G Suite Merge Accounts

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If you only have one Google Account, we recommend that you do everything you can to keep it that way. Managing multiple Google accounts is a real nightmare and there is no simple and efficient way to merge multiple Google accounts into one.

G Suite Merge Accounts

But if it’s too late and you already have multiple Google Accounts — a personal and school account, accounts that show your maiden name and married name, or a few work accounts — it’s not all bad news. There may not be an easy way to integrate all your accounts, but there are several tools and tactics you can use to manage multiple Gmail accounts or manage all your Google accounts more efficiently.

How To Combine Two Or More Gmail Accounts

If you’re at your wits’ end trying to manage your Google Accounts, consider the options below for a simpler solution. Click on each suggestion to learn how to address the pros and cons of the solution.

If you have multiple Google accounts but mostly use them to access Gmail, this tool can provide all the features you need.

Google offers a built-in solution for managing multiple accounts: account switching. When viewing google.com or any Google app or search results page, click the icon or picture of the account you’re currently signed in to (or sign in with your primary account if you’re not already signed in).

From there, you can click the Add Account button to sign in to Google with all your other accounts.

Merging Duplicate Candidate Profiles

Once you’re signed in with all your Google Accounts, you can switch to any individual account when using a specific Google app or device. For example, if you are viewing Gmail for account number one and want to see Gmail for account number two, click your picture/icon in the top right corner of Gmail and select account two. Google will open a new tab for both account mailboxes so you can use both at the same time.

This works for all your Google apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Analytics, Photos, Search Console, and more.

Most apps—not just Google—offer an account switch feature that makes it easy to switch between multiple accounts. Want to know more? Check out our guide on quickly switching between users in any app without logging in.

Chrome profiles are primarily intended for families who share a computer. Let’s say you, your spouse, and your two children share the same table in the living room. Each of you can have your own separate Chrome profile to access your personal browsing history, bookmarks, saved passwords and add-ons while using the device.

Easiest] How To Transfer Google Workspace To Another Account

This also makes it a good option for switching between different Google accounts. The difference: Instead of creating Chrome profiles for different family members, you create Chrome profiles for your different Google Accounts.

First, you need to make sure that you are only signed in to Chrome with your primary account. If you click on your profile picture/icon in the top right corner of any Google app, only your main account should be displayed. If you are showing other accounts, you will need to:

When you’re signed in with just your primary account, click your profile picture/icon on the right side of Chrome’s address bar:

A new Chrome window opens with a clean instance of Chrome. Sign in with another Google Account to sync your new Chrome profile with another Google Account. Repeat these steps to create Chrome profiles for all your different Google Accounts.

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Now, when you want to switch between accounts, click on your profile picture/icon near the address bar and select the account you want to switch to. Chrome will open a new window that opens the instance associated with your secondary account.

There’s no quick way to merge all your Google Accounts into one, but there’s a long and hard way to do it, and it’s another good option if you want to start the journey.

The best place to start is Gmail. Select the account you plan to use as the main account and add any other accounts. This allows you to send and receive email from all your accounts in the same inbox, and you can also create labels and filters for each account to sort your email into different inboxes.

When it comes to apps like Google Drive and Google Photos, you can share folders and albums in any secondary account with your primary account. While this does not make your primary account the owner of the files, it allows you to view and edit all files and photos from your primary account (depending on the permissions you have set).

How To Use Gmail Snippets Variables (merge Tags)

If you use Google apps like Analytics and Search Console for business, add your main account as an admin or owner for each brand you manage (here are instructions for Analytics and Search Console). You can then view all of your properties on the Analytics landing page in your main account or in the Search Console.

If Google’s own options aren’t the right solution for you, it might be time to use an app like Shift.

Shift is a desktop app that lets you access all your apps and accounts without opening a browser window. After downloading the software, add any accounts you use frequently. For example, I have all four of my Google accounts linked to Shift, as well as other apps I use every day: Trello, Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slack.

Once you’ve added each of your Google (and other) accounts to Shift, you can manage each one individually by clicking the appropriate account icon. By selecting the correct account icon, you can view, send and receive email; manage your contacts for each account; view files in Google Drive; or access images, documents, AdSense, analytics, tables and more.

Gmail Mail Merge

One of Shift’s standout features is that it lets you search all of your Gmail, Contacts, and Drive accounts simultaneously. If you know you saved a file, sent an email, or made a contact—but aren’t sure which account you used—you can use the main search bar in Shift to search through all your accounts. Lists all results by account and application.

Note: Google also has a tool that lets you search across multiple accounts, Cloud Search, but it’s currently only available to G Suite users. Eventually, they plan to roll it out to everyone as a standalone product, but non-G Suite users can request early access on the Cloud Search website.

Shift Pricing: Free for basic plan with up to two email accounts and Shift branding on emails sent; from $29.99 per year for the Pro plan, which removes the Shift branding from sent emails, includes unlimited email accounts, and lets you add/view additional apps in Shift.

Finally, when you’re managing all your Google Accounts like a pro, you might want to automate them all. facilitates the automatic transfer of data between applications, ensuring that the information you need is always where you need it. Here are some examples:

Google’s G Suite Is No Longer Free — Here Are The Best Alternatives (updated)

If you really only need one Google Account, merging your accounts is probably the best option. It will take some time to download everything, but eventually you won’t have to manage multiple Google accounts.

If you really need more than one Google Account and manage your various accounts on a daily basis, Shift is probably your best bet. It doesn’t restrict you from using Chrome as a browser, like Google-switcher or Chrome profiles, and allows you to integrate all your work tools into one desktop application.

If you have a main Google account, always use Chrome as your browser and only occasionally check other accounts, Google-switcher or Chrome profiles should be sufficient.

And if you have multiple Google email accounts, Checker Plus for Gmail or Mailplane for Mac is probably all you need to customize access to your Google accounts.

How To Merge Gmail Accounts

The good news is that most of these apps are free – and even the top apps offer free trials – so try all the solutions and find the one that works best for you.

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