Facebook Business Suite Old Version

Facebook Business Suite Old Version – With post creation and scheduling, you can manage your Facebook page or group with visibility. When managing your page or group, you need to ensure that community members keep coming back. So you should show up regularly and on time. Let’s see how to schedule Facebook posts to your page or group, how to edit scheduled posts, and what to do when scheduled Facebook posts aren’t working.

To schedule a post to a Facebook page or group, go to Meta Business Suite and select the page or group you want to post to. Click Schedule > Schedule > Message Schedule. Fill in all the required fields and click Schedule Post to finish setting up your scheduled post.

Facebook Business Suite Old Version

Facebook allows scheduled messages, but only for pages and groups. Currently, you cannot schedule posts to your personal Facebook page.

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On your computer, go to the Meta Business Suite website in your browser. Once there, use the drop-down menu at the top of the left sidebar to navigate to your page or group.

On the planner page, you can move forward or backward in time with the arrows at the top and change the view weekly.

You can see the calendar on the Planner page. Navigate to the day you want to schedule a post for, then click the Schedule drop-down menu. You need to move the cursor over that day for the button to appear.

Use the date and time options that appear to schedule a time to send. When you’re done, click the blue Save button.

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Fill in all required fields and Customize your Facebook post to your page or group. When you’re done, click Schedule Publish.

Start Meta Business Suite on your device. From the home screen, tap Notes > Schedule. On the day you want to schedule the post, click Create.

To schedule a new post, click Submit. From there, fill in all the required fields and then click Next > Schedule.

If you need to edit your scheduled message, this is not a problem. Meta Business Suite makes it incredibly easy to make changes to your post before publishing it.

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Alternatively, if you want to reschedule the post instead of editing the content, you can click reschedule post.

Launch the Meta Business Suite application on your device. From there, tap Messages > Schedule. Click the three-dot (⋮) button next to your target message, then click Edit Message or Schedule Send.

If you are an administrator or Moderator of a Facebook group – or if you are the founder of the group yourself – you can schedule posts. If you are the only member of a group, you cannot schedule group messages. Also, you don’t need Meta Business Suite to schedule messages within a group.

Open your group’s page and what do you think? Adding a message. Click the Schedule Post button in the calendar next to the post, select a date and time, and then click Schedule.

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On a mobile device, you can find the admin tools by clicking on the shield icon in the upper left corner of the group page.

If a scheduled message isn’t working on Facebook, it could be a time zone issue. Your message is scheduled based on your current time zone, so if you’re traveling or daylight savings time changes, your message won’t appear as expected. You should also check if there is a problem with Facebook and see if it is not working.

There are many automated social media programs available. Meta Business Suite allows you to schedule Facebook posts, Facebook stories, Instagram stories, and Instagram posts. You are here: Home / Academy / Guides / Facebook advertising beginner’s guide / Managing Facebook Business and Facebook Ads account settings

In our first chapter on Facebook Ads, we’ll talk about creating a Facebook Business Manager account and a Facebook Ads Manager account.

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By the end of this section, you should be all set and ready to run Facebook ads to sell your products or services.

Business Manager is your central hub on Facebook, where you can manage all your Facebook pages and ad accounts.

To open a Facebook Business Manager account, you must first log in to your Facebook account.

To add a Facebook page to Business Manager, go to the Business Manager home page, click More Tools in the sidebar, and select Business Settings.

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Choose the one that applies to you and follow the instructions, and your Facebook page should be added to Business Manager.

Finally, you’ll want to create or add a Facebook ad account linked to your business account.

Start from the Business Settings screen in Business Manager. In the Accounts section of the sidebar, click Advertising Accounts.

From the drop-down menu, you can add an advertising account (an existing account that you have already opened), request access to an advertising account, or create a new advertising account.

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Before continuing to set up Business Manager, it is important to set up roles in your Business Manager account. Users can assume one of two main roles: Administrator and Employee.

Facebook ad accounts also have different roles that you can manage and edit in Business Manager.

It’s time to add your payment method to continue building your Facebook ad campaign.

Go to the Billing Settings page by clicking on Ad Account Settings and selecting Billing Settings from the sidebar.

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When you start to advertise more, we recommend adding another payment method. This prevents Facebook from shutting down all of your campaigns if your primary card expires, reaches a monthly limit, or is blocked for any other reason.

If you need more help, here’s a Facebook guide that explains which payment options are available in which countries.

If you want to make changes to your Facebook advertising payments, you can do so on the same page by clicking the three dots next to the payment option and selecting Edit.

You cannot remove your primary source, so you must set another option for your primary source before removing your current primary payment method.

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Facebook reporting depends on how you pay for your ads. Many payment options fall into two camps:

Manual payments are paid instantly and are relatively easy to understand because you’re billed each day for your ad spend for that day.

The maximum billing amount varies depending on your billing history. When you start, this cap is very low (usually $25), and you’ll be charged for every $25 you spend on Facebook ads. Your check will automatically grow as you spend and your payments are processed correctly.

If you still have a balance at the end of the month, but your billing limit has not been reached, you will be charged to clear your balance at the beginning of the month.

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You can control your total ad spend by setting spending limits for your ad account. Once you reach a certain limit, your ads will be paused and will not be shown again until you exceed the limit or disable them.

Ad account spending limits are especially useful when working with agencies, when you want to make sure that your consultant or agency can’t spend more than budgeted on all of your campaigns. Don’t set it too low or you’ll have to update it frequently. Please note that whenever you reach the limit, all your accounts will be frozen for at least 15 minutes.

Like it or not, your Facebook ad account has some limitations. It is better to get to know them from the beginning.

When one of these limits is reached, old campaigns and their ads must be deleted to make room for new ones.

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Facebook alerts are a great way to stay in touch with your campaigns. However, they can also fill up your inbox quickly, so you can adjust the frequency of emails from Facebook to suit your needs.

Set alerts to receive the most important alerts via email, while others can be Facebook alerts that appear when you log in as a business manager. That way, you don’t lose anything when it comes to Facebook ads.

After you’ve been creating ads for a while, you may want to partner with someone else, such as a freelancer, ad agency, or employee. This is where the roles come into play. To add new users and administrators to your Facebook ad account, go to the Ad Accounts tab on the Ad Account Settings page.

Click Add People and enter the name of the person to be added and the role they will be given.

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Go to Part 2 to learn how to set up your first Facebook ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.

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