Create Google Business Email


Create Google Business Email – A step-by-step guide to creating an email address with Crazy Domain, Gmail and Google Workspace using your domain name.

A business email address using your domain name is essential in today’s technological age to show your customers that you are professional and trustworthy.

Create Google Business Email

We have created this guide to help businesses in Hobart and Tasmania. Details on how to use Crazy Domains and Google Workplace (formerly G Suite) to create your business email address.

Setup G Suite Mx Records In Aws For Google Business Email

Creating a functional email means using your domain name as part of the address instead of the generic or

Free email addresses are great to begin with, but they don’t have the professional image that business email brings. A generic email can be created by anyone these days, making it difficult for your prospects or customers to trust where the email came from.

There are many email options out there, each with their pros and cons. We don’t favor one over the other, a combination of Crazy Domains and Google Workspace is what we’ve used and never had a problem.

Buying and setting up email accounts directly through a domain name provider is fine, but we’ve personally found that email clients like Outlook or Airmail often don’t like the servers they use and the way they access them through a webmail client. Logging in can be frustrating. .

How To Create A Free Business Email For A Professional Brand On A Budget

Google Workspace and Gmail are one of the largest and most secure email platforms in the world, so whether you’re traveling abroad or not, you can easily access your email through the Gmail website. You have a simple device with you.

You can purchase a domain name from Crazy Domains for around AUD 20.99 per year purchase. A Google Workspace Suite Basic account starts at $8.40 per month (~$100 per year). This means you can host a business email address for about $120 per year.

It’s important to note that there are several cost variables, including how much you purchase the domain name, what domain name you purchase, and how many emails you want to host.

Google Workspace also offers a free trial, which is great if you want to try Google Workspace before purchasing an account.

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As a Google Workspace user, we’re also part of their referral program – so you too can access Google Workspace using this affiliate link.

The first step is to purchase your domain name. If you already have a domain name and want to set up a business email address, you can skip to step 2.

Use the large search bar to search for a domain name. Well, choosing the right domain name is important, but don’t spend too much time figuring it out.

Select an appropriate ‘expiration’ for your domain (eg or an alternative, then click the drop-down menu to choose how long you want to take your domain.

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Helpful Hint: Should you choose “.com” or “”? I often recommend “” as it tells customers you are a reliable Australian business, but if your scope is international. Or if you don’t have an ABN, you can choose another option.

If you don’t need it, you can remove the free “Site Builder” and “Site” or any other option that appears. Make sure you have a domain name. Click the “Secure Payment” button at the bottom of the page to continue the payment process.

Continue the Crazy Domains checkout process by clicking the “Continue Order” button. Bottom line, no additives or supplements are needed.

If you are purchasing a “” domain name, you will need to enter the correct ABN and business/company details. You will also need to get a regular policy.

Create A Business Gmail Account Easily: Explained Stepwise

Go to the next page where you confirm your GST registration and configure your privacy settings. Choose whether you want your domain information (name, address, etc.) in the WHOIS database for an additional fee.

If successful, you will receive an order confirmation page from Crazy Domains. You may be asked to create an account during the process, which you should do.

After creating an account, go to the “Domains” tab in the top menu to verify your new domain.

It’s time to set up your Google Workspace account for a momentary domain name.

Create & Manage A Business Gmail Account For An Organization

Then, click the “Get Started” button under the “Get Started” heading (prices may vary). You may also find that some of the Business plan features may suit your business goals/budget, but we currently use Business Starter because it has everything you need for your email address.

On the next page about the domain you can choose “Yes, I can use” because we have already purchased it.

This is a good opportunity to think of an email address that suits your type of business. For example, we use our first names ([email protected]) for work emails because it’s a nice personal touch, but it might not work if we have a shared manager email address.

Once completed, you will be taken to the Google Workspace admin console area. Click the “Next” button in the window that opens to continue the process.

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If you are using Crazy Domain according to the guide, we will change the verification method to make things a little easier. Or click the “Change Authentication Method” button.

In the next field you will see a longer page. What we are going to do here is transfer the domain from the Google admin console (which we are now) to Crazy Domains to verify. Scroll down on the first landing page to continue.

After entering the field “3. Add verification codes…”, we copy the values ​​”CNAME label/host” and “Destination field/CNAME destination” one by one.

Back to Domains itself, log in and click on the Domains tab in the main menu (see the previous step). Then click on the domain name to open the control panel.

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Once your domain is open, hover over the DNS settings area and click on the hamburger menu on the right (see image below). In the drop-down menu, click Add Post.

In this field we will set the “HOST” and “DESTINATION” values ​​previously created through the Google management console. After logging in, select “Update”.

Note: sometimes “.” (point) is transferred in the process. If you get an error while trying to select “refresh”, ” check if there are no host or values ​​defined at the end.

Having successfully joined Crazy Domains, this new record is set to spread worldwide. You may have to wait 15 minutes to an hour to proceed successfully, but please check MY DOMAIN to verify.

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After confirmation, you will be returned to the “Let’s install…” page – where you can add new users (like additional email accounts) if you want, or skip it.

The last step in the setup process is adding the MX records from Google to Crazy Domains. This is similar to the previous “authorization” process, but we want to add an additional record type. Press the ACTIVITY button to go to step 3.

Once you continue, you will see a screen with a list of values ​​that look like “ALT” or “ASPMX”. For now, let’s go back to our domains and go to the DNS settings section. Click the hamburger menu bar on the right and click Add Post.

Now we will transfer the entries from Google Workspace to Crazy Domains.

How To Verify Google My Business Account

Helpful Hint: If you want, you can remember them or use the same copy/paste, then click the small “+ MX Entry” button to enter all the values, then click the refresh button to send them all at once.

Once you’ve added your Crazy Domains records, go back to Google Admin and click to confirm them. This process will take some time before new MX records are distributed.

Google lets you try Google Workspace services for free for 14 days, which is great, but if you want to keep using your business email and need to set up an account, you’ll eventually have to pay.

On the next page, double check that the information is correct and that the Google Workspace Basic plan is selected.

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Don’t forget you can use the following promo codes to get 10% off your first year of Google Workspace –

We will not detail the next steps as they are relatively simple, but please use the ‘Continue’ button and enter the relevant information and payment details on the following pages.

Once your email is set up, you can log into your email client such as Outlook or Airmail and set up your account there. Most modern email clients can now easily add a Gmail account, and since your new account is technically a Gmail account, you can use this option to easily set it up.

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