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If you have multiple Facebook Pages, advertising accounts, and need to share or host syndicated audiences, you should definitely use Facebook Business Manager to manage all your properties. Easy to set up and indispensable for business use. This article will help you quickly and easily start advertising using the Facebook Business Manager tool. Here you will find step by step instructions for:

How To Create Ad Account On Business Manager

Business Manager is a tool that helps you access and manage your Facebook account and pages in one place. This enables you to:

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Business Manager allows you to run multiple ad campaigns from a single ad account as per your business needs. If you have a personal advertising account (from your personal Facebook account), add it to the Business Manager.

It is not possible to delete an ad account from the Business Manager. Administrators can block them. Ad counts are counted within the allowed range.

You can find your ad account ID later by going to the Home tab, clicking Business Settings, Accounts > Advertising Accounts. The ad account ID is located under your ad account name in the toolbar.

If you’re new to Business Manager, you can start by creating 1 ad account. Depending on your ad spend, you may be allowed to have more ad accounts in the future.

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Because Facebook wants people to use their personal accounts to advertise, it created Business Manager as a way to assign multiple employees and/or agents to each of your company’s Facebook properties (fan pages or advertising accounts). After setting up your Facebook Ads account through the Business Manager, you will be able to run your Facebook marketing campaigns on your account. Steps on how to assign a partner to your Facebook advertising account on

After logging in to Business Manager, click the “Go to Settings” button on the right side of the page.

Before assigning a partner, select the ad account you want the partner to access. After selecting an account, click on the “Define Partner” button.

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At the bottom of the dialog, Facebook gives you the option to designate a partner using a business ID that the advertising agency must provide you. Click on this option.

Admin – Choose this option if you don’t have someone to manage your Facebook account and your agency wants full access to your account and fan page. This allows your agency to update your billing information, as well as create ads such as “offers” or “videos” that must be posted to your fan page before the ad can run.

Advertiser – Select this option if someone on your team is helping the agency with its advertising needs, including billing information, offers, or ads that require video. If there is a problem with your billing and your team is unavailable or unresponsive, your ads will not run until you update your billing information.

Analytics – Analytics look at the results of your campaigns, but they can’t change anything.

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Assigned Partner – The partner organization is not an employee of your account. Use this option to add an agency to your account.

Adding a person designates the person as an employee of your company (in your Business Manager account). Use this to add other people (colleagues) within the company.

Your agency will be notified that they have access to your account. Your account representative should contact you immediately with the latest information about your ad account.

In the first option of the fourth step, we decided to assign an advertising account with a business ID. In this case, we will send a link instead of using a business ID.

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Click the Copy button to copy the link. You can send this link to your partners. After copying the link, click Close.

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