Companies That Build Websites For Small Businesses

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Online shopping is booming. Part of this epidemic is ongoing, but part is a long-term trend. Nearly 80% of the US population shop online and more than 50% prefer online shopping to in-person shopping. By the end of 2022, this industry will reach one trillion dollars.

Companies That Build Websites For Small Businesses

This is good news for sellers because with the right tools, it’s easy for any small business to start selling online right away and join Goldrush. With an e-commerce website builder, you can list your products, receive payments, and manage your shipments, all without leaving the comfort of your home office.

Top 5 Platforms To Build Amazing Websites!

While researching this list, we looked at over 50 different options for building e-commerce websites. There are solutions for every type of business, from independent creators to multinationals, but for this list we have focused on platforms that meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, especially for online sales or sales of physical products. . That’s not to say our picks won’t work for other companies, but if you’re selling Lightroom presets or 5 million dollars worth of potatoes for a few bucks a month, you might want to look elsewhere.

Our best app reviews are written by people who have spent most of their careers using, testing, and writing software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as we want, and evaluating it against the criteria we categorize. We are never paid by any program to feature in articles or link to a site – we value the trust our readers place in us to provide accurate reviews of the categories and programs we review. To learn more about our process, read our full article on How We Select Apps to Feature.

For small businesses looking to sell online, we’ve identified five key features every platform should offer. There are other good platforms out there, but if they don’t offer some of the features listed, they’ve failed.

When it comes to pricing, it can get a bit tricky with e-commerce platforms as they are a bit different from other services. There are three types of fees you need to pay for an e-commerce website builder:

Why Small Businesses Should Build Their Online Presence?

Here’s a quick example using current Shopify prices. The basic plan costs $29 per month. Plus, you pay 2.9% + $0.30 per trade. A 2% transaction fee also applies if you choose to use another payment gateway.

So if you sell 10 t-shirts for $50, you’ll pay Shopify $29 for your monthly plan and $1.75 for each t-shirt sold. That’s a total of $46.50. Of course, if you had a month where you sold no t-shirts, you would only pay $29, or if you had a big month where you sold 50 t-shirts, you would pay $116.50.

Also, if you sell 10 t-shirts but choose to use Stripe’s payment gateway instead, Shopify will charge $39 ($29 plus $1 per t-shirt) and Stripe $17.50 (2 .9% + $0.30 per t-shirt). Total $56.50.

As you can see, your monthly expenses will vary depending on the options you choose and how you run your business. We recommend doing some math up front when choosing your plan and payment gateway to see what works best for you. We’ve seen online shopping websites with unreasonable transaction fees, fees, or ridiculously high expectations, but we’ll use a few numbers just to be sure.

Day Custom Website Build For Texas It Experts — Minneapolis Mobile Friendly Website Designer

Shopify has been around for over 15 years – over two million stores have been built using the platform – and it’s hard to find a better option for most small businesses looking to get a store up and running quickly. line.

Sign up for a 14-day trial without a credit card and you can be ready to set up your first store in minutes. A login wizard walks you through adding products, customizing your store’s appearance, connecting your domain, and making important payments.

Even if you’ve never built a website before, you’ll likely get lost in Shopify’s intuitive web app. For example, adding a product is as simple as clicking Products in the row, then clicking the Add Product button. Enter your name, price, available quantity, and other relevant details, change its status to Active, and it’s in your online store, ready to sell.

While Shopify ticks most of the boxes right off the bat, its extensions and built-in store make it a really solid option. Check theme status: Shopify offers 10 free themes and over 50 paid themes starting at 140. To see them, go to Themes, then under Theme Library, go to Theme Store. Not a bad choice, right?

Types Of Websites (with Examples)

But since Shopify is so popular, you can also find over 1,300 themes on ThemeForest or hire an experienced professional designer on the platform.

Same with any feature you want. If it’s not integrated with Shopify, you may find a plugin, extension, or service in the App Store that does. Go to, find the app you want, and click Add app. Return to the Shopify dashboard and click Apps on the side to manage all the stuff you’ve installed.

Unsurprisingly, it integrates with Shopify, so whether you want to automatically add new customers to your email marketing list, track orders with a project management tool, or integrate Shopify into other apps that use Connect. , you can easily do that. .

Shopify price: 14 days free. $29/month for Shopify Basic plan with unlimited products and 2.9% + $0.30

Definition Of A Small Business: How Big Is Still Considered Small? — Starting Up (2022)

If you want to sell in person, such as at a farmer’s market or craft fair, as well as through your online store, Square is the best choice. All of your online and offline orders are organized under one dashboard, so there’s no jumping between apps, searching through random spreadsheets for customer details, or manually entering items.

Square acquired website builder Weebly in 2018, so once you set up your store, it works under the hood. Don’t worry if you see a direct URL to (Note: In our last review, we noticed Weebly’s URLs were weak.)

The land has good things. When you register, you will be asked to complete a short survey about your business and its needs. Depending on what you are looking for, you can set up a single booking page, a full online store, or simple registration links. A custom theme will also be tailored to the chosen business category.

In terms of storefront customization, Squarespace is a bit more limited than the other options. Instead of choosing a theme that does most of the work, with Square you have to design your own (albeit excellent) website builder – or you can hire a designer to do it for $99.

Best Website Builders For Small Business

Click Online in the square bar, then click Website > Edit Site. On the left side, you can select different page elements or click directly on them. Click on the three little dots for more options. You can change all colors, fonts and layouts and of course you can upload your own images. It works well, but is a bit limited.

You can create “objects” to sell Square products or services through Square’s regular inventory and Square’s online inventory, and they can sync with a shared library of objects. This means you can sell similar products both online and offline, or have items that you only display in one place. Simply navigate to Articles > Article Library and click the Create Article button.

When you want to sell face-to-face, open the menu and select Virtual Terminal, which works like a digital cash register. If you have a square (free) credit card device, you can

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