraud is a huge problem in our industry and it is great to work with Go Compare and CDL to try to fight it at the source. The protection that this solution offers us at the point of quotation is invaluable. It not only allows us to it gives customers the best prices matched to the right risk, but it also gives us behavioral insights to help us better understand our customers. – Adam Powell, CEO of SureThing, GoCompare and CDL insurance partner.

To qualify for free home excess coverage, customers must compare home insurance and purchase through GoCompare.

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As part of the partnership, Snoop customers will be able to switch their car and home insurance providers using the GoCompare comparison service.

Has announced a partnership with a financial services comparison website to enable customers to compare and switch energy suppliers. new service…

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RELEVANT – PPC Ad Copy shouts loud and clear about “Save up to £247 today”. The title of the landing page should repeat this instead of being hidden in a sub-header.

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Third party review provider (in this case with rating (4.57 out of 5 out of 3,748 reviews).

CLOSE – No one is forcing me to get a quote now. A limited time offer is an obvious way to cover this, but if that’s not possible, by shouting about the hundreds of other people getting a quote today, you can encourage visitors to “follow the crowd”.

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First impression: This landing page is focused on repeating brand activity above the line instead of being a truly effective conversion page. There is no reference to car insurance itself, and even the interesting USP of the product – one of the main messages at the top of the page is Batman vs Superman now in cinemas!

CLUTTER – This page is very organized. It’s a shame the internal content isn’t more effective.

CONCLUSION – Stop at a message and drive traffic for quotes. However, the main CTA button at the top of the page does not look like a button and will certainly make people hesitate and think.

USP – In addition to the cinema tickets, you have to scroll down the page to see interesting content about why you choose.

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GUARANTEE – The content 4.6 out of 5 stars merges with the background and does not refer to the 3

Party magazine provider. The reviews do not stand out. No mention of awards, accreditations, industry memberships etc. Very weak.

First impression: Another landing page surpasses top campaign activity above all else. Unless you’re a fan, TV commercials don’t have very interesting content. This page is also very long (we had to cut most of it here).

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CONCLUSION – Stop at a message and drive traffic for quotes. This page is designed to appeal to viewers who want 2 for 1 movie tickets.

USP – It actually has a “why choose us” panel with some good content. In addition, there is a long list of benefits from comprehensive coverage. too good

RELEVANT – Harvey Keitel’s big picture is irrelevant to this trip. Also, the ad copy screams about the 2015 awards, which are not mentioned on the page.

DISCLAIMER – There is Revoo content on the page, but most of it is hidden below. There are a few more (awards, accreditations, industry memberships etc.).

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First impression: By far the most relevant title of the bunch. They had the confidence (and profiling tools) to determine that I was male and used the title “male car insurance”. Interesting and impactful in equal measure.

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