How To Add Admin To Facebook Ads Manager


How To Add Admin To Facebook Ads Manager – If you’re running Facebook ads for clients, even if it’s just one client, there’s a right way and a wrong (very wrong) way to do it.

Using your Facebook account to run other people’s Facebook ads is a bad habit. The worst way to do this is to pay for the ad with your credit card, then have the client pay and hold you responsible if they don’t.

How To Add Admin To Facebook Ads Manager

In this guide, I’ll show clients how to do Facebook ads the right way, similar to the methods used by seasoned professionals to provide better service and minimize your risk.

Granting Page Permissions Using Facebook Business Manager

Facebook has a tool called Business Manager that allows people to invite and manage visitors to their Facebook Page and ad accounts, while keeping payment information and other important information separate and secure.

If you are running Facebook ads for a client, you should ask the client to be invited as an advertiser to their marketing manager. If they don’t already have a business manager, ask the business owner to set up a business manager before offering ad management services (see below).

After they create Business Manager, they can assign different user roles to people, including administrative tasks such as accessing payment information, managing accounts, making changes to properties, and inviting others to Business Manager.

You don’t want access to things you don’t need, so don’t ask an admin for access, which exposes you to unnecessary risk. Request employee access, then the appropriate level of access to the Facebook page and ad account you’re working on.

How To Transfer Page Ownership In The Facebook Business Manager

Some freelancers consider the ads they create and the campaigns they run for their clients to be their property, and they don’t retain the creative or intellectual property if the client quits. This is the wrong way to do it and may lead to legal consequences under local laws. Instead, consider paying a reasonable fee for your service and making a long-term commitment to your service contract.

If your client needs help setting up Business Manager, I recommend video calling and screen sharing. Remember, they must create a Business Manager for their account.

First, your customers will need your Facebook account to get started, then the process is simple: they go to the Facebook Business Manager page, click the Create Account button, then enter their business name and email address.

Next, your client needs to add an ad account to their business manager. After adding an ad account, it will be permanently transferred to the Marketing Manager.

How To Assign Your Facebook Pixel To Your Ad Accounts?

To add a new ad account, the customer must go to Business Settings in Business Manager, click Accounts, and then click Add Account. They should see a drop-down menu with three options, one of which is to add a new account. Then continue to complete the process.

To add people to Business Manager, a customer must go to Business Settings, click Add People, and enter the email address of the person they want to invite. Finally, your customer should click on “Next” and select the appropriate category. Be sure to enable them to give you access to the correct Facebook page and ad account.

Here you can see that I have been granted access to page and ad accounts, but I have permission to manage campaigns, view performance, manage screenshots, but not admin.

If your client can’t add a current ad account to their business manager, they may not have verified their payment method. Business Manager has ad account limits. The number of accounts allowed depends on how much your client spends on Facebook advertising. The bigger their budget, the more ad accounts your client is allowed to have.

How To Master Facebook Business Manager (the 2020 Guide)

The biggest mistake I see new people running Facebook ads for their clients is spending too much time on their client’s ad account. They want to make sure they succeed and are more and more determined to achieve it, but this often leads to burnout and more stress.

Rather than checking your ad log every 30 minutes or staying up late at night, running Facebook ads is a better way to get the best results for your clients. Instead, use Facebook’s automated rules to automate basic tasks like pausing and starting campaigns at certain times of the day or week, or turning off useless ads before they take too much of your budget.

Much more can be done using custom rules, comparable to Facebook rules, which allow you to write more flexible and dynamic settings. This means automating much of your ad management plan to free up time to focus on creative advertising.

With Facebook ad automation, you can automate and create automations that mimic the ad distribution process. Rules can run every 15 minutes, day or night, and can take action after certain values ​​are met. Take advantage of the power of automation that works 24/7, never takes a break, and never slows down to deliver Facebook advertising to your customers.

Connect Your Facebook Ad Account To Hubspot

For example, here’s an automation that prevents you from wasting your budget by stopping ads with ROAS less than 1 after spending half of your daily budget – everything is done automatically without you having to monitor your client’s ads.

You can start a free trial by clicking the plan below and get the above rules for yourself.

If you want to learn more, here are some important rules that will save you time, save your client’s budget, and increase your client’s budget.

Some users want to know everything down to the last detail, while others want high-level updates every month. The second type of customer is not the problem, but the first. These types of clients can take up a lot of your unaccounted-for management time and drain your profits.

Facebook Advertising Asset Authorization (must Do For Advertising)

That’s why it’s important to set expectations before signing a contract or agreeing to work. Here is a list of things you should agree with your clients before starting work.

The answers to these questions may affect the price you are willing to pay for the service, so make sure all of these issues are addressed and confirmed before submitting your offer and signing the contract.

When it comes to goals, look at your client’s website, products, and services for red flags that are hurting the performance of your Facebook ad campaign, and if necessary, make recommendations to their website design that will ruin their conversions. Your campaign price.

Remember to be humble. You may be confident in your abilities based on past experience, but you want to have a cushion for the unexpected.

How To Use Facebook Business Manager: 10 Steps To Get Started Today

My biggest tip for running Facebook ads for clients is to always ask your clients for creative before they need it.

If you have to rely on clients to provide creative, you never want to wait for existing creators to provide creative when they’re suffering from ad fatigue. Not only do you not know when the client will deliver your work, but you also don’t know if you’ll need to send it back for review or wait for them to approve any changes you’ve made.

Now you have to wait 24 hours for Facebook ads to be approved and start showing. During busy times like Black Friday and the holidays, many advertisers advertise at a higher volume than usual, so it may take longer for your ad to be approved.

Finally, your ad may be disapproved for some violation of Facebook’s guidelines, whether legal or not, so if you have time, submit your ad to an ad manager in advance to make sure it’s ready to run.

In Order To Get Started You Will Need To Make Sure You Have The Right Permissions On Your Facebook Business Manager, Ad Account And Page

By getting creative from clients and getting them ready to start early, you can be more confident in achieving your goals and build your client’s trust in you with knowledge beyond communication and project management.

Aside from the actual process, the most important thing to consider when managing Facebook ads for clients is how and how often you report to clients.

Reporting is an important part of building trust with your customers, but it can also be a waste of time. I recommend creating as specific a report as possible and sending it to my clients on a weekly basis.

Here are three ways to quickly generate Facebook ad reports for clients. The first one too

How To Assign A Partner To Your Facebook Business Manager Ad Account

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