Community Event Ideas Business

Community Event Ideas Business – Is there anything sweeter than summer? The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and event planners have more options than any other time of year.

After all, there are more likely to be outdoor events, heaps of rich, colorful palettes to play with, and endless summer event themes that promise to surprise and delight audiences.

Community Event Ideas Business

We’ve rounded up 18 of these innovative event theme ideas so you can spice up your corporate events and social gatherings all summer long.

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Corporate gatherings such as conferences, trade shows, and other professional networking events are far from overcrowded these days. In fact, with major events like Dreamforce, C2 Montreal and Cvent Connect, it’s one of the areas where we see the most creativity around the world.

And while your event doesn’t need to hang a chair on a trapeze for a meeting (we’re looking at you C2), today’s meetings need to transport attendees to a whole new world.

The best corporate event themes can do this, offering an escape where attendees can engage, interact and network while staying true to the purpose of the event.

Summer! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and event planners have more options than any other time of year.

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The stakes are also on a social level. In the modern world of minimalist decor, the art of pulling off a fully fleshed out event theme without going too far (or making it difficult!) is in itself.

As with corporate planners, the first step is to look at the attendee list and try to gauge expectations. Another is to ask yourself what is possible in your event space. Realistically, the whole world is not available to you, and you already know where the boundaries are.

So what will work in your place? Whichever theme will be most in keeping with the environment and cost you the least amount of elbow grease (and money!) as possible.

Attendees will have a lot of fun dressing up, and a luau party is one of the best themes to dress everyone up without spending too much on clothing. (Your classic beach shirt with lots of stuff will work!).

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Fake plants, large tropical flowers and all things tiki are fine with him. Have your bartender mix up sweet tropical drinks like piña coladas and prepare savory dishes like plantains, pineapple, and roast pork.

Make a positive difference and leave an equally positive impression on attendees by reducing, reusing and recycling more than just the event mantra. Upgrade to create unique decor and furniture, reduce waste and trade useful swag for items that reduce waste rather than create it.

Engage your guests in a relaxing activity like planting trees or doing a community cleanup. If you make money at the event, donate the money to an environmental non-profit organization. And when it comes to catering, work with local homeless shelters to ensure that food at the event doesn’t go to waste.

An early summer classic, Derby Days features early summer fun. Not to mention it brings out the best in everyone’s hat collection! Host a grassy outdoor event and add a touch of old southern charm to your decor. Serve delicious mint juleps, appetizers like pimento cheese, and plaid linens. (Don’t forget the rose!)

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Celebrating #GMID19 with the @MPISSN #DerbyDays Tradeshow! My derby hat pays tribute to @SnoopDogg @VisitLB #MeetinLB @meetingsmeanbiz #MeetingProfs #Eventprofs — Marykay Lui (@MkLui) April 4, 2019

A great theme to get people moving and talking, what could scream Summer Olympics more? One of our favorite team building and networking events for everyone, this theme offers a great opportunity for groups to work together towards a common goal.

Think: mini bike races, human pyramids, prop photo contests, and other activities sure to bring more laughs than serious contests.

Pantone’s Color of the Year has a major impact in industries ranging from fashion and furniture to packaging and graphic design. The colorful theme of the year gives planners a great reason to break out with the colorful family and create an immersive visual experience that exceeds expectations and engages visitors.

Event Flyer Examples To Inspire Your Design

Worried you’ll have trouble finding furniture in tones like ultra violet or vivid coral? no worries! The right shade of light can transform an entire room. Just look at the example below where the light really brings COY Ultraviolet 2017 to life.

This is especially good for team building and networking events. It’s a great way for attendees to authentically interact with their host city and can easily be included as one of the many activities they offer for larger events.

The best part? It doesn’t matter if you have nowhere to draw it! By spreading your scavenger hunt across town, you’ll get attendees outside the four walls of the ballroom while stretching your legs and social muscles.

Or anywhere, really! Large, bright elements can help set the mood and add visual interest to any indoor or outdoor event. In fact, they are the hottest adornment in outdoor event trends today.

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When these elements are well placed, they attract enough attention to avoid re-enhancing your interior elsewhere. Use them to create killer dance parties, ethereal lighting for fancy dining, or to draw attention to a certain area or episode.

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Relive the glitz and glam of the Roaring ˜20s by bringing Prohibition-era staples to life! Speakeasies have taken the bar scene by storm in the past few years, playing on nostalgia and exclusivity to attract patrons. Use recovery as a creative event theme and do the same for your audience.

Dress the bartenders in bras and suspenders, hide the party in the most unsuspecting places and give it a 1920s feel with leather sofas, brick walls and rustic wooden decor. Then play with attendees’ expectations by creating a boring and even pleasant reception room. They have no idea that they are about to join Gatsby.

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Say hello to the Old West with a hot saloon-themed show that would make John Wayne proud. Bandanas, wooden barrels and some revolving saloon doors should do the trick!

Serve whiskey-based cocktails, try some Texas fair classics, and offer fun activities like dance lessons or a mechanical bull. All that’s left is to let the good times roll.

It’s literally like the Wild West here, only no cattle rustle 😠#wildwest #endofyearparty2017 #chuťtesezona #chutnostpocit #eventplanner #event #decor #gamechangermarketing [email protected] Game_1-1-

Actors, sports and outdoor decorations? Few event themes are more fun than a summer carnival. Rent a large marquee for an outdoor carnival or set up something inside with a large main event area and a chill out area for activities.

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Photo stations, trapeze bars, hoops and classic carnival games all keep visitors busy. And eat? It wouldn’t be a carnival party without corn dogs and funnel cakes. (But don’t worry—there are many ways to categorize these foods if you’re looking for something more sophisticated.)

Sunny Day 5! 🌻 Here are some beautiful ideas for a summer garden party or wedding using our giant flowers! Photo by Confetti Rose Film @FroginwellDevon #giantflowers #flowers #partygarden #party #partydecor #events #summerevents #summer #party #flowergarden — The Prop Factory (@The_PropFactory March 2019)

A summer garden is one thing, but a garden where participants feel like they are in a magical world? This will take you to the next level! Using giant garden props, flowers in unexpected colors, bubble machines, fairies, gnomes and other fun items, event planners can turn this theme into a magical reality. Put on your fern hat and let your imagination run wild!

Don’t worry “It doesn’t take any sleep to create a great camping theme. Perfect for a nighttime event, all you need is a few bonfires (fake or real!) and props like pine trees, tents and bears. obviously fake these days!) Serve drinks in tin camping cups and set up a camp bench for an authentic sit-down.

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Does your summer event or party have to be indoors? Then take your audience underwater! It’s easier indoors than outdoors, you don’t need real fish or water to create an underwater theme.

Some clever blue lighting, blue and white decor and props like coral, starfish and seashells can set the mood just right. Then queue up an ethereal playlist and get everyone in the snorkeling spirit!

There’s nothing more classic (or more affordable!) than your traditional summer barbecue. Bring the party to the park, fire up the grills, and set up activities like slacklines and volleyball nets.

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