Digital Media Course Description

Digital Media Course Description – Our Digital Media and Communications curriculum is specifically designed to meet the rapidly changing skills and needs of the creative industries.

Combining theoretical knowledge and skills, you gain expertise in areas such as new media, filmmaking, web design, culture and more. Internships include video production (following government safety guidelines), web design and HTML programming, data visualization and smart sites. A significant emphasis is also placed on the management and analysis of social media platforms, along with APIs and other resources used to represent and evaluate social data.

Digital Media Course Description

You will be taught about inbound marketing by experienced instructors. They take you through various modules, such as the compulsory Digital Media Practice module, which focuses on the production process: video, audio recording and mixing, post-production and more. By the end of the module, you will create creative and flexible projects that put theory into practice.

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Digital media research can lead to many exciting projects. You’ll find that graduates with digital media and communications degrees are in high demand in media, marketing, e-commerce, and content creation, to name a few.

You will apply the skills and principles learned using the latest business model specialized software. The Resource Hub has a large collection of graphics and media resources that you can borrow to help with the design process. You will also have the opportunity to gain certification in Apple and Avid editing software as well as API and analytics knowledge.

The results of your project will include, but are not limited to: live broadcasts, viral videos, platforms, games, exhibitions and more. We also offer you the opportunity to work in London’s creative industries as part of your course, ensuring the skills you learn are put into practice.

When you study, you will be with a personal tutor who is directly connected to your course. You will also receive support from our undergraduate and graduate students, who have extensive experience in your field of study. You will also meet with our experts who work to provide support in our specialist areas across all projects and courses.

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Whether your goal is to work as an analyst or consultant in social media, work in a creative agency as an account manager, or work as a content supervisor, this is the course for you!

Theoretical study topics include: gender, identity and new media, spatiality and new media, blogging culture, open and collaborative culture, immersive and intellectual environments, travel, social, residential and mobile.

Internships include: video production, web design, document creation and editing using Abode Creative Suite, Avid and Apple software, visualization and teaching, smart environment design.

Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on commercial work ideas, business models and the creation of breakthroughs. Work and information, tools and products are provided in accordance with these standards.

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Each year consists of four modules of 30 credits each. First-year students are introduced to digital media with four requirements – two theoretical and two practical. In the second year, you can choose an optional module in addition to the three requirements, one of these options offering the opportunity to place in business. In the third year, you will do a personal project and a dissertation with two additional required modules, while the fourth is an optional module.

Electives are usually available in grades 5 and 6, although electives are not available for all subjects. Where there is a sample option, you will be asked to select your option in the previous academic year. If we don’t have enough students interested in voting, or there are staff changes that affect teaching, it will not be offered. If the selected module does not run, we will notify you after the module selection period when the codes are confirmed, or the programming team has decided not to run the module and help you choose another module.

After completing the Digital Media Diploma, graduates will have a range of skills that will make them suitable for a variety of roles in the creative industry, such as:

We will carefully manage any future changes to courses or support and other services available if necessary as a result of things such as changes in government regulations, health and safety advice or changes in legislation.

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All decisions will be made in accordance with external guidelines and university regulations, including information on this.

Our priority is always to maintain academic standards and quality so that your academic results are not affected by the changes we make.

We will try to keep you well informed about how we need to respond to changes and the support we provide. Weather apps on smartphones, racing games on video game consoles, and ultrasound equipment in hospitals are all digital media products. They are successful because they are interesting, easy to use (even fun to play) and deliver results. Digital media is a combination of technology and content, and creating digital media products requires a team of professionals with a variety of skills, including technical skills, image drawing skills, analytical skills, and co-production. All of these skills need to be balanced across the team, with everyone on the team focused on creating a great user experience.

The world we live in today is full of digital media products, and these products help impart knowledge in many industries, including industries unrelated to digital media such as healthcare, government, and education.

Digital Media And Communications Ba Honours

Organizations that create digital products rely on multi-talented teams and manage those teams with business processes designed to improve their results and performance. For example, making a game requires storytellers, programmers, artists, data analysts, user experience designers, project managers, and animators. “Putting things over the wall” of professional groups is not a good way to manage things. You need to make sure they understand each other, work well together, and collectively create value that leads to worldly knowledge. The skills required to manage this large team and the fast-paced nature of the business means that digital entrepreneurs like our graduates need to be able to communicate and collaborate with unprecedented and detailed knowledge.

The Master of Digital Media program teaches students both – to work in multi-talented teams and to participate in a variety of modern, creative business activities – while creating digital products that add value to people. The MDM program is designed to help graduates develop six core competencies that will serve them well in their careers.

Students acquire these skills partly through classroom learning, but mostly through experiential learning, working on a variety of projects. CDM’s project lasts for three semesters. These projects require students to collaborate with colleagues on various processes, and they can practice the business processes they learn. Second and third semester projects are marketing projects for real clients looking for digital media solutions.

The Master of Digital Media program equips students with a strong business vision. To improve their business skills, they also improve their presentation skills, find the right partners and investors, and resource management. We provide strategic planning and operational management to help you create and grow new business with the latest digital products. Digital media defines our time and helps improve our lives. This course will help prepare you for a career in an exciting and changing career.

Digital Media In Marketing

You will understand the fundamentals of advertising, 2D and 3D computer graphics, programming, motion graphics, UX design and visual effects.

You will create high quality products such as animation, motion graphics, compositing, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, interactive web content, and imaging. By choosing modules, you can follow your specific choice.

This model includes two areas: one, basic digital media software applications that manage still and moving images as well as sound production, and second, the practice of acquiring digital assets. From photography and recording to creativity. This will include the use of lighting, camera and editing. Theory is delivered through lectures, and practiced through workshops that support the acquisition and development of all skills.

The Computer Generated Image (CGI) module introduces students to professional 3D computer graphics and animation. Here you will learn how to create 3D geometric patterns, apply shadows using different textures, set them and combine them to create beautiful images. You will also gain the fundamental knowledge to use topology to create ‘clean models’. The test supports the method of improving skills by creating 3D CGI tools. The module also provides a general introduction to the basic research techniques used to produce digitally produced images.

What Are All The Digital Marketing Course Topics To Be Covered

The purpose of the Professional Environment module is to prepare students for professional practice. The first will ensure that they get suitable jobs and the second will make them understand the role of professionals in society and the role of professional bodies.

Although most of the training focuses on domain knowledge, the Environment Expert module focuses on development.

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