How To Promote Etsy Shop On Instagram

How To Promote Etsy Shop On Instagram – Social media is becoming more and more popular in marketing our online businesses. Instagram is one of my favorite promotional platforms that I use as an Etsy seller. Because our physical products are so visual, Instagram is the perfect place to share them with the world.

If you haven’t heard of Instagram, you might be living under a rock. Really. It’s a social channel that allowed us to watch our favorite celebrities, inspired us to travel, work on our photography skills and keep in touch with friends. Instagram is completely free and will likely remain so, and so is Facebook. This is not only a social destination, but also a way to reach potential buyers for our Etsy shops.

How To Promote Etsy Shop On Instagram

I have a personal Instagram account full of fun times with friends, vacations, and other random photos. I created a separate account to promote my Etsy shop for several reasons. First, even though my friends support my business, I didn’t want to spam them with photos of wedding invitations. Many of my friends follow my business account, but it was important to me to separate it.

Effective Ways To Promote Your Etsy Shop

To potential buyers, having a dedicated account for Etsy products looks much more professional. Encourage the occasional personal post to let your followers know there’s a human behind the screen, but regularly adding family photos and/or memes to your business account can send mixed messages.

As I mentioned above, consider creating a new account for your Etsy shop. Start by downloading the Instagram app on your phone and click “register”. You can set up an account through Facebook or by entering your email address. Try to keep your username as close to your Etsy shop name as possible.

Add something attractive to your profile photo that is related to your store. It can be a professional (or fake) headshot, your logo, or a photo of one of your most popular products.

In the description area, include a short biography of you and/or your store. The title should contain the most important keywords as they are considered searchable on Instagram. When people see your profile, they will probably look at your photo feed first, but also your profile for information. Here is an example of my Instagram profile:

Instagram Marketing For A Digital Planner Business — The Pink Ink

Add your link to the website area to make it as easy as possible for your Instagram viewers to visit your store. Put it in this area, as opposed to your general profile, click. You can add a direct link to your Etsy shop by typing “”.

Linktree is a really great way to add lots of links to your profile. You can sign up for an account for free here, and it’s perfect for sellers who have a standalone website or blog alongside their Etsy shop. Mark each one so users can easily visit the pages they should go to.

Having good photos is the key to getting followers and attracting buyers on Instagram. This is also part of what makes the platform so much fun! I recommend that you make sure your product photos are clear and show exactly what you are selling. Have fun taking photos of your items and adding some flair to complete your product. Read more about how to take great product photos for Instagram from The Rising Tide Society and Pink Pot.

It really helps to look professional while maintaining a consistent and on-brand channel. When choosing photos for Instagram, choose colors and style that represent your brand. People like to see a complex, well thought out and coherent profile. The more you can put into creating great food, the easier it will be to grow your following.

All About Promoting Your Etsy Shop On Pinterest In 2022

It’s very easy to edit your Instagram phone photos to make them sharp, stand out and stand out. My favorite is Pic-Tap-Go because I love lighting up my photos and it’s so easy to use. There are tons of photo editing apps out there, so experiment with them and see what works best for you! Others I tried and liked are A Color Story, VSCO, Snapseed, and Afterlight.

Your photos are important, but so are good captions. Try telling a story, describing your process, or starting a discussion to grab the attention of people scrolling through the pages on their phones.

As humans, we are drawn to someone we can identify with, sympathize with, or feel inspired by. You can bring up these emotions in your writing. This bold and pop post has some tips on how to write the perfect caption.

These live links allow potential buyers to find you in the big world of Instagram. Currently, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, and I recommend making the most of it! The more you use, the more likely you will find it.

How To Start Selling On Etsy

Don’t be too literal! Your hashtags don’t necessarily describe your product, but how you deal with your customer.

Close your eyes (after reading this paragraph) and imagine your ideal client. What photos have they uploaded? What stage of life are they in? What will the hashtags be?

For example, I created a line of baby prints that people could buy and download to print. My ideal client would be a mom-to-be who is comfortable DIYing. Instead of using hashtags to describe MY product, I used hashtags that my potential buyers might use:

Do you see the difference? It’s unlikely that your client is specifically tagged with “nursery photo”, but they might use “mommytobe”. By adding “mommytobe” you can connect with them and show them a product they didn’t even know they needed!

How To Link Your Etsy Shop To Your Instagram In Order To Tag Your Products In Your Posts — Camille Medina

Half of Instagram is about posting, writing and hashtagging. The other half interacts! The idea behind the platform is to be social, so don’t be afraid to engage in interactions by liking, commenting on, and following other people’s photos.

To increase your reach, you need to like the photos in your feed, as well as those related to the hashtags you use. Every time I post a photo, I quickly visit each of the hashtags I’ve added and like some of the other posts.

See someone who might be a potential buyer? You can follow their feed and hope they get back to you, or check out your profile (and link to your Etsy shop!). I also like to look at other people in my industry for inspiration and support.

If the inscription spoke to you, comment! I think a comment is the best way to interact because it can start a discussion between both people. When people comment on your photos, always respond with value.

How To Promote Your Instagram Account: Automatic And Manual Promotion Ways

By being true to yourself and your brand, you’ll naturally grow your followers, improve your feed, and drive traffic to your Etsy shop. Don’t be too salesy and never use ick or spam to gain followers.

Get started and have fun! You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t on your Instagram and in store. Start showcasing your amazing products and connect with potential buyers.

Don’t worry too much about great food, it will come with time. Here is my Instagram profile view when I first started and a more recent screenshot. There is always room for improvement!

Update: I’ve come a long way since writing this post. The more you do, the more you learn and the better you get, I promise!

How To Create The Best Etsy Marketing Strategy In 2022

Wondering what to post on Instagram for your Etsy shop? Download my list of 50 ideas to promote your business here!

I’m Steph, your personal cheerleader when you start your business. I started from scratch over seven years ago and turned my hobby Etsy shop into a full business. Now I want to share everything I know to help you pursue your passion, live in freedom, and love Monday a little more! Etsy is a great platform for business owners, arts and crafts sellers, and just about any creative business. .

By setting up a shop on Etsy, the seller can enjoy traffic and exposure on the Etsy Marketplace, making it easier for anyone to start an online business and reach more customers.

But the exposure you get on Etsy isn’t always enough. Like any internet entrepreneur, part of running your business will always be more traffic, more customers and more sales.

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A social media presence is one way to increase brand awareness and traffic to your Etsy shop. It can help you reach new customers who don’t usually shop on Etsy or who are less familiar with the platform.

Here are four examples of successful Etsy shop owners using Instagram to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their Etsy shops.

Her Instagram feed includes selections from her life and every day, showing “behind the scenes” of her products.

The other is Gabriella, an artist who makes beautiful handmade leaf bags from vegetable leather and waterproof fabrics.

Five Ways To Build Your Creative Business On Instagram

Her successful Instagram profile is eye-catching and has helped her gain more than 20,000 followers.

The third is Drew, a Canadian wood artist

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