Create Your Own Email Domain With Google


Create Your Own Email Domain With Google – 01. My team and I have created a printed magazine with lots of helpful instructions and tips – like this one – for the community.

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Create Your Own Email Domain With Google

02. I posted a 2022 version of this guide with the latest steps and screenshots. It can be found here.

Create A Business Email With Gmail And Your Domain In 2022

That being said, I don’t plan on deleting this post just yet, as most of the steps are still available today. Now let’s get to why you came here originally.

This tutorial is especially useful for people who create/manage multiple projects, but want a custom domain name + email address for each.

Of course, a G Suite account lets you “create work email addresses for your domain and get 30 GB of space.”

Additionally, if you have already created a G Suite account, you have the option to create email aliases, which can be used to set up multiple message identities/filters for your brand (more on aliases G Suite in a future article, Probably).

Create Custom Domain Email Address In Zoho Mail

And for full disclosure, I use G Suite for my *primary* work email addresses.

But if you’re like me and actively manage multiple standalone projects, G Suite costs add up…

Let’s say you have 20 standalone projects, each using its own domain. G Suite charges are:

3. From Google Domains, set up email forwarding: click Add email next to the desired domain > enter the desired alias > enter the current email you want to forward > click the add button

Setup Custom Domain Email On Google Cloud Platform

[Optional] But what if you want to be able to “send” or “reply to” emails from your regular email address?

You probably know that with this setting you can’t actually “send” and “receive” emails using your regular email address (

But thanks to the magic of email forwarding and Gmail aliases, you can do what you do.

Part I. Set an app password for your Gmail account so that you can use Gmail’s SMTP servers securely.

Add Google Workspace To Your Site

5. Access the Gmail account. Click your username or the user icon in the upper right corner to display the user menu.

Remember! You must perform two-step verification to use the App Password option. If not, click 2-Step Verification and enable 2-Step Verification. Then proceed to set app password.

11. The Generated Application Password box will display a 16 character password. Copy this password. You’ll need it when you add your new Send As (transferred) account.

17. In the first Add another email address box, enter the name you want your email recipients to see (such as “Support Team” or “Sales” or any name from that). contact) and the forwarded e-mail – the mailing address you specified.

Add Email With An Existing Google Workspace Account

Part III. Set the Gmail SMTP server as the mail server for your forwarding alias using the app-generated password.

19. In the second Add another email address box, edit the values ​​in the fields to display the following:

20. Click Add Account. If an error message is displayed, check that you have entered the SMTP server, port, user name and password correctly.

21. Return to Gmail after adding the account. You’ll see a message from the Gmail team with the subject Gmail confirmation: Send email as and the address you added. Follow the instructions in the message to confirm the email address.

How To Add A Custom Domain To Landing Pages And Websites

22. To send an email from your Gmail account, click the triangle next to your From address to choose to send the message from the account you added. If you already have a custom domain but want to use Gmail as your email platform, you’ve come to the right place.

The process of creating a Gmail account and connecting it to a custom domain is simple and can take a few minutes.

3. Go to “Accounts and imports” tab, scroll down to find “Check email from other accounts” and click “Add email account”.

4. You will be redirected to a page where you can add an email account with a custom domain, your username, password and POP server.

How To Manage Multiple Domains In G Suite

5. Click “Add Account”. Gmail will send you a verification email with a code that you must enter before logging into the address.

Gmail users who have not yet registered a domain name with a web hosting platform can create a professional email address with a custom domain through one of Google Workspace’s paid plans.

You will also have access to all the Google Workspace tools available with this plan, such as Google Meet, Chat, Calendar, Google Drive, Apps Script, Cloud Search and Jamboard.

1. Choose a Google Workspace plan. Google’s business plans range from £4.14 for the Business Starter plan to £13.80 for the Business Plus plan per user per month. They all have a personalized email address.

What To Do After Purchasing Your Domain

2. Add your company name, number of employees, your first and last name, and your current email address.

3. If you haven’t registered a domain, Google will show you a list of available domain names for your business and their corresponding price.

4. Once you have entered your company information and phone number, you can set up a username and password for your new email address.

To add a user, sign in from the Google Admin console as an administrator. Go to “Users”, fill in the details to invite a member to the group.

How To Create A New Gmail Account In 2023

6. Finally, you need to verify your domain by setting up your MX records. You can start using your own Gmail domain within 48 hours.

To do this, log in to your domain account on your hosting site. You will find a tab to update your MX records under “DNS Management”, “Mail Settings” or “Advanced Settings”.

Go back to the admin console, scroll down and copy the verification code. Paste the value into the Value/Response/Destination/Target field, set the post priority to Low or 15 or higher.

Go back to the administration console and click on “Activate”. You’ll be taken to a welcome page, where you’ll need to click “Enable Gmail” so you can start receiving messages in your new Gmail domain’s inbox.

How To Register A Domain Name For Your Website

Knowing how to use Gmail with your custom email domain is important for any business that uses email marketing and wants to let their customers know that they are dealing with a reputable company.

Gmail offers its services for free, as long as you have a domain name, but if you want access to Google Workplace, you can set up a corporate email address during the registration process.

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