How To Post An Ad On Facebook

How To Post An Ad On Facebook – Unpublished posts on Facebook, also known as “dark” posts, are actively used by advertisers. Details and advertising tools reveal how often advertisers use this feature.

Sometimes unpublished posts are intentional, such as when an advertiser wants to test multiple posts without showing all the different ads on their site. Sometimes this is the result of a Facebook feature (eg: no lead ads are posted by default).

How To Post An Ad On Facebook

Let’s discuss when a post isn’t published, when it’s published, and how to navigate the publishing process.

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A published post means that the post appears on the Facebook page associated with the post. Unpublished posts never appear on a Facebook page, but only in News Feed (or elsewhere where applicable). They are usually only used as advertising (also known as sponsored) posts. However, both published

There is a good commercial situation where advertisers can use unpublished posts. Here are just a few examples:

Creative testing of ads: Advertisers may test many creative combinations or copies, and may not want site visitors to see all the variations.

Lead Forms: Facebook lead form posts are created in Ads Manager, but the lead form itself can be created directly from the website. This means that by default the lead form

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Canvas Ads: Canvas Posts are usually created from the Ads Manager, but there is also an option to create Canvas Posts directly from the Canvas section of the Page Tool.

Creative ad testing: You can run multiple ads for a period of time before identifying the best performing ad. You can then select top publishing directors directly on the site, ensuring site visitors see the best content you have to offer.

Lead Forms: You may want to publish lead form posts directly on your business page to ensure Facebook users can easily find them. This is especially important when, for example, playing matches that may generate a lot of interest.

Canvas Ads: You may find it easier to create canvas ad posts from the Ads Manager, especially if you create multiple ad versions at the same time. If you want these posts to be identifiable from your website, you need to publish them directly to your website.

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Note that the Canvas creative unit can only be viewed on mobile devices, but the first article can be viewed on desktop. For this reason, I recommend that you only run canvas ads when you absolutely need them to appear on your site. Otherwise, don’t publish them, lest users get frustrated when they visit your site on desktop.

To post unpublished posts, go to the post manager. If you use Business Manager, you can visit If not, you can visit to access it.

In Ads Manager, click the “package” drop-down menu in the upper left corner and select Page Posts from the Create & Manage section.

In the upper left corner, you will see a drop-down menu for page selection. If you can’t find your site in this dropdown, make sure you’ve selected the correct Business Manager or Ads account in the upper right corner of this screen:

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You’ll see different publishing options on the left: Scheduled Posts, Published Posts, and Promoted Posts. Typically, the list will default to Promoted Posts.

You can select “Publish” which will immediately place the post on your page, visible to website visitors.

You can also choose “Schedule,” which will allow you to set the time and date you want the post to appear on your page. Be careful not to select Delete by mistake. This will permanently delete your post.

The create ad option allows you to create a new ad using the same post you used before. Note that multiple ads can use a single post, which is a common technique for building “social proof”.

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To view your unpublished posts, you can use the search bar in the Home Posts tool to browse your promoted posts. This is especially important if you have a lot of ad-related posts.

You can use this search bar to search by the text copy in the ad. You can also search by zip code.

Note that you can find the post ID in the Ads Manager by going to the Posts view of the ad. Here is a brief description of the steps to do this:

This will display the list details. We can use the post link here to get the post ID.

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To access the related ad post link, go to the “Ad View” section and select the small arrow pointing to the right. From here, select the Facebook Posts and Comments option:

This will open the URL link to the post associated with the ad. The post ID is the last string of numbers after the “/posts/” part of the URL. It looks like this:

You can use this number to copy the post ID and search in the ad post in the search bar of the post tool.

The Page Posts tool we use to post unpublished posts has a rocky history. I’ve found that it usually works best on Google Chrome, but sometimes switching between browsers resolves the bug.

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Some users have also reported permission errors recently. If you run into problems, try again after a day or two, as these errors tend to resolve themselves. If you’re still having trouble, you can try contacting Facebook Support for help.

What? Do you feel like you are always one step behind? John will walk you through everything you need to know about the latest updates to Facebook Ads.

We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. is this real? Privacy Policy Many small businesses see Facebook as a cost-effective way to get their content, deals, and offers in front of potential new customers. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the two main ways to advertise on Facebook—posts and optimized ads—and give you what you need to get started!

If you’ve ever posted anything on your company’s Facebook page, you’ve probably seen a blue button that says “Boost Post” in the bottom right corner of every post. Clicking this button will start the optimized post creation process.

The Facebook Boost Post Button: How To Use It And Get Results

Boosted Posts make it easy to reach a large audience with one specific Facebook post. Since you can include as much or as little information as possible in your post, you can make your paid content very rich. You’ll immediately see how many people an optimized post can reach than an unoptimized one.

Audience Options: Enhanced post audience options prioritize links to your pages. You can choose who likes your page

Unlike boosted posts, ads are created separately from your Facebook Page (although you usually need a Page to create an ad). Clicking the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of Facebook, to the right of your name and notification button, and selecting “Create Ad” will begin the ad creation process.

Some people feel that boosted posts are too broad for their tastes; while they will see page posting activity and broad reach, they may get as much engagement as posts not related to business revenue. Facebook ads, on the other hand, can be optimized for specific outcomes (such as clicks to your website or conversions), showing your ads to people who are more likely to take those actions than others.

Facebook Ad Template

Spending options: daily or total budget. You can also choose whether you want Facebook to automatically optimize your ads, or whether you want to bid by click or by impression.

Audience options: Ad audience options prioritize specific goals. First, you’ll choose specific geographic areas, age ranges, interests, and even advanced targeting options like relationship status, education level, and life events. You can then choose whether you want to include or exclude people who have already liked your page and their friends.

Outcome: When creating your ad, choose from one of the options below. Facebook will only show your ad to the people it thinks will bring you the most money:

Facebook ad options offer exciting opportunities for online marketers and small business owners! Remember, posts and promoted ads are not mutually exclusive; you’re likely to see great results whether you use one or both ad types!

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