How To Increase Linkedin Post Likes


How To Increase Linkedin Post Likes – How to promote your post on LinkedIn? This is a great question for anyone creating content on this platform. I’ve hit 100,000 Linkedin post views using some LinkedIn post promotion tactics and I’m excited to share them with you!

Bonus: At the end of the article, I’ll share my “secret codes” to join LinkedIn Engagement pods and increase your views🔥

How To Increase Linkedin Post Likes

If you’ve ever posted on LinkedIn, you probably know how hard it is to get a lot of views there. 😩

An Update To Linkedin’s Algorithm That Can Hurt The Reach Of Your Posts

I know what I’m talking about, my first few posts got 3 likes. 1 from my wife, she always supports me and 1 from my friend who I told her. So clearly it was just an option.

But over the next few months, I got into content creation on LinkedIn and hit 100,000 views in just 30 days.

I’m not a guru (yet).

In this article, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about how to promote your LinkedIn post organically and get amazing results.

Linkedin Metrics That You Really Need To Know

Today I have about 3,000 followers, but I can easily reach 30,000 views with my Linkedin posts. Yeah, it’s not a million, but it’s still 10 times the size of my first relationship.

The answer is simple.

LinkedIn is a media platform. And like all media outlets sell ads (just like FB or Twitter do). And they need content on their platform to sell more ads with higher value. That way, users (you, me, and everyone else who uses LinkedIn) will read this content and stay on LinkedIn longer. And because people stay longer on the platform, they see more ads -> LinkedIn gets more money.

Since people don’t create as much content on LinkedIn (compared to FB or Twitter), they have to promote good posts to a wider audience.

Linkedin Company Page: 10 Easy Ways To Optimize It

This happened with Facebook 7 years ago, YouTube 5 years ago, and now it’s happening with LinkedIn.

For example, in 2012 the cost per view in the US began to rise dramatically. Credit to Search Engine Journal.

Okay, but there’s still one question: “How does LinkedIn decide whether to boost your posts or leave it at your 500 views?”

I don’t have a 100% accurate answer (since I don’t work for LinkedIn), but I can share with you the insights I found on my way to 100,000 views.

The Ultimate Linkedin Post Type Guide

People read and interact with valuable content. So there are 2 key points to follow when creating your LinkedIn content:

Honestly, there’s too much to talk about, so I’ll cover that topic next time in How to Post on LinkedIn to Get Views in 2019. If you don’t want to miss this article, subscribe to our newsletter: – id = 9u72epowered by Typeform

When you’re at the beginning of your “LinkedIn content creation” journey, it’s not enough to create a post (even if it’s the best post ever), it’s important to promote it.

And here’s a list of 4 great ways to organically promote your LinkedIn posts and increase views:

How To 42x Your Linkedin Post Views By Crafting An All Text Content

LinkedIn first shows your post to connections, and only if they like and interact with your content with likes and comments, LinkedIn thinks “Okay, at least this content is of less interest to the first connections, it may be of interest to others.”

So, to get more views on your LinkedIn posts, you definitely need to organize the process of getting likes and comments from your colleagues and early connections.

That sounds great, but what if your company has fewer than 50 people? 7-10 likes won’t have a huge impact on your LinkedIn engagement.

In that case, you need to go to LinkedIn Engagement Groups. Here’s what I’m talking about:

How To Get More Engagement On Your Linkedin Posts By Asking A Question At The End

The idea of ​​such a group is to reach everyone’s audience. When other people interact with your LinkedIn post, it becomes visible to their audience. As a result, you can get 30,000 views when you only have 3,000 connections, because “friends of friends” will also see your content.

It can be a public Slack channel, Facebook group, or LinkedIn. The sites may differ, but only one rule is the same: support other people’s posts and hopefully people will support your posts. 🤜🤛

There are many different groups and sites out there, but the one I personally use and recommend is – The Content Game.

I created pods for my colleagues, joined about 10 different LinkedIn engagement groups, and here’s what I found:

Linkedin Analytics: Top 5 Metrics To Track

LinkedIn is the largest pod market where people automatically support each other with likes and comments. This tool allows you to create and join different LinkedIn engagement groups focused on your target audience and get automated engagement with your content.

4- After you create your pod, you will have a unique “Pod ID”. This is a code that you can share with your colleagues to join your group.

5- Your colleagues must join this group with the secret code you provided (this automation will cost you only 2$ per user per month, and you will get real results and you won’t bother anyone. It won’t).

6- So once everyone joins and joins your group, you can start creating content and promoting your LinkedIn posts in that group.

How The Linkedin Algorithm Works & Optimizing For It

PS: All members of this group can do the same. So, the more people who post content on LinkedIn, the better results you will get as a business. And it only costs $2 a month.

Just getting likes and comments from first contacts and colleagues is not enough for significant promotion of your content (especially if there are less than 30 people in the company 😅).

The best way to get millions of views on your LinkedIn content is to connect with top influencers in your industry and other amazing people who are also creating content for your target audience.

So imagine that people who create a lot of content for your audience and have SSI (Social Selling Index, the better content you create, the more SSI you get), your posts on LinkedIn will engage and their audience will see you. publication

Useful Linkedin Post Ideas For 2022 [+relevant Post Examples]

As I told you before, the best place for people who want to support each other is on LinkedIn, and to join our family, all you have to do is:

This way, everyone in the group will automatically like or comment on your post, so their connections will see your content as well.

It’s only $5/pod/month. So for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee, you get 10x the reach of your LinkedIn content.

They already have top influencers in their circle, so you can join groups where high-level LinkedIn accounts create relevant content. So here we go:

Where To Place Links In Linkedin Posts In 2021

Once you have selected the appropriate LinkedIn pod, simply enter the “Secret Code” here and wait for it to be accepted:

LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals. It is a great tool because it gives you the opportunity to find your ideal career, to develop yourself.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to block someone on LinkedIn using your computer or mobile device. I know it can happen.

Want to contact us quickly? Connect with us via chat or email [email protected] about how to improve the engagement of your posts. We’ll also explore ways to calculate engagement rates.

Buy Linkedin Likes & Real And Active

LinkedIn itself doesn’t give you any insight into the engagement rate of your posts. To know how well your posts will behave in this case, you need to calculate the rate yourself.

You can do this simply by dividing the number of engagements (links + comments + shares) by the impressions of the post. Take the score 100 times and you get the participation rate.

To find the exact statistics to calculate the formula, go to your post summary page and select the post you want to analyze:

However, you cannot get the number of shares and clicks in this data view. To get shares you need to use a third party tool like

Average Linkedin Post Archives

Also, if you want to track engagement rates across multiple posts and accounts, you might want to consider using it

Engagement rate shows the percentage of people who engaged with your content. Engagement plays a central role in improving the performance of your content. Especially for the LinkedIn algorithm!

There are still many LinkedIn users who focus on creating their own content to gain more reach. I think this way of doing things is outdated. Ultimately, LinkedIn is about communication and creating value. I recommend you to optimize participation.

Popular posts tend to be short and multi-line. They use less complex vocabulary and are easy to read. If you’re not sure if your content is hard to read, you can test your writing here:

Linkedin Content Tips: Which Is Better, A Like, Share, Or Comment?

You can help readers interact with your content.

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