Facebook Ads Manager Kvitton

Facebook Ads Manager Kvitton – A frequent question among our customers is what is the difference between a Facebook Promoted Post and a Facebook Ad? In this article we will discuss the differences, similarities, and when it is best to use them

A promoted post is a post on your timeline that you can pay for a little extra promotion. That is: Reach more users than just your followers This is the easiest way to advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads Manager Kvitton

When you promote a post, you do it directly in your timeline or in the Meta Business Suite*. When you run a Facebook ad, you do it in the Facebook Ads Manager. This is a big and important difference.

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You create Facebook ads in the Ads Manager where you can customize the ads based on various attributes and variables and how you do it depends on your advertising goals. It has tools and it comes with many requirements. You as an advertiser

To bring these tools to high-performance advertising, you need some knowledge and you get it by constantly testing, evaluating and re-evaluating, or sitting at a school desk.

What do you want to achieve with advertising? If you want more people to know your brand and interact with your content, a promoted post goes a long way. This gives you the opportunity to reach more and more of the right users

If you want to reach more advanced goals and have higher expectations with your ads, yes, but then it’s time to advertise in Ads Manager. There you can, for example, create large campaigns that contain different ads with messages and goals that match the customer journey. The possibilities are simply overwhelming

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In the picture you can see some of the differences between the advanced Facebook post and the Facebook ad. It’s very simple but it gives you an idea of ​​what possibilities are offered with each toolbox.

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People who use online accounts through Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Hotmail and Exchange can enable Fetch. Exchange-based, Apple Mail, etc. are not supported by Fetch, but forwarding is a good option.

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