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Email With Own Domain – Apple is now testing an iCloud Mail feature that power users have been asking for for years: personal email domains. What will she say? Most people use free email services like iCloud Mail and Gmail, all email addresses use a default domain. For example, if you use iCloud Mail, your address would be [email protected] (or [email protected] or [email protected] if you’re old school). Also, if you use a free Gmail account, your address would be along the lines of [email protected].

However, if you have a personal domain name like, many email services will allow you to use that domain for your email address. It offers several benefits:

Email With Own Domain

I personally don’t rely on iCloud Mail for anything other than testing. The lack of individual domain support is one reason, but I don’t see that changing now. iCloud Mail lacks many of the advanced options of other email providers and is known to be able to retrieve messages or silently filter messages without knowing they are being sent.

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However, there are some good reasons to use iCloud Mail, especially if you’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem:

Apple doesn’t sell domains, so you’ll need to purchase one from a domain registrar before creating your email address. An entire book has been written about buying and managing domains, but the process is very simple. Here are a few we’ve used with success:

I currently host my domain with Epik because of the company’s strong civil liberties position and great 24/7 support. However, if you are new to domain registration, I will direct you to the hover. It’s the most user-friendly recorder I’ve ever used with great phone support. If you start with one domain registrar and want to switch to another, you can transfer your domain at any time, although you’ll usually have to pay for an additional year.

Once you own a domain, be sure to renew it annually or pay for a multi-year registration. Set yourself a reminder to restart it at least a few weeks before it expires. When the next day arrives, make sure your payment information is up to date. I lost my domain due to paying with Hover. Domain scavengers often acquire expired domains and try to resell them to their owners at exorbitant prices.

Setting Up The Custom Domain, Forwarding Address, And Reply Address.

You must have a valid email address at your domain to set up with iCloud Mail, to which Apple will send a confirmation message. If you’re creating a new email address, it’s a little tricky, but don’t worry, most registrars let you create a free sending address that will do the trick. Be sure to do this before you start setting up your domain in iCloud Mail.

Below is a screenshot of me creating a forwarding address for my epic domain. I set [email protected] to forward every email they receive to my primary email address. It gave me an Apple confirmation message.

(I bought when my friend Sonya Mann and I were thinking of starting a podcast called Mansplaining. I haven’t used the domain for anything since.

With all cautions in mind, check out the process for setting up your domain to work with iCloud Mail:

Personal Email Domain

If you forgot to set up an active email address before you started (raise your hand), you can click Send Verification Email on this screen to resend them.

Keep an eye on your inbox for an Apple verification email. Once you get it, open it and click Verify. If your default browser is not supported by iCloud Beta, you can manage it – click the Check Mail button and select > Open with Safari or another installed browser. In other email programs you should be able to perform – click Check, copy the URL and paste it into your browser.

This is a tricky one – you may need the help of your domain registrar. You must set up a DNS record that matches your registrar, and how you do this varies by registrar. If you contact your registrar support and provide the details, they can prepare the document for you or at least refer you to the necessary instructions.

Simply put, a DNS record is a guide to how a DNS server should handle requests for a domain. DNS stands for Domain Name System, and a collection of interconnected DNS servers makes it possible to look up domains instead of numeric IP addresses.

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To see the notes you need, check your iCloud inbox for the “Finish setting up your personal domain” email, but don’t follow the email instructions!

You must set these DNS records correctly for your domain on your registration page. If you miss or make a mistake, emails from your domain may be automatically rejected or reported by spam filters.

If you use your domain for services other than email, these records should not interfere with those services unless you change existing entries. However, if you’re already setting up email forwarding with your registrar or are already using your domain with another email provider, you’ll want to delete the DNS entries associated with that provider. (Record the deleted information in Notes or if you want to go back.) If you’ve already set up a personal email domain, I think you have an idea of ​​what you’re doing. If not, I recommend contacting your registrar support.

The DNS reset caused me the most trouble because the instructions in Apple’s email were wrong! Until Apple fixes its email, refer to Apple’s support documentation, which provides the correct instructions in the correct order. You will need to refer to Apple’s email for step 5 as it contains your unique TXT entry.

How To Make An Email Address With Custom Domain?

Your logger may look different, but as you can see in the screenshot below in Epik, I can leave all the host fields blank. But with

Once you’ve correctly entered your DNS information into your registry, go back to your iCloud settings and click Finish Setup. You will be asked to verify that you have updated your DNS records before clicking Confirm.

If you have just updated the record with your registrar, you may see a DKIM error when you click Confirm on the iCloud page. There are a few things to know:

You’ll know it’s working if you get an iCloud confirmation email. Your other device will ask if you want to use a new email address for iMessage and FaceTime.

How To Get A Professional Email Address With A Custom Domain 📧

To select a different outgoing email address when composing a message, click or tap the address to the right of the inbox. In Mail on the iCloud beta website, your new address will appear immediately. In iOS 15 beta, it took a few minutes to start. However, it doesn’t show up in non-beta iCloud Mail or any of Apple’s current transport operating systems.

It’s great that Apple has added support for custom domains to iCloud Mail, but I strongly encourage you to limit your test usage. Beyond the fact that you can only send emails from the beta version of Apple’s upcoming operating system, I don’t advise you to trust critical emails for this beta service. no. Once Apple releases this feature from beta, many people will start using it and we will know how reliable it is.

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Apple told its customers via email that anyone who plans to pay for iCloud storage will see their storage automatically upgraded to iCloud+ at no additional cost.

And with iCloud+ you can now set up custom email domains so your recipients can see emails coming from your personal email address. Additionally, you can set Hide My Email to use random email addresses for things like newsletters to protect against spam.

ICloud+ is a new umbrella term used by Apple to refer to a set of services only available to those who pay for their iCloud storage. iCloud+ features include iCloud Private Relay (currently in beta), as well as Hide My Email and access to personal email domains.

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