How Can A Small Business Help The Community


How Can A Small Business Help The Community – As a small business owner, you’re probably well aware that small businesses are important to their communities. Americans recognize the importance of this support with Small Business Saturday, which has become a national shopping tradition to support small businesses in our communities. To celebrate the holidays, we conducted our second annual Small Business Community Impact Survey to find out how small businesses support their local communities throughout the year. We surveyed current and past customers to learn more about how they engaged with their community in 2019.

Small businesses give back in a variety of ways, from buying from other local businesses to supporting local charities. Check out our infographic below to see it all.

How Can A Small Business Help The Community

Most small business owners try to support other local businesses whenever possible. They do this by buying local supplies, using local service providers (eg an accountant or lawyer) or selling products locally in their stores.

How Small Businesses Shape Communities

In addition to financially supporting other local businesses, small business owners donate time and money to support local nonprofits. This year, 4.6% more small businesses gave back to municipalities than in 2018.

How do small businesses support their local communities? They donate, support, and volunteer to the following organizations:

Small businesses support many local charities, including emergency services, seniors’ communities and wounded veterans’ organizations.

We are proud to support and empower small business owners across the United States with small business loans. In our second annual Small Business Community Impact Survey, we surveyed current and past clients to learn more about how they engaged in their local community in 2019. Most had been in business for more than 10 years and represented a variety of industries. From retailers to engineers to accountants and lawyers.

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[1] SBA 2019 Small Business Profile [2] 2019 Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey [3] Financial Benefits of Online Lending to Small Businesses and the U.S. Economy, Research by NDP Analytics [4] Emailed mail to current and past customers with According to 985 respondents in 2019, there were 30.7 million small businesses operating in the United States, which is 99.9% of all businesses in the country. Small businesses have a huge impact on our society, yet many Americans choose to shop at multiple chain stores and online retailers. 1 in 12 businesses close each year, with poor sales being the main reason.

So why buy local? While online shopping is more convenient, neighborhood stores are the backbone of the society we live in. They help strengthen local economies, build tight-knit communities, provide better customer service and more.

As of 2020, 59.9 million people in the United States are employed by small businesses. Small business owners are more likely to hire locals, so shopping at these businesses often creates more employment opportunities. Small businesses also source products locally and thus support local cooperatives.

In a Civic Economics study, “48 percent of all purchases at a local independent business were recycled locally, compared to less than 14 percent at chain stores.

Empowering Small Businesses To Navigate Unique Challenges

Whether you’re at your local coffee shop or the hardware store around the block, shopping at neighborhood businesses gives you the opportunity to better connect with other members of your community. Towns and cities with more local businesses have been shown to have stronger social ties and greater participation in civic affairs.

Anyone who has shopped at a chain store has had the experience of walking into a huge store, getting choked up, and walking out without buying anything because no one was there to help. Small business owners, on the other hand, will go out of their way to ensure you benefit from personal support and local expertise.

Would you rather buy a one-of-a-kind product or a product that is owned by thousands of people? Shopping at a local business not only gives you the benefit of exclusive products, but also access to an inventory as comprehensive as a big box store. I appreciate this community and moments like this more than ever. There are moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, but all the collective responses to support each other through it are amazing. I shared this week about how to support small businesses and creatives on Instagram and I want to go into more detail. So before I talk about what travel content or anything else will look like on Bon Traveler these next few weeks, I want to start here first.

I asked a few different small businesses and creatives in the industry how we can best support them. So I make a list in one place. The best part is that some rides are completely free – just a few minutes.

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Right now Travis and I are hanging out at home and taking it day by day. We feel called to support our small businesses and creatives. I know firsthand that as a small business owner I feel incredibly vulnerable. My experience is not unique to me, so I know how much support at the community level means. A simple tip, comment or common understanding of this change is very important.

So I hope that in these uncertain times we can rally behind our collective creators and local businesses now more than ever. Sending love wherever you are in the world right now.

Consider buying small before moving on to large. This is one of the easiest ideas to support small businesses. Think about your small grocery stores before you go big. Business helps a lot – business is also needed. Whether it’s a corner store, or an online store, I always try to think of someone I can support, local and small first.

Order delivery + takeout. Let’s keep our restaurant running. One way now is to order pickup or delivery. This is a great way to keep local coffee shops and restaurants going. Plus, it’s a welcome change for the week!

Reasons To Support Small Businesses By Lisa Laporte

Share the social love. Know a favorite business that’s open for takeout or has gift cards (or other ways to support) available? Shout them out on social media. Notify others in the community. Spreading the word on social media is a great way for small businesses to generate word of mouth. Most of all, engaging with their content on social channels gives them hope and lets them know we’re all here.

Buy gift cards online. Can’t visit yet? Support the store or restaurant by purchasing a gift card now to use later. The money will help them keep the business going until they open their doors again.

Check-in with local businesses. A quick comment goes a mile. “How can we support you now?” Asking such a question.

Please visit the blog to continue the traffic. The best way to support bloggers is to keep visiting their blogs (and mine too!). We make money from advertising on our website, which depends entirely on traffic – how many people visit the website every day. If we in the travel blogging world aren’t looking for travel content, our website traffic will drop. Talking to many travel bloggers, most of us have lost more than 60% of web traffic in a week. Even hitting it for a minute or two helps a lot.

Giving Back To Society: Ideas For Small Businesses

Check out one of their paid online resources. Most bloggers and writers like myself have created paid products like Lightroom presets or webinars. If you have attended prelims or attended a course, now is a good time to support.

Engage in creative content on social media, a comment goes a long way! I’m talking about myself, I’m down but every note I get pushes me forward. Engage with content from your favorite creatives – all you need to do is spread the love and support.

Shop local artists in your area. I know that in Northern California alone we have some amazing artists struggling right now. Looking for a new print? Check out one of their online stores. Buying handmade ceramics, homewares and the like from local artists is a great way to support.

Thank You From the bottom of my heart, I thank those who have sent letters of encouragement and love, not only to me, but to this global community of small business owners. We are grateful for your support.

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We use cookies to ensure we offer you the best experience on our website. Agree Find out more Small and local businesses have a bigger impact on the community than once-a-year Saturday small business awareness programs. The ability to reflect the nature of a community and interact with its neighbors on a business and personal level is something that many large companies cannot do. Celebrating small business is about more than praising its queer or hipster audience – it’s about recognizing and nurturing the positive impact on our community and local communities, as well as all independent and unique products or services which cannot be found in big business.

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