Facebook Ads Manager Request Review

Facebook Ads Manager Request Review – If your ad account has been disabled, there are a few steps you can take to get your ad account working again! 🙆 ♂️

Facebook is extremely cautious about flagging advertising accounts that may violate its advertising policies. They use a combination of algorithms and humans to determine if an ad account violates their policy.

Facebook Ads Manager Request Review

Your ad account may have been disabled by mistake. If you think this is the case, you can appeal the disapproval process for this ad.

Asking For Reviews From Customers: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook’s advertising policies apply to the content of the ad, its audience and the target to which it links. Review your advertising policies, ads, and website to make sure they don’t violate any terms.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a button you can use to contact the Facebook team.

The user interface of the chat form and the email contact form are slightly different, but the information they ask for is the same. Chat is usually the fastest, but email is just as effective.

You can find your ad account ID by visiting the Facebook Ads Manager interface or within the ToneDen Facebook Ads platform.

Facebook Ads Checklist: Step By Step Guide To Success

The ad account ID will be found in the top left corner or in the URL after “campaigns?act=”.

Your ad account ID will also be included in the Select Accounts step of any ad campaign creation process on ToneDen.

Your ad account ID will appear in the “Select Account” step of any ad campaign creation process.

Please include the ad account ID with which you created the Facebook ad campaign containing the disapproved ad. Don’t forget to also select the Facebook Page where you created the Facebook Ad campaign that contains the rejected ad.

How To Get Facebook Reviews

I think your algorithm accidentally disabled my ad account. My ad account does not violate any of Facebook’s Terms of Service.

I think your algorithm accidentally disabled my ad account. My ad account reports violations of any Facebook Terms and Conditions. Please do a human review. Thanks

The Facebook appeal process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 days. No further action is required after ad account activation. Your campaign will start running immediately on your scheduled start date.

PreviousHow to appeal a disapproved ad on Facebook (or Instagram) Next How long does my ad campaign take to run? Note: This will solve your problem over time, but every situation is different. Our agency account for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was reactivated within 24 hours of completing these steps. Our account was disabled for a total of 2 full weeks, but if we had followed the steps below, it would have only been disabled for 48 to 72 hours.

Facebook Ad Account Disabled: Two Major Solutions

Recently, Facebook had a major problem disabling thousands of advertiser accounts, including some of the biggest names in Facebook advertising like Dennis Yu and Gil David. There’s no word from Facebook on what exactly is causing this problem, and it looks like FB is in no rush to fix it.

One day, when you go to post an ad on Facebook or check your campaigns, you see a message in Ads Manager that your account has been disabled. In a panic and stress, you start to see if your account has been hacked or if a rogue employee is running some annoying ads. As you panic through your campaigns, you may start to realize that you did nothing to violate Facebook Ads policies.

In our case, we were notified by Facebook that our ad account violated Facebook’s policy on “Containment Systems”, subsection 28 of Facebook’s Prohibited Content Advertising Policy.

“Ads should not use tactics aimed at circumventing our ad review process or other enforcement systems. This includes techniques that attempt to hide the content of the ad or landing page.”

Of The Most Common Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering & How To Fix Them

This is obvious and you’ve probably already done this, but give your ad account another shot and check out all your recent ads. There is a document in the Facebook Business Help Center called “Troubleshooting disabled ad accounts” that you should read before continuing. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/968402779873601

It’s also probably a good time to review Facebook’s Advertising Policies, just in case. You can find them here: https://business.facebook.com/policies/ads

Log in to Facebook Ads Manager and click the button that says “see details” in the message bubble that warns you about the suspension. This message bubble should read something like: “You cannot use this account to serve ads. Your ads have been paused and some ads have also been disabled.”

When you click on “view details” it doesn’t show the actual details of the suspension reason, yes the UX is that bad. Instead, it takes you to the “Account Quality” page, where Facebook lists the section/subsection of policies you must be violating and exactly what you can’t do with your Ads account during the suspension.

How To Fix Facebook Ads Account Disabled For No Reason Issue

Under the account name and ID number, Facebook will tell you the section/subsection of your ad account that needs to be broken. They should also reference it in their Advertising Policies so you can click the link to open a new tab and read it as a final check to see if you’ve done anything that would violate their many policies in increasingly sophisticated.

On the right side of this page (desktop, so you shouldn’t try to do this on mobile/tablet) you should see a section called “What you can do”. Just below the title, you can see a small warning that Facebook may permanently disable your ad account within the next six months if you don’t take action. Obviously, this is not something we want to happen, so we definitely want to take action.

There should be a button that says “Request Review” right below that dreaded warning. Click this button to open a special form that will allow Facebook to review your Ads account and see if you have actually violated the policies they support.

Be as polite, courteous and informative as possible in your application, but not too wordy. Facebook staff reviewing these requests are likely to receive many messages throughout the day, and writing in all caps, swearing, or typing a verbal response may not be the best way to get a quick, positive review.

What To Do If Your Facebook Ad Is Stuck In Review

When you fill out the “Review Request” form, you may notice that your Account Quality page has a new message bubble at the top of the first column. It might read something similar

“We are reviewing your advertising account to determine if your advertising account is properly restricted and will notify you here as soon as possible. Please note that due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have fewer people to screen and it may take several weeks to get a response.”

Yeah, and there’s not much you can do now, but wait. Once you’ve successfully submitted your request, Facebook or someone working at Facebook will review it, but it’s clear that they have a backlog of such requests due to an unknown bug in their system.

Give it 24 to 48 hours and you should receive a response via email. If not skip step 8.

Who Owns Your Facebook Page?

Right now, you might be upset about a bad customer service experience you’ve had with Facebook in the past. You’re not alone. You can help change that – go and fill out this petition on Change.org: https://www.change.org/p/mark-zuckerberg-facebook-it-s-time-for-you-to-have-customer – Service-this-shit

While you’re waiting for Facebook to reactivate your Facebook Ads account because you accidentally disabled it, you might be frustrated and want to run a small ad campaign or even improve a post or two. If you have access to other Ads accounts, you can probably use one of them.

Most personal Facebook accounts have an advertising account, but do not include a credit card. These accounts must be available to advertise on any Pages you manage or manage. You can find this account on the left side of your personal screen after logging in. Click on the “Show more” link that points to a down arrow and scroll down a bit until you see “Ad Manager.” Run it and it should open in your personal ad account (with your name as the account name). You can advertise a credit card in this account and start posting ads or endorsements from there.

Facebook has given you a golden gift, a chance to try new advertising platforms that you might have otherwise overlooked. Today, there are more paid social and other types of advertising platforms than ever before. Consider trying some of these with your Facebook Ads account disabled:

Facebook Disabled Account Appeal. How To Reactivate A Disabled Facebook Ad Account

Who knows, maybe one of these channels will perform much better than Facebook and provide a better ROAS for your brand/products/content. Personally, I’m a fan of Reddit advertising when done right, and digital billboards can work good for a local business.

This comes courtesy of my Twitter follower Menachem Ani of JXT Group, an online advertising agency based in New Jersey.

If you have a strange reaction afterwards

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