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Facebook Ads Manager Earn Money – Meta announced today that Facebook creators can now monetize their Facebook videos that use licensed music. The company launched Music Revenue Sharing to allow video creators to include licensed music in their Facebook videos and receive a share of in-stream ad revenue. The company says this opens up a new way for music creators and rights holders to make money. Although creators can use licensed music in their videos, they still can’t monetize them.

With this new feature, when creators use licensed music in Facebook videos that are 60 seconds or longer, they can monetize certain videos through in-stream ads. Although the company declined to provide details, creators will receive a 20% share of revenue from eligible videos, with rights and meta holders receiving a separate share.

Facebook Ads Manager Earn Money

Meta says that Facebook Reels are not currently eligible for music monetization. The company is likely to expand revenue sharing on drum music in the future.

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To be eligible for music revenue sharing, creators must be eligible for in-stream ads and meet Facebook’s monetization criteria. The featured song used in the video must be part of a licensed music library that includes all eligible songs for music monetization. share Eligible songs include popular songs from artists such as Post Malone, Tove Lo, Grupo La Cumbia, Leah Kate and Bicep. Finally, Meta notes that a video must also include a visual component and that licensed music cannot be the main purpose of the video.

Authors can identify eligible songs approved for music revenue sharing monetization in the licensed music library in Author Studio.

When you upload your video to your Facebook page, you’ll see a notification in Creator Studio and your support inbox if the song is eligible for music revenue sharing. When a video is published on your site, you will receive a notification confirming that your video has won and is being shared. Authors can track their progress against expected in-stream ad revenue in Author Studio.

Meta says music revenue sharing will begin rolling out to video creators worldwide today. Eligible videos will be monetized through in-stream ads in the United States before expanding to other parts of the world where the music is available on Facebook in the coming months. Meta says it will continue to work with its music partners to expand its licensed music library to include more licensed songs. The company plans to create more ways for people to share and connect with videos on Facebook.

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Meta says the feature is made possible by the Rights Manager, a video, audio and image comparison tool developed at Meta, designed to help content owners protect their rights and manage their content. Today I have an amazing interview that shows you how to become a Facebook Ad Manager and make money from home. I recently had the opportunity to interview Becky from Splash Owl Media who is a full time Facebook Ads Manager / Blogger. In the interview, Becky shares her top tips on how to become a successful Facebook ad manager and earn money from anywhere. He’s making $1,000 right now for a Facebook ad campaign he’s working on, and I think he’s a total rock star. They teach creatives how to be successful with Facebook Ads using their popular Facebook Ads Toolkit, which I highly recommend if you want to get started with Facebook Ads this month. So if you want to get started with Facebook ads, check out the interview below.

How to Become a Facebook Ad Manager and Earn $100 a Day 1. Tell us a little about yourself?

How did you get started as a Facebook Ads Manager? How long have you been a Facebook Ads manager? I have been in marketing for over 10 years.

During my career I have worked in various advertising and marketing agencies. In September 2015, I found myself unemployed while on maternity leave. I decided that I wanted to serve other female entrepreneurs, so I started my company, Splash Owl Media. I started with Facebook ads about 8 years ago when direct mail campaigns started to decline and everyone switched to digital advertising. I now focus most of my efforts on Facebook ads, but Splash Owl Media is a full-service marketing agency.

I Will Be Your Facebook Ads Manager For Fb Ads Campaign And Set Up

2. What kind of training/skills are required if one is interested in becoming a Facebook Ads Manager?

It is important to join a trusted program. I come from a corporate background, so it’s more of a hands-on learning experience for me. But I still like to take classes to make sure I stay current and relevant.

John Loomer has a great membership site that won’t break the bank. It trains people to become Facebook ad managers. I’ve heard great things about Cat Howell. Honestly, I learn best by doing. I read about a new change or method, implement it, track the results, and draw conclusions about the method before trying it out with my clients.

3. What exactly do Facebook Ads administrators do? Who can they work for? What is a typical day like?

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The Facebook Ads Manager listens to the client’s goals or objectives for a specific campaign, builds a strategy, builds the campaign, creates an audience, creates copy and graphics, researches whether the specific market is right and whether the offer is right for the client, evaluates landing pages, tests ad sets and ads, optimizes analytics and Customer can continue to provide ongoing campaign management to ensure they are paying the lowest possible cost per conversion.

There are several ad managers on Facebook and each serves a specific niche. The key is to find someone who has narrowed their focus to fill a specific niche. This means they know the target, what copy and graphics work best for that market and how to position the campaign. Dealing with a common man usually equates to a huge waste of money.

My days off are every week. I usually speak with clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our strategic or discovery calls, I’m available via Messenger, Voxer and email. Mondays are my “report” days. Then I like to send my clients a breakdown of their results, analysis and any recommendations I have for their campaign.

Most of the time I like to make videos because when I use certain words in an email, not everyone knows what I’m looking at or what I’m talking about. Video allows me to walk clients through a specific section or provide an overview. Every night I check the campaign to make sure the conversion is as low as possible.

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Facebook groups are a really good resource. There are also sites like Upwork and Freelancer.com that offer job postings. It really depends on the niche you want to serve.

Many brick-and-mortar businesses are found on local networks, local Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and more. Online entrepreneurs and coaches mostly meet in Facebook groups.

5. How much can a beginner Facebook ad manager expect to start? How much can they expect to earn after a full year of freelance writing? How much can an experienced Facebook ad manager earn per day?

I started charging $450 per campaign. As my customer base grew, I adjusted my package prices accordingly. I now charge a minimum of $1000 because it is related to my experience and the success rate of my previous campaigns.

When To Duplicate Facebook Ad Sets

As a beginner, it really comes down to how much time you have to spend building your pipeline (getting new customers each month) and how many campaigns you’re comfortable working on at once.

I highly recommend ClickFunnels (but I’m also a funnel strategist on top of Facebook Ads Manager). Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud (mainly Photoshop and Illustrator). I recommend using Leadsbridge for lead generation campaigns. You need a good planner like Calendly or Acuity.

I use Trello as my project management tool, Wave Accounting as my invoicing and accounting software, and Google Suite.

I am a very creative and analytical person. Art and numbers excite me. Working with Facebook Ads allows me to tap into both sides of my brain.

Facebook Expands Access To ‘rights Manager’ Video Copyright Tool, Rolls Out In Stream Ads To 4 More Countries

I love working with my clients. Helping someone achieve incredible results is literally like winning the lottery. This business has allowed me to stay home and watch my children grow up, set my own work hours and be more present for my family: financially and physically.

I’ve also promoted on LinkedIn and Pinterest, but they didn’t do well. I recommend using Facebook Ads. Showcase your talent with ads for yourself. I advertise my business on Facebook about 90% of the time. That’s where my ideal client hangs out.

It can be quite cheap. To get started, you’ll need a website, laptop/desktop, phone, planner, and possibly a project management system (Trello has a free version, though).

I set up an LLC above all other foundations

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