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Facebook Business Suite Desktop – Business Suite is a free tool developed by Facebook to facilitate communication activities on business pages and accounts on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Read the article to find out how to do business, how to create an account and better manage your social media marketing activities.

Social media platforms are constantly being updated, and new options and features are being launched every day that improve the user experience for businesses and developers. Among the most important initiatives launched last year, the Facebook Business Suite deserves special attention. It is a free tool developed by Facebook specifically for companies aiming to simplify the management of their communication activities and to have more control over the company’s profile and its pages on the website that Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly Facebook Inc.).

Facebook Business Suite Desktop

Through a single platform that can be used on phones and computers, it can manage company pages, business accounts and Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads, simplifying the work process and without a single account. From another account or another. One social network to another.

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The company’s website has a good and intuitive interface, and most of them have two sections. On the right hand side there is a drop down menu as follows:

The account creation process is very simple with just a few clicks. Let’s see in detail how to do this.

To open an account, you must first have a Facebook account. So if you don’t have a personal account, you need to create one by logging into social media.

When you create your Facebook account, you can access the business suite. There are two options for logging in:

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When you sign in to Facebook Business Suite, you’ll be prompted to select and link a business account and page. Business pages we manage that are already hosted on Facebook will automatically connect when you sign up for Business Suite. If you want to connect to the Instagram profile, you need to check the settings and click on the Instagram link, enter your credentials and that’s it.

However, it is important to have an Instagram business account. So you need to log in to Instagram and switch from a personal account to a business one.

The landing page provides a detailed overview of your business page and your profile. Here you can find the latest published articles, the latest promotional content, reviews and statistics to understand what strategies are working and what are not. In addition, on this page, Facebook Business Suite gives you more content like yours, so you can find the right inspiration and new ideas to increase creativity for your next post.

In Facebook Business Suite you can check all notifications, messages and comments from Facebook, Instagram and Messenger without having to log in to each platform. In addition, the business suite under “Messages” gives you the ability to set up automatic responses to messages from followers and customers. In particular, you can specify the message sent to:

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One of the most useful functions for those who need to manage multiple business pages and accounts is the ability to create, publish and organize articles and stories. In addition, the business suite allows publishing on Instagram and Facebook at the same time, reducing the time for these activities.

With Facebook Business Suite, you can track the results and performance of your campaigns, including page impressions and content engagement, so you know what’s working. good. In addition, the tool allows to learn more about the audience by accessing demographic information and their interests.

If the company account has a store on Facebook and/or Instagram through business, it can have a complete overview of products and services, inventory management, orders, payments and returns and customer support .

Thanks to the Facebook Business Suite, he can post content and see the results of the campaigns you create. By clicking on “Ad Manager” in the drop-down menu, you will be taken to Ad Manager, a tool that allows you to manage, create, edit, monitor results and download reports for all campaigns. And Instagram.

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At the bottom of the Business Suite drop-down menu, you can find the “All Tools” button, which includes many other tools for customer engagement, business management, advertising, analytics and report on sales, products and services, and create differentiation.

In addition to improving the security time by publishing and/or coordinating posts with several platforms, the Facebook business suite allows you to manage social media and anyone who uses the platform to search the Internet. in other ways without jumping. Social media on the other hand.

In addition, all users designated as administrators of the Facebook page can access and work on the platform together, improving delivery.

By gaining more control over all the messages and notifications coming from your page, you can respond quickly and efficiently to potential customers’ questions or concerns. This is very important because poor or slow customer service often leads to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.

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There are many platforms for promoting and organizing social media content, for example Hootsuite. These forums do their job well, although they can sometimes display images of posts that are unrelated to content on other forums or without permission. With Business Suite, you can get a more precise and accurate view as well as text in (almost) all formats created by the platform, including circles.

Finally, one of the most important benefits that the business offers is the ability to set the date and time of publishing the content, as well as the stories that allow you to fine-tune your work habits.

The Facebook Business Suite is an accurate and useful tool that provides marketers and professionals with an overview of the brand’s presence on social media. With this tool, it is also possible to perform multiple actions on a single platform, improving workflow and allowing team members to log in and work at the same time.

However, it cannot fully replace the features available on other platforms. As we said, the section dedicated to advertising is not complete. Because the business suite does not offer this possibility, for example, to start a live broadcast or publish a post on Instagram.

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Are you using the Facebook Business Suite to manage your business page? Tell us about your experience in the comments and contact us to learn the right strategy to grow your business online.

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Facebook Business Suite is a unique solution for Page management, providing a single and central place for Facebook marketers to streamline the process of managing their brand presence on the platform.

However, it takes some time to get used to the device. In this article, we’ll walk you through the Facebook Business Suite and show you how to get the most out of it.

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Facebook Business Suite is a free Facebook Page management tool that allows administrators (and some users with other roles) to manage Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts and Messenger interactions from a single dashboard. Facebook Business Suite replaces Facebook Page Manager.

You can use the Business Suite either on a computer or via the mobile app (you can download it for iOS and Android here).

Business Manager has been around for years and was the first edition of the Business Suite. It allows you to manage assets such as pages, accounts, ads, product catalogs (basic level only) and user roles.

While marketers can choose between these two tools, it looks like Business Suite will eventually replace Facebook Business Manager. In the Business Suite you can do everything you could previously do in the Business Manager, including managing the company’s assets under “Settings”.

Facebook Business Suite Explained

If you really hate the new Facebook Business Suite (which is now technically the “Meta Business Suite”), here are some tips on how to get back to Business Management.

That being said, we strongly recommend upgrading to the new Business Suite because we don’t know how long Business Manager will last.

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