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YouDrive analyzes your current driving style. So you’ll get a great price from day one, and as long as you drive well, you’ll continue to get great rates year after year.

Hastings Direct Insurance Company

Most insurance is based on your answers to a series of questions. But doesn’t the way you drive also play a part in how much you pay? We think so. With YouDrive, driving well will get you better insurance rates this year, next year, and every year.

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Download the Hastings Direct app to your smartphone. It only uses a small amount of battery and you can save data using only the wireless sharing feature.

When your little card arrives (about the size of your keychain), slip it into your car and pair it with your smartphone.

You’ll see exactly where you are in the Hastings Direct app, with your apps and tabs choosing things like speeding up and using your phone while driving.

We’ll publish your tab for you, and when it arrives, the app will walk you through a simple pairing process to connect it to your phone.

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Your driving data will be stored securely in the app. Your dashboard will show a snapshot of your driving, including your most recent trips and how you compare to other drivers.

You’ll also find detailed driving data for your trips as well as tips and tricks to improve your score.

You can purchase a YouDrive font directly from us or through a price comparison website. Make sure you have read and accepted our terms and conditions and if you wish to continue follow the payment instructions.

No, as long as your Bluetooth and location services are turned on and you have granted the necessary permissions, the app will automatically log your rides. Just make sure to keep your phone in your car while driving.

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We’ve made sure the app is as battery and data friendly as possible, so you won’t see much of an impact. If you’re still concerned about your data, you can change the app’s settings so that it only uploads your rides when you arrive at a wireless location. If you want to enable it, go to your app settings, click “Preferences” and enable “Load ride data over Wi-Fi only”.

The Tab is a small wireless device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and tells us when you’re on the go; it also helps to ensure that your driving data is very accurate. You’ll need to attach the tab to the dashboard or the inside of the windshield, make sure it doesn’t obstruct your view, and always leave your phone in your car while driving.

Your tag is mailed with instructions on how to set it up. When it arrives, follow these steps:

You don’t have to wait for the tab to start driving, you can as soon as your policy starts. But once configured, you will be able to see your driving score.

Hastings Direct 7 Day Cancel Notice For Incident Under Sep Business Policy

Using a cell phone: Using a cell phone while driving is extremely dangerous. The app will reactivate if you use your phone and this will affect your score. If you need to take calls, you have hands-free calling enabled or better yet, because hands-free still acts as a distraction. Or if you’re using cards, place your phone in the holder. Also, don’t let passengers use your phone, as this will affect your score as well.

Speed: If you exceed the speed limit, the app will detect it, so make sure you watch the road signs and always know what the speed limit is.

Braking: The app will detect sudden or quick stops, so give yourself plenty of time to brake. Obey the speed limit and keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Acceleration: If you accelerate too fast by increasing the speed, the application will catch up with this speed. Slow, smooth acceleration will show that you are in control of your vehicle.

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Turns: If you take sharp, fast turns, these will show up in your course, so make sure you have plenty of time and space before turning.

If you are a passenger in your own vehicle, you will need to select the passenger option in the app. If you are a passenger in someone else’s car, you don’t have to do anything as the app will only record data if you are traveling in your own car.

No we won’t rate drivers with names and they don’t need to download the app but we do use tab data so if someone else is driving it might affect the price of the car.

We are not looking for perfection, just over 30 points; if you are in the green zone, you will see it in the app; That means you’re doing it right!

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In the app you will notice three different colored areas so you can easily see how you are driving. If you are in the green zone, it means your score is 40 or higher and you are doing very well. If it’s in the orange zone, your score is between 31 and 40, which means you need to improve. If it’s in the red zone, your score is 30 or less and your policy price could go up. You will also run the risk of having your contract cancelled, although we will contact you in advance and fully inform you if this happens.

Be sure to follow the Hastings Direct app’s tips and tricks to keep your score above 30, always obey the speed limit, and only use your phone in landline/hands-free mode while driving.

Relax knowing that your home and its contents are well protected. Choose from a combination of buildings, assets and policies to get the coverage you need.

Excellent motorcycle insurance with flexible extras. Tailor your coverage to your needs and budget, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

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All the tools for a great truck insurance plan, plus flexible options like accident coverage and legal protection so you can tailor coverage to your needs. Hastings Direct, backed by Goldman Sachs, could be worth £1.5bn when the shares listed in London. Change next month

British car insurer Hastings Direct has submitted plans to list on the London Stock Exchange and raised £180m in the process.

The company, majority-owned by US investment bank Goldman Sachs, said it was aiming to launch on the UK stock market next month under a plan of rapid expansion, debt repayment and of continuous growth.

Hastings, founded in 1997, is one of the UK’s fastest growing car insurers and the listing could be worth more than £1.5billion.

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IPO: Goldman Sachs, which owns almost half of the company after buying it for £150million two years ago, will remain the biggest investor after the IPO.

Gary Hoffman, CEO of Hasting Direct, said: “Investors love our story because they generally love people who disrupt industries. Direct Line did it 20 years ago, the director of Do did it and we do it now. It’s a company that has garnered as much investor interest as a public company could. »

Hoffman, who ran Northern Rock after the government bailed out the bank, will benefit from the IPO plans, which will increase the value of capital held by the bank and give it potential performance-linked stock bonuses.

The share sale would net founder Neil Utley and other early backers of the company, which started with just 50 employees, £1million.

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Mr Utley and three other people who founded the company own just under half the shares and are expected to sell at least a quarter of their shares in the fleet.

Goldman Sachs will also make a significant profit in less than two years after pumping £150million into a losing business employing around 750 people.

He will also sell at least a quarter of his shares, with the shares now representing just under 50% worth five times his initial outlay. Goldman will remain the biggest investor after the IPO.

Hastings employs around 1,900 people with its head office in Bexhill, East Sussex and further offices in Newmarket and Leicester. They are also expected to benefit from schemes that give them shares worth hundreds of pounds each.

Simplicity Is The Best Policy

Hastings shares are expected to have an open market float of at least 25% after listing.

The listing comes after the insurer released a string of strong annual results in April. The company reported almost 300,000 new customers, taking its total to 1.7 million, helping it boost its pre-tax profits by 30% to almost £70 million.

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