Digital Marketing Course Online Vadodara

Digital Marketing Course Online Vadodara – Students with their own business, either studying BBA, B-Tech, B-Com or MBA or working with leading companies like Tata Sky, Maxlife, Accenture, Infosys, HCL, Magicbricks, Glaxo SmithKline pharmaceuticals, Hindustan Unilever, ICICI. Bank, Oriflame, Lego Education, Bajaj Capital, Wipro, L&T Finance and many other companies.

Topic 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing Digital marketing is the umbrella term for marketing products or services using digital technology, mostly the Internet, but also includes mobile phones, advertising on media networks and any digital medium. The digital marketing process that has evolved since the 1990s and 2000s has changed the way brands and businesses use technology and digital marketing in their marketing. Digital marketing campaigns are on the rise, as digital devices are increasingly integrated into marketing plans, and as people use digital devices instead of going to physical stores. This section covers the basics of digital marketing, its value and importance.

Digital Marketing Course Online Vadodara

Topic 2: Key Digital Marketing Terms This section focuses on terms, concepts and their meanings that are important to understanding digital marketing. This includes terms like C.P.M., C.P.C., C.T.R etc. and their importance for digital marketing companies.

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Topic 3: Paid Media, Paid Media, and Owned Media This section covers three key concepts: paid media, hosted media, and owned media. This section covers the meaning, difference and significance of these terms. Understanding paid, earned and owned media can help you create a better digital media strategy.

Problem 4: Why digital marketing? This section covers the importance and meaning of digital marketing in detail. It covers how digital marketing can help startups, non-profits, small businesses and large corporations.

Chapter 5: Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign This chapter describes creating a digital marketing campaign. This will help you build a digital marketing plan that can benefit your career, startup, or small business. It also helps you understand the basics of any digital marketing plan.

Topic 6: Introduction to Marketing Content Marketing Content marketing is a marketing process that focuses on creating and distributing relevant, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a well-defined audience—and ultimately, drive beneficial action for customers. This section introduces the concept of content marketing.

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Chapter 7: History of Content Marketing This chapter examines the origins of content marketing and its role in modern digital marketing.

Chapter 8: Creating a Content Marketing Plan This chapter covers the basics of creating and implementing a content marketing plan and measuring its effectiveness. Content marketing case study – a case study detailing the successful implementation of content marketing is examined.

Topic 9: Influencer marketing Marketing, (also influencer marketing) is a marketing method that has emerged from various methods and studies, where you focus on certain important people (or types of people) and not on the target market. and all. This section introduces influencer marketing and its importance in the context of digital marketing.

Topic 10: Planning an advertising campaign In this section we will examine how to plan and implement an advertising campaign. It covers the key elements of a plan and metrics to track to measure the success of a marketing campaign.

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Problem 11: Basic pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as cost-per-click, is a type of Internet advertising used to run websites, where the advertiser pays the advertiser (usually) . the owner of the website or the websites) when you click on the ad. Pay per click is mostly linked to search engines. This section covers the basics of pay per click advertising. This will help you understand what pay-per-click advertising is, how it works and what it costs.

Section 12: Pros and Cons of Pay Per Click Advertising This section covers the pros and cons of pay per click. This will help you understand when and how to use each paid ad.

Problem 13: Google AdWords Google AdWords is an online advertising service that allows advertisers to present short ad copy to Internet users, in terms of cookies, keywords, pre-defined by advertisers that can link to the content copy of their web pages. presented. users. Google web pages and partner pages are created to allow Google to select and display this advertising copy Advertisers provide when users refine their search to find more information about the displayed copy, and partner websites receive part of the income they generate. This section covers understanding how the Google Adwords auction system works, a tutorial on the bidding process and finally how to get started with Google Adwords.

Search Engine Optimization (S.O.) is the process of getting traffic from “free”, “organic”, “edited” or “natural” search engine results. This is the process that connects potential visitors to the website. This helps us find what we are looking for and attract interested customers to our online stores, blogs and websites.

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We have all seen or met people who run their own pages or websites and earn a lot of money from advertisements. The fact of their success is that they are able to get a lot of organic traffic from Google, Bing and other platforms. They don’t spend a lot of money on advertising. In short, they are successful in search engine optimization.

Every month, Google receives more than 100 billion searches. About 160 billion searches that Google will complete in a month. This means that depending on what you have created and the search engine searches you have done, you have billions and opportunities to display those results, driving traffic, advertising and sales.

Today we use Google to find answers to everything. The verb has become so popular that “Google” can be used as a verb. Whether you’re looking to buy a product or looking for an answer to a question, your first thought is likely to be Google.

If you can get your site to be included in the search results for the most common keyword in Google, you can make a lot of money even if all the traffic is from that keyword.

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SEO costs nothing, unlike the costs of traditional marketing methods and other paid internet advertising. Proper planning of content and information sharing can take time to create, but it is well worth it.

Chapter 1: Search Engine Optimization – Introduction and Overview This chapter is divided into three parts. The first part covers the introduction of search engine optimization, the basic definition and the history of search engine optimization.

Topic 2: Basics of Search Engine Optimization This module is divided into three parts (SEO Basics – I, SEO Basics – II, and SEO Basics – III). It covers the basics of search engine optimization and will help you understand how to perform search engine optimization on your website.

Topic Three: Advanced Search Engine Optimization This section is divided into two sections (Advanced SEO – I, Advanced SEO – II), each of which explains specific aspects of search engine optimization.

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Topic 4: How Google search works

Problem 5: How to create an SEO strategy. This section explains how to create an effective SEO strategy. It explains the basics of a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Chapter 6: Research Questions and Web Tools This chapter has two parts. The first part explains using search queries to promote your website. The second part will give you a better understanding of how to use webmaster tools.

Chapter 7: Search Engine Optimization for Small Sites and Startups This section will help clear up some myths about search engine optimization. This covers how small sites can become popular. It will also analyze search engine optimization first.

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Search Engine Optimization Mistakes and Best Practices This section covers common mistakes (and best practices) when optimizing your website for search engines. It has a short tutorial on SEO mistakes and some of the best practices that Google recommends

This course discusses the effectiveness of search engine optimization. It covers sample reports, metrics, case studies and discusses valuable tips that can help you better optimize your business search. This course covers content work in detail including content systems and examples. Many small and large businesses can use the ideas shared in this course to improve their search results.

Email marketing helps you communicate with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales, you can do many things with emails, such as selling products, sharing news or stories. With tutorials and video tools, this course will help you understand how you can use email marketing to promote your products, blogs and use them to spread your message effectively.

Want to become an expert in Facebook advertising? Learn Facebook marketing using demo lessons in the 8-part Facebook Masterclass. Become an expert in Facebook advertising. Learn about advanced Facebook advertising features including Facebook pixels, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, retargeting, budgeting and lead generation campaigns.

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Learn how to design a website using WordPress. WordPress is an open source website builder written in PHP.

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