How Do You Look Up An Email Address

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Maybe you want to reach out to an influencer, find a list of potential sales prospects, or maybe you just want to ask someone a quick question.

How Do You Look Up An Email Address

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a specific email address. Luckily, there are also many different (clever) ways to find them.

How I Find Anyone’s Email Address

If you’re sending an important email, you need to get it to the right people. because? Because it’s very difficult to get people’s attention. Note that only 8.5% of emails are answered.

Getting the right people to read your email increases your chances of getting the response you want. So, taking the time to find someone’s email address and edit your message is 100% worth it.

This is especially true if you’re trying to reach out to someone you don’t know or have never spoken to before.

Here are some of the most robust tactics and tools I’ve used in the past — and still use — to find someone’s email address. Let’s begin!

How To Find Almost Anyone’s Email Address In Minutes

One of the easiest ways to find an email address is to use an email lookup service. All you have to do is enter a person’s name and/or website and the tool will find the relevant address for you.

While it can be very useful, there is no guarantee that you will get positive results every time you use it. Free searches are limited, and paid options can be quite expensive, especially if you can’t find the address you’re looking for.

The good news is that there’s an almost endless list of email search tools online, so you have plenty of options to see what works for you.

Email lookup services work largely the same: you enter a name, try to narrow it down as much as possible, and the tool goes and finds the best email.

Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address

Here are some of the most popular email search tools to get you started (along with their costs):

This little-known trick is a great way to find email addresses simply by using an alternative search engine.

Performing an exact match search of “” on DuckDuckGo will give you results for every publicly available email address attached to the domain.

You can enter your prospect’s name into the search if you’re interested in contacting someone in particular, or keep the name generic.

How To Find Someone On Facebook Using An Email Address

This is a handy trick that works great on DuckDuckGo and other search engines. Unfortunately, Google uses “@” for social media tags, so this trick won’t work, and it won’t work on Bing either.

People sometimes include their email address in tweets or Twitter bios, but try to hide it from bots by using “dot” and “at” instead of “.” And-“@”.

You can choose exact phrases to search, words to ignore, hashtags, specific accounts, and time ranges. Play with the recording here. Try including words like “email”, “arriving” or “contact” to better filter your results.

To give your tweet the best chance of being noticed and responded to, keep it brief and include a compelling reason for responding:

How To Find Anybody’s Email Address

You can also reach out to them through their direct messages, which your prospects are more likely to see than their replies or mentions. Depending on their privacy settings, you may need to follow each other before you can DM them.

There is actually one last tactic you can try with Twitter to check a user’s past tweets. Using the All My Tweets app, you can create a list of up to 3200 previous tweets from anyone for free.

Then enter the Twitter handle of the website or person you want to connect to get their tweets.

If your prospect’s website or blog has a newsletter, sign up for their mailing list as many newsletters are sent from personal email addresses. This can be a quick and easy way to get the email address you’re looking for.

Emails That Don’t Have An Email Address Are Emailing Me

Even if it’s sent from a generic [email protected] address, try replying to one of the newsletters to share an opinion or ask an interesting question and you might get an answer.

This can help you build relationships with potential customers and give you a better chance of getting their personal email address in the future.

Most sites either have a contact form on their site or provide a general email address [email protected] for general enquiries.

While they are most likely handled by administrative staff, you can try using them to ask how to contact your ideal prospect.

How To Verify Email Address Before Sending Cold Emails? (7 Tips)

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Many sites include personal email addresses on their contact, about us or meet staff pages.

However, these pages are often difficult to find in site navigation. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, check the footer or try the following common URL formats:

Another easy place to start is the author page on your prospect’s blog or website, linked with her name in every article she writes.

There is often a lot of information on these pages, especially if they used the default WordPress theme and settings.

How To Find A Prospect’s Email Address The Smart Way

If you’re trying to find an email address for someone with a website (perhaps a business owner, entrepreneur, or self-employed author), you can sometimes find their contact information in their website’s WHOIS information.

WHOIS data is used when registering a domain and is publicly available, providing information about who owns the domain. Anyone with a website is required by law to share their contact information. Go to and search for the email domain you are looking for:

It doesn’t matter which tool you use. If you’re lucky, you might see the email used to register this domain. However, WHOIS offers the ability to hide your public information from their public data, so that won’t always work.

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How To Find Someone’s Email Address

However, if the person you’re looking for has a common name, it might be difficult. While they have unique names, you can’t go far.

You can narrow your search with different Google search operators. This is very easy to use. Just enter the operator into Google and search from there:

If you know a little more about your prospect (like where they work), you can try this:

When setting up a Facebook page, people often enter as much information as possible and then forget about it.

Tricks To Find Almost Anyone’s Email

Just go to their Profile Info page and you can see the email address if they have added it:

This makes Facebook a great place to find email addresses for your prospects, and will likely give you their most common email address instead of something more generic.

Depending on your visibility in your industry, you may find that some of your potential customers have already subscribed to your newsletter.

Most email marketing software will allow you to search your contact list. Here’s how it looks in Mailchimp, for example:

How To Find An Email Address Online

So if you connect with your prospects, you might be able to get their email address.

Step 1: Click Me at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Click the Privacy tab and scroll down to the Get a Copy of Your Data section (under the How LinkedIn Uses Your Data section):

In about 10 minutes you will receive an email with all your contacts’ email addresses in a handy spreadsheet.

How To Find Someone’s Email Address In 2022: 12 Easy Ways

If you think about it, almost all email addresses follow some of the same patterns. They are often based on a relatively simple format.

So, if you know your prospect’s first, last, and domain name, you might be able to guess their email address.

If you already have the email addresses of other people from the same company, you might be able to find out what format they use.

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How To Find The Person Behind An Email Address

We have it, how to find someone’s email address. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility.

So use this email tracking method wisely. Don’t spam people! Don’t sell people’s email addresses. And don’t be angry with the people you contact… You are the only one missing out on a great opportunity to connect and build (business) relationships.

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