Citizens Bank Requirements For Opening An Account


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Citizens Bank Requirements For Opening An Account

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For many consumers, a bank account is one of the main means of financial security. Based on the 2020 Five percent of American households are unbanked or do not have a bank account, according to the Federal Reserve.

Non-US citizens face more challenges in managing their finances, including understanding how to protect their money and how to avoid high check-cashing fees.

“Without a bank account, young Americans will have less access to their money, will have to pay check-cashing fees and won’t have as much support as checking or savings accounts,” said Rebecca Morris Hoeft, chief product officer. Sunrise Banks, based in Paul, Minnesota.

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Good news for non-US citizens. who can open a checking or savings account to avoid those high fees and will be protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Opening an account requires more information and documentation than US citizens, but it’s worth it. financial benefits.

In order to open an account, the bank or credit union needs to know who you really are. It is part of the US government’s Customer Identification Program, which sets standards for how financial institutions must verify the identity of their customers.

Verification of your identity may vary by bank or credit union, but generally requires the following information:

Many users are used to doing many things online, including opening a bank account, but for non-US citizens, this likely seems impossible.

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“Online account opening programs don’t work well with people who don’t have (a Social Security number) because of the identification nature of the questions,” Hoeft said.

For a non-citizen or a non-citizen who does not have a social security number, there are other options, including a passport number and country of issue, an identification number, or any other unexpired government number and country of issue. – issued country. a document containing a photo of citizenship or residence.

Non-US citizens can apply for an ITIN, which is one of the most widely used forms of identification. You can get an ITIN by applying through the IRS. With one of these numbers, non-citizens can file taxes. ETIN does not authorize someone to work in the US. and is used for tax reporting purposes only. Form W-7 is required to obtain an ITIN.

Mail the completed W-7 form, along with proof of identity and foreign status documents, to the IRS address:

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If you choose not to mail the forms, you can mail the form to an IRS-approved recipient.

The IRS issues ITINs by mail, but it’s not a quick process. Approval usually takes about seven weeks or more.

Filling out forms, going to an agent’s office and waiting almost two months may seem like a hassle, but the benefits of a bank account outweigh those worries.

At first glance, many bank websites may indicate that none of them accept other IDs. Although most major banks list a social security number as a requirement on their websites, opening an account may only be online.

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In some cases, banks will help you if you are missing information. Appointments can be made with many major banks that accept ITINs instead of Social Security numbers online, including:

Some credit unions also accept other forms of ID. For example, DC Credit Union, Washington offers a SECURE checking account, especially for non-US residents. Since the account does not earn interest, it does not require a taxpayer code, only a foreign ID.

Another option for non-US residents to consider is a bank account, which is offered as part of banks’ efforts to accommodate unbanked customers. Bank On standards recommend that participating banks and credit unions accept alternative IDs.

However, obtaining an ITIN or Foreign Identification Card to open an account is not the only important consideration for non-US citizens. It’s also important to compare the fees and minimum balance requirements associated with these accounts. Read our guide to avoiding bank charges and paying high fees to hide and manage your money.

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The traditional identification requirements of the banking industry can seem like a barrier to non-US citizens. when trying to open a bank account, but many banks and credit unions accept other forms of identification for convenience. While getting an ITIN means more work, being able to open a checking and savings account, and in some cases apply for a home loan, can make a big difference in your financial security.

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Log in and go to the “Open Accounts” tab where your product request can be completed in minutes.

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It’s easy to arrange to open a First Citizens account. Just choose one of the options below that works best for you:

Business customers can click here to send an email. email with your request. To your e-mail email with the subject line “Business Account Assignment” include:

Yes When the application is submitted, you will be contacted by e-mail. by mail or phone and will make an appointment.

This is important for a smooth application process

How Non Us Citizens Can Open A Bank Account

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