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Facebook Ads Manager Very Slow – » Action Marketing » Facebook Ads Manager’s updated UI is easier to navigate, but still needs work, according to advertisers

The redesigned Facebook Ads Manager UI is easier to navigate, but advertisers say there’s still a lot of work to be done. Marketers who have access to the new Facebook Ads Manager interface are sharing their thoughts on the update.

Facebook Ads Manager Very Slow

Already in February, there were reports that Facebook has updated the Ads Manager interface. In April, the company confirmed the update and announced that it has started rolling out a new version of Ads Manager. Facebook doesn’t confirm how many advertisers currently have access to the updated tool, but it looks like there was a massive push last month with many marketers confirming they’ve received it.

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What have you been convicted of so far? Mostly positive feedback from those we spoke to, but some say Facebook needs to move on. Jessica Badde, digital marketer at full-service digital agency Cypress North, said she got a new Advertising Manager in mid-July and is still getting used to it. Jake Newbould, a digital marketer at social media and communications firm Brilliant Agency, said the new user interface was rolled out at his agency at the same time.

Marketers we reviewed said the updated Ads Manager interface is easier to navigate and looks cleaner than the previous version.

Henke’s agency had access to the new interface a month ago. Newbould, who has been available for updates since July 17, said he accepts the change.

“The user interface feels and looks very clean, like a sidebar to navigate through campaigns, ad settings, and ad status, with the ability to post on the side,” said Newbould. – Creative side tools also help you get a clear overview of your ad campaign.

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Henke, along with Gil David, Facebook Ads Consultant and owner of Run DMG, and Angel Buendia, a Facebook Certified Consultant in Mexico City, said the new site is fast.

“The biggest advantage was speed,” Buendia said. For him, the updates were mostly cosmetic with little positive effect: “Visually it’s less confusing, and that helps a bit, and it’s easier to use than the old version.”

Budde and Melissa Breslin, a digital marketing consultant in Colorado, commented on how much they appreciate the new nesting campaign styles.

“I completely agree with the new vision of the campaign, and I look forward to this change as they announced that it has been tested,” Badde said. another tab.

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In addition to the new campaign view, Breslin said she likes the branding and improved reporting features.

“In particular, I prefer the new ranking system – quality, participation rate, etc. – and that they provide a weighted average representation compared to the old numerical system. This change was recorded before the update of the Advertising Manager, but it is worth noting , said Breslin.

While most marketers we spoke to reported that the new Ads Manager was fast, Breslin had a very different experience.

“It still shocks me how slow the interface can be sometimes when you consider the kinds of budgets people have for research,” Breslin said.

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And not everyone agrees with the new look. David said that the reformation is not like Facebook.

“It really reminds me a lot of the Google Ads user interface. The totals and column names are a little bigger than the data itself, which makes the data hard to read,” said David.

Badde is also not a fan of the design change. “It’s too bad they changed our colors. I really don’t like the new, bright, white look – it’s too much. She said she misses the alternating blue and gray flower rows of the old model.

Both Budde and Henke said they hope Facebook will roll out a dark mode option to the site soon.

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“I really like the white look, but I’m hoping for a darker version that’s really helpful for people of color like me,” Henke said.

“There are so many options and so many places, I think changing the placement to a place of classification instead of a platform was the worst change,” said Henke, who admitted that it was a personal preference and his team very organized. manages the campaign: “For me, it’s top-down: platform, then placement. This is how we think about our performance and the cost of advertising. The change of hosting above the stage confuses me, but again, the only constant in this industry it’s a change, so we have to adapt.

Badde said she thinks the new Ads Manager interface is a good start, but she wishes Facebook would address some of the simple updates that advertisers have been asking for for some time.

“For example, it would be better to change two dynamic ads at the same time if the resources are the same. You can do this with continuous ads, but you can’t do it with dynamic creatives,” Badde said. had to have a separate editing tool: “My biggest gripe with Facebook advertising is how fiddly it is and how difficult it is to do more than one thing at a time.”

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“I would like to see an update that would allow advertisers to filter by time and only see campaigns that ran during that time period,” said Breslin. campaign presentation.

Buendia also believes that there are many issues that Facebook needs to address when making changes to the interface. He and Budde see the UI update as a minor change.

“Overall, I’m glad they gave us something easy to walk on, but it’s really a facelift,” Budde said. “Facebook can do more to save time and eliminate frustration for advertisers. Renovate.”

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily. Staff writers are listed here.

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Many companies are aware of the incredible power of Facebook ads. You can build brand awareness, promote events, generate leads, drive sales, and build customer trust with a series of paid site campaigns.

However, many advertisers are struggling to get the results they want from Facebook and Instagram ads. They can’t generate leads or conversions, and when they do, the results simply don’t translate into a good return on investment (ROI).

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Facebook has strict rules and guidelines for its advertising system, including who you can advertise to, what you can and can’t advertise, what types of images and copy you can use, and even how to use the ads themselves. .

For example, it offers the widest range of ads for images or video thumbnails with text taking up 20% or less of the media, and may reject ads that attribute negative characteristics to viewers.

If your ads do not meet Facebook’s quality standards, they will likely be added to the list and may be automatically rejected. Be sure to check your email for notifications – they’re easy to miss.

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These factors can affect your advertising costs and the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, so they need to be monitored as closely as possible.

One way to do this is to set up rules automatically on Facebook. Once you’ve created Ads Manager, you can pause, adjust, or cancel campaigns based on a series of steps.

For example, if you want your ad to be shown no more than three times to the same person, you can set a rule that all campaigns with an ad frequency of four or more are automatically paused.

Automatic rules can be useful, but they are not reliable. Trying to set up an entire campaign can be a waste of time and lead to mistakes that end up hurting your campaigns instead of helping them.

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