How To Promote A Youtube Video On Google Ads


How To Promote A Youtube Video On Google Ads – This is the fifth post in the Google Ads series. Earlier in the series, we covered various topics related to Google AdWords advertising.

Google Ads video advertising allows you to display your video ads in YouTube search results or before, during and after videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

How To Promote A Youtube Video On Google Ads

The first step in creating a video ad is the same as creating a text ad. Go to the campaign tab and select a new campaign.

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In Google Ads, you can create interesting video campaigns with different video ad formats to attract customers in different ways on YouTube and video partner sites.

Skippable in-stream ads are a new form of video-based content that reaches and targets audiences directly on YouTube.

Use this format if you want your video ad to appear before, after, or after other videos on YouTube and Display Network video partner sites.

You can choose goals such as leads, website traffic, brand awareness and product and brand awareness, as well as targeted campaigns.

I Will Organically Promote Your Youtube Video Ads With Google Ads

The importance of non-skippable video ads is that viewers have no chance to skip your video. You can promote your video content on YouTube and other Google Video partners. Gather brand awareness and achieve your goals.

Use this format to be found when people are searching for or watching videos on YouTube, and next to related videos on the YouTube, web and mobile homepage. Select product and brand considerations for targets.

Short video ads are a short video ad format that allows you to attract more customers and increase brand awareness with a short, engaging message. Your video must be 6 seconds or less.

For goals, select brand awareness and reach. Then, for the Campaign subtype, select Standard Awareness – Increase Engagement, Impressions, and Views.

How To Build Your Brand Awareness Through Youtube Videos

Out-of-player ads are video ads served only on partner websites and apps for mobile (phones and tablets). Select Brand Awareness and Reach for Objectives, then select Player in the Campaign subtype.

You can use banner ads to increase brand awareness of your new product or service to a large audience in a short period of time. This format automatically plays a video up to 30 seconds long on desktop, on mobile devices on the YouTube home channel for the full time without sound.

After selecting a goal, you will be asked to select a campaign subtype. Choose the type below based on your goal and video ad format.

There are two types of them – daily and campaign complete. Select a budget as needed and enter your total daily or campaign budget.

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If you choose a daily budget, you will need to choose a delivery method – standard or expedited. The standard method allows the budget to be spent evenly over time, while the accelerated method allows the budget to be spent more quickly.

When you select a general campaign budget type, you must select a start and end date for your campaign.

As you can see, by making certain choices, you can show your video in YouTube search results, YouTube videos and display networks.

You can target audiences based on location. When you select locations, your ad will only appear in those specific locations.

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Content exclusions help filter out negative or sensitive videos that may reflect poorly on your brand or message.

In the Devices tab, you can select devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and TV screens. You can choose the device you want to display your video ad by operating systems, device models and networks.

Next comes the advertising plan. Choose the time you want your video ad to run. Also, if you want to use it on certain days of the week, you can do that too.

Choose your target demographic by gender, age, parental status and household income. Select the visitors to whom you want to show your video ad.

Youtube Marketing: How To Create, Promote And Optimize Video Content

You can select your audience through general interest groups, specific interest and live event groups and remarketing groups. Social groups allow you to narrow down the type of audience you’re looking for. You can mix groups.

Add relevant keywords to your video ad. Keywords are words or phrases used to match your ads to the terms people are searching for.

Topics determine which videos your ads will be shown on. In addition, topics are a great way to target the most suitable audience for your product or service.

Placements determine where your ads will appear. In the meantime, if you have YouTube channels or videos you want to preview your ads for, please enter them here!

I Will Do Youtube Advertising, Video Promotion, And Ads Campaign Setup With Google Ads

For this step, you need an active YouTube account with video content. If you don’t have videos on YouTube, you need to create a Google account and upload your video.

Add the amount you’d like to pay when someone watches your video ad. Then just click the “Create Campaign” button and you’re done.

Now that’s all you can show your video ad. Once approved by Google, your video ad is finally published.

Video advertising has more advantages and is worth the time and effort. The future of video advertising is bright. In addition, the audience is large, the competition is less, because many marketers are slow to adopt online video campaigns.

Organically Promote Your Youtube Video With Google Ads By Afrin93

This is a great opportunity for marketers looking to invest in video content. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to start a video ad campaign once you’ve used Google Ads.

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Google Ads Ad Extensions allow you to add more information to your ad than the standard headline, URL, and ad copy. This extra information helps your ad stand out and get clicks, which in turn lowers your costs… Learn how YouTube ads are the same as video ads and Google ads. You can only place video ads on YouTube through Google Ads. YouTube is part of the Google umbrella and is owned by Google.

Want to get more views on your YouTube videos? In this video, you will learn how to set up a Google Ads video campaign with a YouTube video to accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel.

Step 6: The video ad campaign settings will appear and you need to enter all the information; Budgets, dates, offers, target audience and more.

Step 7: “Create Your Video Ad” tab, where you copy and paste the YouTube video URL

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Here’s our quick and easy step-by-step guide to creating and promoting Google Ads on YouTube. Using this tool gives you and your business free branding on YouTube, even if your audience skips the ad. We recommend using Google Ads for your YouTube videos.

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