Cheap Car Insurance Aviva


Cheap Car Insurance Aviva – The product, called Essentials, offers comprehensive car insurance without some cover elements, such as personal belongings, European cover and windscreen or glass claims. It complements the existing Plus, its premium car insurance product. is an online-only, self-service offering of simple, low-cost auto, home and life insurance quotes. Customers can purchase, renew or change their policies online and have access to claims service 24/7.

Cheap Car Insurance Aviva

Carl McKendre, head of retail (price comparison websites), said: “The launch of Essentials car insurance follows the successful launch of other insurance products that offer more flexibility to customers. Feedback shows that consumers want comprehensive insurance but don’t always have use all the features that some policies offer.For example, consumers with older cars may not be able to take advantage of the new car trade-in coverage that is included in many auto insurance policies.

Aviva Becomes Sole Supplier Of Honda Car Insurance

“At a time when people are facing higher costs of living, we believe Essentials will appeal to drivers who are more cost-conscious and want the security of comprehensive insurance coverage, but don’t want to pay for coverage that isn’t. necessary. the need.

“However, it is important that the drivers check that they have the right cover for their needs. Although low cost policies may initially start out a little cheaper, some items are excluded so it’s worth considering whether you’ll be able to pay for these items if something goes wrong. Some may prefer to take out a more comprehensive policy that covers a wider range of events should the worst happen. “

In addition to two levels of car insurance, offers three levels of home insurance – Essentials, Essentials Plus and Premier – as well as life insurance. products can be purchased on price comparison websites or directly at

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Ftse 100 Insurers Eye Simpler, More Affordable Policies As Inflation Sets In

Aviva and AXA Line are the two largest car insurance companies in the UK. Together they have over 23% of the UK market. The group compared each company’s car insurance offerings to help readers decide which product might be best for their needs.

Each company offers different features, which can make it difficult to decide which one is best for you. However, the team compared the two and highlighted where each car insurance company falls short and where it exceeds expectations. To that end, we’ve compared their standard basic comprehensive insurance to see how they compare to the cheapest cover. (For example, not AXA’s advanced ‘Plus’ plan, which offers more features.) For us, the two policies differ most in their approach to replacement vehicles, alternative transport/hotels after an accident and EU cover. But there are also other differences. See below for more details.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars by our editors, Aviva outperforms AXA for the following key reasons:

Here’s a quick high-level comparison of how Aviva and AXA compare in terms of value, features, access to customer service and customer reviews.

What Type Of Car Insurance Cover Do I Need?

Category Aviva and AXA work quite similarly. Both have slightly lower cover for personal effects (only £150) and both require you to buy an extra car to get a replacement car if an accident repair is carried out by an approved workshop (but Aviva will give you a replacement car. ). for the duration of the repair by AXA no more than 14 days).

Aviva offers better key cover (up to £300) – AXA does not include key cover in their basic comprehensive cover (although it is included in their ‘Plus’ plan).

, Aviva covers alternative transport/hotel after accident (up to £150) but it is not part of AXA’s core cover unless you buy it with an accident supplement. And Aviva has higher stereo/GPS coverage.

It will go up. Aviva covers any damage or loss of a child’s car seat, AXA only covers up to £300. Aviva also has a lower cancellation fee.

Aviva Vows End To Car And Home Insurance Loyalty Rip Off

Aviva is much better than AXA’s basic comprehensive insurance, but again AXA’s “Plus” insurance is a good option to fill a lot of gaps. Find out this and more in the table below, where we’ve highlighted the top coverage in bold:

If the cost of repairs exceeds 60% of the UK list price (including tax); The vehicle must be less than 1 year old; You must be the first and only registered user and legal owner

If the repair costs are higher

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