How To Do Bold Text On Iphone


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How To Do Bold Text On Iphone

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You can use bold text in your iPhone messages by creating a subject line. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

It would be great if there was a way to send iPhone messages with bold, italic or italic text. But for now, any messages you send with the iPhone’s default messaging app should be written in a standard font.

That is without their stories. By changing the text on your iPhone, you can give any text a bold text.

Make Texts & Imessages Stand Out On Your Iphone With Bold Subject Lines « Ios & Iphone :: Gadget Hacks

And once you start sending text messages with subject lines, you’ll never go back. Posting messages with old titles will help them stand out, and they can own them while writing professionally.

Take a look at the products mentioned in this article: iPhone 11 (from $699 on Best Buy) How to bold messages on iPhone Messages using tutorial lines.

2. Near the bottom of the page, under the “SMS/MMS” heading, click the switch with “Show subject field” so that it turns green and is enabled.

4. Now you will see a “Text” field where you can add text. Everything you type there will be in bold when you send the message.

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However, remember that you cannot simply write your message in the subject line. If you try, the black letters will return to normal color.

You need the body text below the subject line so that the subject line appears in bold. Steven John / Business Insider

Although the iPhone’s standard text messaging app doesn’t let you use bold text, there are a few other text messaging apps that do. This includes popular apps like WhatsApp and Discord.

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How To Change The Font On Iphone: 3 Easy Ways

NOW WATCH: I’m an iPhone User Who Switched to Android Last Week – Here’s What I Loved and Hated About the Google Pixel 3 XL The subject line is an important part of an email, but you rarely see it. look at it In the email. Articles This is mainly because most people don’t even know it can be done, and even if it is, why would they use it? Like emails, subject lines can make iMessages and text messages seem more important and professional. In addition, they can help the system and search for old messages, as well as bold text.

If you’re sending long iMessages or SMS messages, the subject line can help keep the recipient interested in following up. When sending multiple messages, including short headers can always streamline things for you and the recipient. Additionally, anyone in the conversation can see the thread and navigate right away. And if you want to keep it

Professionals and your colleagues, when you discuss work, the topic can work for you. But most importantly, it allows you to create bold characters!

It doesn’t matter if you want to get rid of it, we’ll show you how to add subject lines to texts and iMessages in the Messages app on your iPhone, as well as hack the way out. I don’t like it.

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You can’t enable subject areas directly from the Messages app, so open Settings, tap “Messages” to see those options, then toggle the “Show subject area” button at the bottom.

Back in the Messages app, you’ll see a new “text” above the regular text field in all conversations. What you write in this area will appear clearly in your messages and in the messages of anyone who receives your messages. Bold text is probably the main reason to do this, although you can bold the text and change the text in a third-party keyboard if you want.

However, note that if you want to bold the entire message, use only the “Subject” field of the message and not the “iMessage” or “Text Message” field, then the subject will look like a normal message. And there is nothing to be afraid of.

Below are two examples, one showing how it looks on your end in a message and the other in an SMS string. As you can see, all sets of wires are very thick. There seems to be no limit to how many characters can be in a subject line, so you can make it as short or long as you like.

How To Change The Font Size On Your Iphone And Enable Bold Text To Make Reading Easier

Below are some screenshots of how the story line looks from an iPhone on the recipient’s iPhone (left) and an Android phone (right).

The subject line only appears in the activated Messages app, not anywhere else on your iPhone. This means that the subject line will not appear in notifications, spotlight searches, etc. On Android, the recipient’s message page may show all messages in bold, which usually indicates that they have not been read.

The subject line in messages isn’t for everyone, and while you can leave the subject line blank, it can quickly become annoying if you don’t use it often. Fortunately, removing the feature is as easy as enabling it. Go to the Settings app, tap “Messages,” then tap “Show Location Story” to turn it off (so it’s not green).

Messages you’ve already sent in your threads with bold subject lines will still appear the same after turning off the feature. You can’t make a bold mode thread unless you restart it.

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This article was created by Gadget Hacks during special coverage of text messaging, instant messaging, calling, and voice/video calling on your phone. Check out the full set of chats.

Keep your connection safe with a monthly bill. Get an unlimited VPN subscription for all your devices with a one-time purchase from the new Gadget Hacks store, and watch Hulu or Netflix without region restrictions, increase security while surfing public networks, and more. You can improve the readability of fonts on iPhone or iPad by turning on bold text mode in iOS. Here’s how you can do it.

For many users out there, reading UI messages on iPhone or iPad may not be easy due to poor vision. You can solve the problem by increasing the font size, which can actually confuse UI elements in some cases, or you can take the option to enable bold text.

If the bold text feature is enabled, your text will be, well, bold. This allows you to read different versions of the OS without holding your device close to your face or even needing to take notes. Let us show you how to enable bold text feature in iOS and make things easier when it comes to reading.

How To Make The Iphone Text Size Bigger & Easier To Read

4. You will be asked to restart your iPhone or iPad for the changes to take effect. Click Continue to start the reboot process.

When your device restarts, you will see that all fonts are now bolded. This element will be nested within iOS UI elements. From the lock key to the home screen and even in other applications if they are designed to play well with fonts on iOS.

If you still think reading is a problem at this point, you may want to increase the iOS text size as well. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and then click on Font Size. Move the slider until you reach the desired reading position. But remember, don’t mess with the iOS UI slider or other elements, especially the notifications on the lock screen. Start moving the slider one step to the right until you reach your desired position. Want to read messages on your iPhone or iPad a little easier? Then you might try the bold text option in iOS, it might improve text readability for some people

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