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Create Business Email For Free – Creating a business email address to make it easier for customers to contact you with a professional email address. Is it possible to create a free business email? If these are the kinds of questions you are asking yourself. Then you’ve come to the right place to learn step-by-step instructions on how to create a free business email. Follow this method. You can also use your email on your smartphone.

Any email address consisting of a local combination and the @ symbol followed by a company-specific domain name is a business email address. in other words, to make it easy to understand You can treat all email addresses except these email service providers as business emails.

Create Business Email For Free

Here, only common addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. are replaced with your own domain name. and finally can see

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You’ve probably seen many email addresses like “[email protected]” which are professional email addresses.

At the beginning You must own the domain name and hosting. Almost every paid hosting company these days offers at least one or two free business email addresses. in fact, some free hosting companies also offer free business email today. If you are not familiar with these free hosting services with email addresses. You can see our list of the best free hosting companies. and choose the hosting company that suits you best.

How to create a free business email Step 1: Your business address (domain name) and hosting

First you need a domain address and hosting. You can choose one of the most popular domain and hosting providers like Bluehost, Godaddy or any other provider of your choice. You can also choose a domain from one company and host it from another. The final choice is yours.

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Also, if you already have a domain name but still looking for hosting? You can buy hosting from any hosting provider.

On the contrary, you can also use free hosting, which is not as reliable and efficient as the paid ones, but it also offers a certain level of features and services. I don’t recommend spending money just for that. In that case, you should choose one of the best free web hosting companies.

Second, we need to create an email address from the hosting company’s control panel. to explain this process. We use GoDaddy hosting, but this shouldn’t be a problem for users of other hosting services. This is because most of these hosting companies have a similar design and flow.

In order to create a free business email with GoDaddy, you must first have GoDaddy Hosting or use another web hosting provider. These are simple methods. All you need to do is follow the steps below to create a business email using the cPanel provided by your hosting company.

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Once you have created your business email address. You should see the newly created email address in the list of available email addresses. Click now

It should take you to a page asking you to choose one of your default email programs.

It usually includes two default email applications, “Horde” and “Roundcube”. You must select one as your default email application. Later, we may need to check whether a confirmation email needs to be sent. to this e-mail You can, however, choose one of these e-mail programs and send or receive all e-mails only through them. Without using other email programs like Gmail, Outlook or Zoho.

However, I don’t recommend limiting yourself to these apps. This is because you have to use these clients separately, and the client interface can also be unpleasant. But you can access these emails in other popular email programs like Gmail and Outlook and we will learn about that in this article.

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At the same time, other information should be provided on the above-mentioned e-mail site Also for manually setting up the e-mail program. There should be an automatic configuration script for some email providers. It depends on the host you are using.

However, in this tutorial, We will use the recommended SSL/TSL settings to process emails sent to this address and send emails from this address in Gmail and Outlook automation script.

We have two options for creating a business email using Gmail. We can either use the POP3 option or choose the email forwarding option.

6. After that enter all the required information like username, password, server name, port and check the options in the image below.

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You can still choose the last option. If you want to show specific emails in the archive. not in the primary mailbox

7. After entering the information, you will be asked if you want to send emails via your company’s email address. Please select “No” for now as we are investigating “

Now you can get business emails to this Gmail address if you sometimes don’t get emails. You can go to Settings -> Accounts & Import -> Check emails from other accounts section -> click Check email now.

Method You can skip all forwarding steps and vice versa. If you want to forward your business email to Gmail, you need to follow some basic steps mentioned below.

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4. Next, enter the forwarding and destination address. This email will be forwarded and stored.

And that’s all. Now all emails sent to this company email will also be forwarded to the given target email.

5. After that, you have to enter the SMTP information of the outgoing mail of that company email, as well as the username and password.

6. In the last step, a confirmation email is sent to your company’s email address. This must be verified either by clicking on the posted link or by pasting the verification code in the modal window.

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In general, it’s easier for Outlook because cPanel offers automatic configuration of Outlook. If you want to set up business email using Outlook, you can click one of the settings depending on which version of Outlook you’re using.

Here’s how we create free business emails. We can also set it up with Zoho Mail. However, in the case of Zoho Mail, the method is completely different. Since we need to update the MX records and they need to point to the Zoho servers, we will dedicate another article in the near future.

If you enjoyed reading this article. Feel free to share with your friends. and if you face any problem during the procedure let me know in the comment section.

Confused about how to install WordPress on your computer using XAMPP? you’ve come to the right place It’s here… a business email is essential if you have a website. Let’s say you have an e-commerce website. when customers order, he will be sent an invoice by email if you use Gmail or another email service. instead of a business email You may encounter some problems.

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For example, your site does not send emails, if it does, it goes to the spam folder. not direct to inbox The biggest thing is that using another email service without a business email makes me feel unprofessional. If emails are sent from your site This email comes from your company email address.

In today’s post We will learn how to create a business email. and not only that I learned how to create a Google business email with a custom domain. We also use the business email we created in Gmail.

When you open an email account You can see all your email accounts. (If you have already created an email account) Click the Create button.

Choose your domain name here. Then enter your username and set a strong password. from advanced settings You can specify the mode to be used in this e-mail. You can limit the storage space you want or keep it unlimited. and click the Create button

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Click Check emails from email account and click Forwarders in the Manage Inbox section. for email forwarding

Enter the destination e-mail address in Add new forwarder, the e-mail address you specified here. the email we create Forwarded emails are all your destination emails. Now click Add forwarder OK, we have successfully created and sent the business email.

You need to check your DNS settings to see if the MX records are valid. If the MX records are not

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