Can You Target Facebook Groups With Ads


Can You Target Facebook Groups With Ads – This anonymous Facebook ad targeting strategy is very effective and can be used to target followers (people who like the page) on any Facebook page.

When you log into Facebook Ads Manager, how do you target Facebook ads to a competitor’s page followers if that page doesn’t show up as a target interest?

Can You Target Facebook Groups With Ads

As the title of this article suggests, target people who like your competitors’ Facebook pages. Of course, this applies to targeting the followers of a specific Facebook page.

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They target similar interests or audiences. Although these options are more accessible, smaller Facebook advertisers will find it difficult to work.

When it comes to interest targeting, most advertisers choose the wrong interests and target a broad and unique audience. That’s why we’ve built our software to find hidden interests that can be targeted with the Facebook Marketing API, but aren’t offered in Facebook Ads Manager.

When it comes to targeting lookalike audiences, most advertisers create them from low or very small seed audiences. You don’t have the conversion data that Facebook’s algorithm needs as input for effective optimization.

So… that’s why a lot of advertisers are starting to get interested. Is there a way to target my ads to followers of someone else’s Page? Like a competitor’s Facebook page.

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I am here to tell you that it is possible. It’s not as scalable as interest or impression targeting, but it works if you target the right Facebook Pages 🚀

Ok, enough talk, dive in and I’ll show you how to target Facebook ads to your competitor’s page followers.

For this strategy we use LeadEnforce, a special software for Facebook advertisers that was originally developed by a group of marketing agencies for internal use.

You may have seen me mention this before. I am a big fan because it helped reduce my CPL (cost per capita) by 70%. If not, read my LeadEnforce review to learn more about my experience and results.

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If you want to try LeadEnforce after reading this article, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. If you do this through my link, you will receive a 30% discount on your first payment (if you decide to continue after the trial).

The first step is to create a list of the specific Facebook pages you want to target.

For this search, copy the page names and URL of the Facebook page to the Google page. You will need them later.

List your competitors and find their Facebook pages. These can be startup pages or company Facebook pages. For me that would be a site like AdEspresso. Save them to your site because I will show you how to appeal to the followers of these competing sites by following this list of strategies.

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A good place to start is thinking about social media and branding in your industry. In my case these are: Sam Pechler, Grant Cardon or Frank Kern. Or brands like: Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Madgicx or RevealBot. Search for Facebook Pages and add them to your search page.

Log in to your Facebook profile and view your past favorite pages. Add relevant content to your website. You can find your likes (or other people’s likes) by liking/liking the end of your Facebook profile URL.

Enter your keywords in the Facebook search box and select Pages. Search the results list for other websites on your topic.

On that list, I found the pages of social workers in the Facebook advertising space: Rick Mulready, Tim Burd, and Marie Smith. I saved them all on my google page.

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When you are on the appropriate Facebook page, look for the Related Pages or Like This Page section in the sidebar. These allow you to go further down the rabbit hole and find places you wouldn’t even think of.

If you click on the Community tab on any Facebook page, you will see a list of their top followers. Open their profiles and add /like to the end of the URL to explore other websites they like.

To find out which videos are the best, enter your keyword (I think Facebook Ads) into YouTube. Search these people on Facebook to see if they have a Facebook page. For example, I found “Alex Fedotoff”.

Once you have completed your long list of Facebook pages, you can enter LeadEnforce to target your audience.

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LeadEnforce offers a free 7-day trial, so be sure to do your research before you start. Your exam should give you enough time to complete your exam and determine its value before deciding whether to sign up. device or not.

I have a $99/month personal plan that allows you to create 3 audiences with up to 10 Facebook Pages per audience.

It is uncertain for me because my ROI is higher (it reduced my CPL by 70% in my first test).

If you want to try LeadEnforce after reading my case, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. If you do this through my link, you will receive a 30% discount on your first payment (if you decide to continue after the trial).

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You can also use this software to target members of open and even closed Facebook groups. I also do as described in my LeadEnforce class.

I’ve only tested Facebook projects so far, and trying out the other options they offer for creating an audience is on my roadmap.

Then you need to add resources to the project. URLs of Facebook pages you found during your search. You can bet up to 5 at a time. Total project resources depend on your monthly plan. 10 highest

I choose the basic type of search (I haven’t tried the complete difference) I don’t like to wait… ⏱️

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After repeating this a second time, I added the 10 Facebook page URLs as project sources. Then I clicked the “Start Analysis” button, so LeadEnforce started building the audience. You can obtain the necessary information from third-party sources outside of Facebook.

This process can take several hours and you will receive an email notification when it is complete. In the meantime, I’ll add other projects to the queue.

Once your project is complete, you’ll see that LeadEnforce can build an audience with a certain percentage of your overall page likes. It depends a little on the site, but I’d say the average for most Facebook pages is between 50% and 80%.

Once your LeadEnforce audience is full of people who like the pages you’ve added, the next step is to share them with your Facebook account.

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Clicking Upload will start uploading the viewer. This will take some time, so we have to wait until this process is finished behind the screen.

Then you need to enter your Facebook advertising account ID to share a custom audience with Facebook ads manager and it will appear there in a few seconds.

In the Target section, select the general audience that LeadEnforce will create for you. Depending on your goals and audience size, you can narrow down by gender, age or country. I usually don’t do this because I’ve chosen my Facebook pages carefully – so I want to reach everyone in my target audience.

Do not target the same audience as your previous website visitors, otherwise this is not a cold traffic buying campaign (but a stealth campaign in a different way…)

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Well, that wraps up this guide on targeting Facebook ads to followers of a competitor’s Page (or a specific Facebook Page for that matter).

I’ve explained how to add value to this unknown targeting method by interests and types, how to search to find Facebook Pages, and finally how to use LeadEnforce to reach your audience. to raise

As we said at the beginning of this article, this strategy may not be as scalable as a hobby or similar, but it is effective and worth trying for any business.

If you want to know more about my experience and results of targeting Facebook Pages (and groups), also read my in-depth LeadEnforce review.

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Paco Vermeulen is a Facebook advertising expert with over 8 years of experience. Before starting his entrepreneurial career, he gained experience as a digital marketer, growth marketer and CMO. Graduated MSc Marketing from Amsterdam VU University. When doing social media marketing, marketers often struggle with ineffective campaigns. There can be many reasons for this, but correct alignment is usually the most difficult. Facebook collects a large number of characters including demographics, location, interests and more. While it offers, it is not enough to reach customers and reduce their costs

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