Facebook Business Suite Jak Wylaczyc

Facebook Business Suite Jak Wylaczyc – Maintaining Facebook profiles is an important part of marketing. A well-designed website gives you a better chance of attracting customers and increasing engagement.

If you run Facebook profiles, you may have noticed a long time ago that the option to add a photo has disappeared. that’s right! The job was canceled in April 2021. And now what?

Facebook Business Suite Jak Wylaczyc

Now read the article below to know how to make your cover photo more beautiful.

Facebook Business Suite

If you want to post something interesting, use Facebook Slideshow where you can add up to 5 photos or images. It is also possible to switch between photos and images – the choice is yours.

Thanks to the slideshow, depending on the theme of the website, you can talk about travel, future and current releases or premieres, for example, about the new collection of clothes.

Another way to promote your services on Facebook is with digital photos or a photo montage, which is an opportunity to show more of your or your client’s name.

What is a traditional collage? It is a technique that allows you to cut and combine different things such as photos or magazines. We live in an age where technology helps in the creative process, so images of products or services can be created using digital collage techniques.

Jak Wyłączyć Business Suite?

Dimensions of both collage and slideshow should be 820 x 360 pixels. But it should be remembered that the photos or images are cut to 640 x 360 px on a mobile phone, so the most important elements should be placed in the center of the product. This is evident in two areas.

At the beginning, Facebook can select a few photos for a slideshow from what has already been published on your site. To disable this feature, tap next to “Select Facebook Photos.”

To add a photo, click on the icon in the middle of the photo thumbnail and choose one of the available options: “Choose from photos” or “Upload a photo”.

To delete additional photos, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail image and select the “Delete” option.

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When you’ve added all the photos or images you want to the slideshow, click the “Save Changes” button and you’re done.

Adding a background on Facebook is a very simple process. The process of adding or changing is similar to creating slideshows.

Facebook has not provided information about its reasons for choosing to have video history on its page. However, taking into account the popularity and effectiveness of this content, the company will focus on the development of this project. The social network Facebook is undoubtedly one of the platforms where the more the video is viewed, it will increase. Reels are available on Instagram and Facebook. This did not go unnoticed by Facebook developers, adding video playback features such as automatic subtitles.

Facebook adds captions to the videos that users of the social network add to their profiles. Captions can be interesting because they help the user to follow the content more. However, it can be a problem for other users who like to enjoy movies without interruption from, for example, subtitles.

Oto Facebook Business Suite, Czyli Nowość Dla Małych Firm

Fortunately, Facebook has a place that allows you to turn off the subtitles of the videos we watch during the discussion. This setup can be done from both the desktop web version and the Facebook mobile app. This setting is similar to the one provided in Instagram to disable captions for videos.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook video subtitle options are specific to the version/device you’re running. This means, for example, if we disable subtitles for Facebook videos in the iPhone app, the subtitles will still be active and displayed in the videos viewed from the PC version on Facebook on the web.

2. After logging into your user account, click on the arrow icon at the top right of the screen.

Done, from now on, the subtitles of the video will not appear when we watch the video on Facebook on the web.

Jak Zablokować Powiększanie Zdjęcia Profilowego Na Facebooku

Important Note: Remember that setting up video lists in the Facebook app for iOS and Android is system-based, not the chat app itself. This setting usually allows you to disable or edit subtitles for videos played on iPhone and/or Android. To disable them, you must follow the steps below: The isolation period and the shutdown have forced many businesses to move to the network. Business people who currently handle everything in a static format had to transfer their energy to the online world, including: content creation, design, presentation .. .

Seeing this trend, Facebook launched a new Business Suite tool in the third quarter of last year. Its goal is to make it easy for marketers to advertise and promote products online. It should be intuitive and easy to use, ideally automated and smart.

The feeling of using this device is different. Some are happy, while others miss “the same old”. With the past, we won the five ideas that you will find yourself in a new job. For the future, let’s say “all is not lost”! Despite the new features, you can close the Business Suite and reset the manager or open Creative Studio (the second Facebook tool, in our opinion, the most popular).

1. Log in to your FB account (or go to administration) and go to the “posting tools” section. If this message appears ⬇️, select “Try Business Suite”.

Jak Stworzyć Kampanię Reklamową Na Facebooku

2. Then we are in a new window / tab. Select the “Report” option in the left corner and select “Switch to Company Manager”. (No need to write comments, this panel can be skipped.)

Also, if you are starting your journey in the world of social media and more – we recommend the Small Business E-Book. We created this guide for entrepreneurs who are taking the their first independent steps in business. We also host regular webinars for businesses looking to grow their business, so be sure to follow our events on Facebook!

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Essential cookies are essential for the website to function properly. This section only contains cookies that ensure the functionality and security of the website. These cookies do not store personally identifiable information According to the latest report by Facebook, the World Bank and the OECD State of Small Business, which describes the health of small businesses in 27 countries , more than half (55%) admit to using digital. Communication tools with customers. In addition, running a digitally driven business can help improve financial performance – small businesses (SMEs) that rely heavily on online sales are more likely to report.

To support companies doing business on the Internet, Facebook provides new business tools, as well as improvements to existing solutions. What benefits do companies offer on the site?

Facebook Business Suite will have new options. They allow, among others, to publish and record stories on mobile and desktop devices, save text as notes, and edit text.

As shown by the example of the Polish company EKO Piekarnia Kiełtyka, the use of Facebook Business Suite allows to improve business: in the past year, the company was able to save 12 hours of work per month and increase the work. Thanks for using the medium.

Menedżer Firmy Facebook

Thanks to the new, free version of the Personal News Manager, providing News, companies can comment, post and respond to entries. This allows you to easily build relationships with your customers and gain valuable information about other companies. It follows on from the new way business pages work on Facebook, announced in January.

To help companies find more valuable people, Facebook introduces a new optimization plan for advertising and new features in communication advertising, advertising for language mentions, and discussion.

The new facility, which was tested in the United States, allows users to find companies based on topics of interest directly from the news feed on Facebook.

As Facebook has proven, the need for digital business communication and marketing is not decreasing, so the company continues to create products that respond to the changes of people and companies that want more done online.

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