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How many posts have you posted on Facebook today? Your latest, featured, blog content; An awesome tutorial for an upcoming webinar. A fun video-tutorial… what else?

How Do You Boost Posts On Facebook

It’s not easy, just one click on that magical “Boost Post” button and your post is live on Facebook. Not just for your followers and fans, but for all your fans

Don’t Use Boost Post Button| Restaurant Marketing Agency

No longer creating structured Facebook ads; Are you struggling with the 20% rule or copy lengths that are always too short for your content?

Promotion ends. Now do it again. for everyone. Yes, because each of your content is good and worth promoting.

What if there was a way to improve your post promotion strategy? Stop guessing which posts deserve your audience’s attention and which ones don’t. Manage when, to whom and for how long you want to advertise.

In this article, we’ll show you how to promote your posts on Facebook and grow your entire business with automated post promotion.

Facebook Post Creator: Make Stunning Facebook Post Online For Free

Facebook posts are an integral part of the Facebook newsfeed, both for personal profiles and businesses.

As businesses join Facebook and post more frequently, over time this increased competition reduces organic reach.

Organic reach for brands is now at an all-time low thanks to Facebook algorithm changes at the start of 2018 to prioritize engagement with friends and family over business.

However, posting regularly is still a good strategy because each post gets some organic reach. Facebook is becoming a “pay-to-play” platform for businesses looking to maximize exposure on key posts.

Dealers: This Is Why You Should Stop Pressing Facebook’s Boost Post Button

Thankfully, adding a post to a post is easy using the Boost button; Third-party tools, such as the Ad Manager interface or proprietary third-party tools.

When you pay to advertise a post; Not only does it increase reach, it also benefits organic posts that can be seen by any audience, not just fans of your Page.

Community standards should be followed when posting something on your personal profile or business page.

These regulations prohibit illegal activities; This covers the obvious like threatening behavior and hate speech, but Facebook is liberal in allowing posts as long as they respect the general community rules.

Facebook Boosted Posts: Why You Shouldn’t Do Them

The guidelines for advertising are strict and what is allowed in organic posts is different from what is allowed in promoted posts, so some people may be wary.

Sponsored posts can be seen by anyone other than users who like your Page, so Facebook is more conservative in what it allows.

For example, profanity may be used in an organic post, but profanity in a post promoted by an ad campaign may not be accepted.

Nowadays, there are different types of posts for business pages, but the most popular post format is quite simple, but it contains an image or video and some text. The article has a website link:

Facebook Ads Vs Boosted Posts: What Gets Better Results In 2022?

These posts can be set up by any business in seconds and are familiar to both business users and consumers.

Even if you appear on a Facebook page for business. Most users will see organically or promoted posts in their news feed.

Because ads don’t appear on the business page, they’re often called “dark posts” and are only visible when the user is scrolling through the news feed.

As we can see, they are more complicated to create. Because of the many creative elements involved, they cannot be created because they require a specific ad creation tool, such as Facebook’s own Ad Manager or a third-party platform. Live broadcast on Facebook page

Ways To Use Facebook Carousel Posts

But don’t be confused; This gives you more control over the design and better results, especially since you can test more ad variations.

For example, during a campaign, you can use three images; Instead of loading one page, you can try offering nine different combinations with three headlines and three ad paragraphs.

The reason why the above post cannot be promoted (even if the text is correct) is due to technical limitations that cannot be corrected.

Each post will have a specific button to let you know the status of that post. Let’s break them down.

The Boost Bust: Why You Should Never Boost Facebook Posts

In general, most of the above are eligible for deletion except for Boost Posts and Boost Available – as they are live and do not deliver ads.

Now that we’ve learned the difference between an ad and a Facebook ad, as well as what you can’t promote, we’re ready for the fun part – promoting posts.

The process can start from 3 places – your Facebook Page or Ads Manager. We will cover the Facebook page process first.

Once you’ve added all your configuration (and added your optional CTA), you can select the Boost button and voila, your post will be sent through Facebook’s approval process and finally go live.

The Facebook Boost Post Button: How To Use It And Get Results

It’s very easy to navigate and quickly set up incentives. In short, this is the simplest form of advertising.

It’s not customizable – anyone looking for more advanced audience definition or targeting options will need to set this up through an ad manager. You cannot select specific locations.

The Ads Manager track is a bit longer, but allows for more detailed audience models for different purposes and such as custom audiences. If your audience needs a little more; This is the best choice for you.

Start by going to Ads Manager and selecting your goals. In this case, we use participation.

Creating Booking Posts On Facebook (only Available On ‘classic Facebook’)

Now just click verify and your post will enter the wonderful world of your target audience’s news feed (after verification) (of course).

For beginners, the manufacturer’s options and layouts can be difficult to understand and navigate. This method takes more time to prepare than the previous method.

Promoting a post is often ‘easier’ than creating a post from scratch, but when you consider all the time spent promoting a post day after day, the time adds up quickly.

For those who want an easy way to go through this process; People working with multiple clients and pages; Or for those tired of promoting each post one by one. There is a third way to promote your posts (and your business): automated post promotion.

How To Market Your Facebook Event And Boost Attendance

If you’re willing to take valuable time out of your work week, this entire process can be automated.

With automated website promotion, you can create Facebook post ad campaigns based on set parameters.

To do so, enter the section you want to promote and select the page/location post.

In Step 2, you have two options – you can promote a specific post (like we described above through Ads Manager with Facebook) or you can choose it automatically (we’ll cover this now).

How To Promote Your Small Business On Facebook

This next step is where the real magic happens. Instead of selecting specific posts, we ask Facebook to promote all posts that meet our criteria.

It will run for the duration of your choice and you can see all your metrics in it.

Want to promote everything to a smaller and better audience without lifting a finger? Check check check. ☑️☑️☑️

To gain insight; Go to your page and select the Insights tab in the top left corner of the screen.

How To Create And Grow An Engaged Facebook Group

Now that you are on the Insights page, you can check the status of your post by looking at the column next to the post title.

If you want a deeper look, click on the post name and you’ll see a more detailed popup.

Below, our top Facebook ad expert, Paul Fairbrother, shares his top 3 strategic uses of the custom post ad tool to maximize your ad ROI.

Now that you know how to create an automated mail advertising campaign, let’s see how to get the most out of these campaigns.

How To Easily Convert Your Facebook Ads Into Normal Page Posts

For every ten chances we post content, only one will resonate with our audience and get a lot of engagement.

A few years ago, organic reach on Facebook was so high that once a week or once a month we could check our page stats and pick winning posts to include in our main ad campaigns.

With so little organic reach now, you need to tweak each post slightly to get enough exposure to make informed decisions about how to distribute most of your posts.

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