Facebook Business Suite Go Live

Facebook Business Suite Go Live – If you’re looking to go live on Facebook, here’s your quick guide to getting everything done before you go live, creating real interaction with your live viewers, and planning your Facebook Live videos to be great at it the future.

Facebook Live can be a great way to connect with your audience. If you’re thinking of starting a Facebook Live show, where do you start? What should you do?

Facebook Business Suite Go Live

The handset is great for events and live webcasts. Additionally, many tools can make live video streaming a better mobile experience. But in most cases, the desktop option will create a more professional look for your video content.

A Guide On How To Use Facebook Business Manager

From your Facebook app, click the Publish button, tap the Live Video icon, give your video a full SEO description, and click Start Live Video.

If you’re logging in directly from the Facebook app, you’re limited to portrait/portrait format. If you rotate your phone to landscape, the video will be posted sideways to your Facebook feed.

You can overcome this by using third-party mobile software, we will talk about this later. (In a hurry? Download our FREE step-by-step guide to Facebook Live now.)

I love live processing from a phone now… but for a more professional stream, you can’t beat a desktop computer.

How To Use Meta Business Suite

From here you can schedule Facebook videos, share your screen, add graphics, display comments as overlays, and more.

You can also create test streams, visible only to site administrators. These are great for testing and practice before releasing to the world.

Now, you can choose to give yourself a little more time to plan your Facebook Live broadcasts and fill your social content calendar ahead of time.

Scheduling a live stream in advance creates an announcement post on your page’s timeline. People can click the Interests button to get a notification from Facebook when you go live.

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This ad goes live as soon as you start streaming. This means you can use the link to that post to promote your show in advance.

When it gets close to broadcast time, click “Admin Only”: Change your details,  you’ll find it superimposed on the post. This will take you back to Live Producer.

If you’re nervous or want to try out the show ahead of time, Producer Live has a feature that allows you to broadcast live only to other site admins.

It’s a great way to check that everything is working properly and to get used to being in front of the camera.

Helping Creators Build A Business Now — And For The Metaverse

When you’re setting up your live stream, scroll down to the left and check the Publish as test stream box.

Screen sharing is useful, especially if you use Facebook Live to teach. You can share the presentation or show people how to complete tasks online or on a computer.

Before using this option, it’s good to know that Live Producer doesn’t seem to let you switch between the camera and the screen. If you want to do this, you will need to rely on third-party software.

If you don’t give a title, people who are deaf or hard of hearing won’t be able to know what you’re saying. People who can’t watch with the sound on will lose interest.

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Live Producer enables live captioning. When enabled, it will add subtitles to your stream as you speak. They are not 100% accurate, but you can get a pretty good result if you speak slowly and briefly.

Adding graphic overlays to your streams can improve the viewing experience, and because it makes your video more visually interesting, you’ll keep the viewer’s attention longer.

If you’re streaming using third-party software, you can add graphics to your stream using Live Producer. These graphics can add on-screen comments, an image overlay, a logo, or an animated sign.

This is a pointer I made for my live streams. (I look forward to having more control over the design.)

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I love how feature-rich the Live Generator is – but like everything on Facebook, it’s awesome. You don’t have enough control over what you’re doing and it’s hard to manage when you’re a one-woman show.

Third-party software integrates with Facebook Live, gives you extra features, and saves you the pain of fighting Facebook Live.

Rather than bore you with a full review, I thought I’d introduce two I couldn’t live without.

ECamm Live makes me happy to be a Mac user. This is what I use for my live streams and I love it. (Sorry, Windows users, it’s Mac only.)

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ECamm Live has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to include commentary, insert graphic overlays, and play pre-recorded video clips.

You can also go live with guests using Skype integration. It even has built-in sound effects. It also supports green screen and you can use your phone as a camera.

My only problem is the Skype integration. Skype is heavy on my MacBook’s memory, as is live streaming. So for my interview shows I use Streamyard.

Streamyard is browser-based software. which means you can use it on any computer. It is also available on the mobile web. You can use it from anywhere. This solves many of the problems I have with mobile live streaming directly from the app.

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It also has many features to match directly with eCamm, including text overlays, featured commentary, green screen and pre-recorded video overlays.

The downside to Streamyard for me is that you don’t have as much control over charting as you do in eCamm. Also, there is currently no Stream Deck integration. More on Stream Deck soon.

One of the things I’ve always loved about Facebook Live is that it’s accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

I’ve improved my band over the four years I’ve been running the live show. This is what’s in my purse and my wish list.

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The microphone on your phone is pretty good, but if you’re in a noisy space, you’ll struggle to be heard.

In my bag, I have a Rode Video Micro. It’s a directional mic that’s great for picking up sound right in front of it. The first time I used it I was in a busy pub but my interview subject was still audible.

The video microphone mounts on a camera or tripod or functions as a handheld microphone. Rode’s VideoMic mounts to your smartphone.

To avoid shaky videos, I use an iOgrapher mount for my phone. Your phone fits in it, offering two handles and a stand for a microphone like the Rode VideoMicro, lights and other accessories.

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My Mac’s webcam has seen better days… It doesn’t like it if the camera is too dark and likes to pixelate bright colors.

Buying an external webcam means you are no longer tethered to your computer. You can attach it to anything or mount it on a tripod to get the best possible angle.

I use a Logitech C20 for my streams. It records high definition video and the image is always clear.

On my wish list is the Logitech Brio that can handle 4k video. (I’m worried about how much makeup I’ll have to wear when I upgrade though!)

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As with a cell phone, a good microphone can improve your voice quality, eliminate background noise, and even make your voice sound fuller.

A new addition to my kit bag is the Stream Deck XL. It’s a vision mixer that lets you add graphic overlays, video clips, and sound effects to your live stream with the click of a button.

I use it with eCamm live, but it also has integration with other live streaming platforms.

If your workspace isn’t camera-ready, a green screen can put you in any setting you choose. Compatible live streaming software will replace the green screen with a photo or video.

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Elgato Green Screen is on my wish list. It comes with its own pop-up stand, which makes it easy to assemble when you need it.

The best light for your shows is natural light. Whenever possible, shoot in a space with lots of natural light.

Position yourself with the light and camera facing you. If the light is behind you, even the best webcam will struggle to adjust the exposure for you in the background.

Some days, even in a room full of windows it’s too dark to photograph. For these days you will need lights.

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I am using low cost lights from EEDDI. They get the job done, but take up a lot of space in my already small office.

Ring lights are popular among many vloggers. They are designed to face you and many phone lights have a phone or camera mount in the middle.

The problem with these lights is that since they are directly in front of you, they can cause you to see narrowly. If you wear glasses, it will be difficult to take a photo without them reflecting in your lens.

Is your internet connection working properly? Do a speed test to make sure you have a stable and strong upload speed. Ideally, you need 10 megabytes per second.

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