Facebook Ads Manager Job Description

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Facebook Ads Manager Job Description

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How To Become A Facebook Ads Expert (10 Steps Guide)

Facebook is an important marketing channel for many small businesses. With nearly three billion active users per month, social media marketing allows you to reach a large number of customers with minimal advertising budget.

The only problem? Opening Facebook Ad Manager for the first time can be overwhelming. You’ll find dozens of dashboards, marketing profile options, and audience outreach tools, all of which make running a new campaign a breeze.

But it is not necessary. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a Facebook Ads Manager account and use it to launch a successful campaign. If you’re a client, add Facebook as an advertising channel to your dashboard and manage your lead communication campaigns with performance reports – all in one place.

Facebook Ads Manager is a platform used to purchase advertising space on Facebook and Instagram. Over 37.3 million businesses use Facebook Ads Manager accounts to run campaigns across ad platforms.

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In fact, the platform is so popular that advertising revenue exceeded $5.5 billion in Q2 2021. Facebook and Instagram, both owned by Meta, account for 23.8% of digital advertising revenue generated throughout the year.

Before we start teaching, we need to understand the terms surrounding Facebook advertising. Ads Manager divides new campaigns into three categories:

The first step in creating a Facebook ad campaign is choosing a goal. This is the overall goal of your entire campaign and affects who the advertising algorithm shows in your ads.

Sydney clothing store Sweet Kids started advertising on Facebook with one goal in mind: change. However, the owner and CEO, Jen Greenlees, says: “It’s a short story. Recently we have expanded our product to be able to do something. Since then, we have seen great growth in all our accounts. Facebook.

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“As a store owner, it’s easy to capture the attention of the product as your only goal, but by increasing our engagement on Facebook, we have definitely seen more repeats. On our sales conversion.”

Many new marketers care about the cost of their products. Get involved by setting the start and end dates for your campaign, then choose one of the following options:

The tough question is: How much money should you spend on Facebook advertising? Experts like Ezra Firestone, founder of Smart Marketer, recommend investing 10% to 30% of your store’s revenue. For example, if you make $100 between $10 and $30, you should return to Facebook ads.

But the beauty of Facebook ads is that you can spend as much (or as little) as you want. Just $5 a day can run the machine.

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With this marketing strategy, you can start a three-day campaign, test its effectiveness, and test the campaign for three days. Just $5 a day for a month gets you 10 types of ads worth $150.

When budgeting for Facebook ads, remember that you’re not just spending money on customer acquisition. You’re also paying to buy additional products and services that aren’t customers, including an audience of people who have visited your website, watched your videos, or subscribed to your email list.

That’s why Ezra says Facebook advertising “is one of the things you have to be prepared to use.”

Then choose the type of people you want to see in your campaign using one of the options below.

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If you are starting your Facebook marketing strategy from scratch, create a saved audience. Add the demographics and characteristics of your target market, such as:

You will see the audience size on the right. Start with the details and narrow down what you want to advertise when you start collecting data.

After two weeks, you may find that people in their 50s and 60s respond better to your campaign than those in their 40s and 50s. In this case, it makes sense to improve your campaign by removing underperforming age buttons or segmenting ads. in the middle – to do well, to earn more money.

An audience that looks like a group of people similar to an existing list. Algorithms will find Facebook users to target future campaigns that share content with existing customers.

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Create a backup of your online purchases. If your goal is to generate sales, send this list to the audience manager.

Decide how close you want your new audience to be. A 1% exposure is similar to an existing customer list, while a 10% exposure expands the group to create a larger audience.

With pixels placed on your website, Facebook already knows who is viewing your ad. Include these people in the repeated group.

Businesses can sync their directory with Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to advertise on a flexible basis. An algorithm will show them the products they are already looking at, acting as a last resort before they forget.

Verified Facebook Business Manager, Ad Account

As James Eaglesfield, digital marketer at Autoweb Design says, “Powerful advertising can target visitors to your site who have not yet made a purchase. Your ad will show them the ad. “They are interested in other similar options. These people are hot leads you don’t want to miss, and extra nudity may be essential to your sales. “

Take, for example, this Facebook ad from the McBride Sisters Collection. The brand is running a campaign to bring back people who already know the brand. The result: a 58% increase in online sales.

Facebook Advertising Manager allows businesses to advertise their products and services on Facebook and Instagram. Select the platform you want to advertise on in the Places section of Ads Manager.

Random placement is evaluated by default. With this parameter, the advertising algorithm chooses the one that will meet your goals by increasing your budget. It’s a good place to start if you don’t know which platform or site will work best for your audience.

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Let’s assume that the most important part of your Facebook marketing strategy is creative marketing. The look of your ad has a huge impact on the chances your audience will encounter it. People don’t engage with ads that don’t grab their attention in a crowded feed.

For this reason, the CEO of JOI, Hector Gutierrez advises: “Change the appearance of your ads. People get very angry when they see repeated ads. Create a block of ads for the same campaign. ” And change the images and colors used in one. offer to drive engagement.

“Advertising is supposed to be attractive and engaging, and you lose both of those qualities when you make your audience lose that authenticity.”

Whatever you choose, take a look at what you’ve created before you start a campaign. Facebook ads vary from device to device. The design should be attractive on tablets, desktops, and mobile phones.

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Before publishing your new Facebook ad campaign, verify the content you’ve already added. Images, videos, and text should send the right message to the Facebook users you are reaching with the campaign.

If you are satisfied with any issue, please submit the campaign for approval. It can take up to 24 hours for Facebook to review and approve an ad, although it’s usually faster – less than a few hours.

Your work is not done when you start your first campaign. Monitor marketing performance to see if your campaign is hitting targets or costing you money.

Find the Account View tab in Facebook Ads Manager. You will see a campaign announcement dashboard. Click on each to get reports on each ad group and creative activity.

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Click the download button to use a predefined dashboard or select the most important metrics for your business.

Remember: even if the main goal is to sell, you will not win immediately. Don’t give up. Look at other data, such as reach and click-through, to see if people are looking at your ad and, more importantly, if they are interested, click. It is a sign that you are on the right path.

Although Facebook Ad Manager has advanced reporting capabilities, the metrics you see in your account are not 100% accurate. Apple’s iOS14 update limits what advertisers can collect.

Brandon Dill, Co-Founder and CEO of Fuse Lenses, said, “Following this, Facebook is no longer able to monitor the impact of our products on iPhone customers. This is where 70% of our customers come from! »

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Brandon developed a clever way to calculate the number of ads that have already expired: “We take the number of customers who say they found us on Facebook in our research and earn money. Everything on our website comes from

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