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Your Facebook page is often the centerpiece of your entire social media marketing presence as a small business.

How To Promote My Page On Facebook

It’s a valuable discovery method where users eagerly recommend your business to friends, interact with your content (friends can see it!) and have people find you through the search bar. Here potential and existing customers can find important information about your business, including links to your website, hours of operation and mission statement.

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Therefore, your Facebook page can be very useful in reaching new audiences and connecting with existing followers. However, people must be able to find your page correctly to enjoy these benefits.

Knowing how to set up and promote a Facebook page for your small business is important, and knowing what not to do is just as important. In this article, we’ll cover the 7 most common mistakes you should avoid when promoting your Facebook business page.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Your Business on Facebook Page 1. Using an inconsistent brand voice or displaying inconsistent brand values

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Many small businesses overlook the importance of ensuring the look and feel of their Facebook page matches their business vision and goals. Pages are part of a business and should represent the same nature of the business.

When interacting with your customers on Facebook, it’s important to reflect who you are. Each page can be a little mundane, but you should always aim for balance. You don’t want your customers to feel like you don’t take your business seriously.

The bottom of Canopy’s Facebook business page is a perfect example. The brand emphasizes sustainable, organic, green living and affordable prices, which is reflected in each post. They have a strong ethical stance and are consistently focused on their positions.

With so many small businesses competing for a spot on a Facebook user’s newsfeed, playing it safe might seem like the best option. For most companies, this means sticking with one content type and putting the rest of their content strategy on autopilot.

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But aside from the risk of turning your Facebook page into a ghost town, if you don’t experiment with different types of posts, you’ll struggle to engage your audience. A successful content strategy must include infographics, videos, photos and other visual elements.

Some types of content can go viral, greatly increasing your organic reach, while others can help you get consistent engagement, including shares, likes, and comments.

Dollar Shave Club is a great example of a company that tweaked their social presence to be more fun and creative and it worked to their advantage. Their brand voice is unique and they are known for their amazing social media campaigns. A simple “It’s Cyber ​​Monday!” for example:

Companies try to keep things fresh by mixing things up. As a result, they delight audiences and stand out from the crowd.

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Many small business owners are shy about paying for promotions. Create a Facebook page to become a mostly free user. However, your reach is limited by the number of customers who have searched for your business on Facebook.

You don’t want to limit yourself that way, especially when you can only get results for a few dollars a day. Building brand awareness is easy with the right strategy.

Consider Facebook Ads to expand your reach. The company has built a robust platform that allows businesses to expand their customer base and reach their customers. You can define your audience based on interests, location and purchasing behavior.

This is a good example of a prose ad. I don’t use prose. I don’t know the product. However, this personalized hair product is very popular and you can have shiny and beautiful hair with 15% discount. This will attract more customers and sales from people who have never heard of your brand.

A Breakdown Of Facebook Ad Types

To target your ad more strategically. We help you get more out of every dollar spent in your advertising budget by automatically optimizing your ad campaigns, including identifying successful creatives.

The most important step in creating Facebook Ads is the testing phase. However, as a small business, you might think you don’t have the money to spend on ad testing.

This is a big mistake. Testing your ads will save you money by ensuring you don’t waste money on ads that don’t work.

Rather than running multiple versions of the ad and hoping one of them works, the test will tell you which version works best. Then you can focus your efforts and resources on the successful release. The more effective each ad is, the less you’ll spend per ad. It’s good to get information.

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Create and test different versions of your ads. You want to test the next element, but only the tests.

Pay attention and try to see if you can get the best return possible.

Small businesses rely heavily on ‘what’s on Facebook’, which limits the resources available to optimize campaigns. There are several third-party tools built into Facebook to help you easily manage and promote your Page, or to help you create high-quality content. 🇧🇷

People like to interact with what other people post on Facebook. Because they can show approval, express opinions and assert themselves.

How To Hook (and Keep!) New Members For Your Facebook Group

Create opportunities for Facebook followers to interact with your Page by running contests, soliciting entries, showing customer photos, and answering questions from Facebook users. Personal interactions with your customers will build trust in your product and reward Facebook users for paying attention to your page.

Fenty is a great example of an approachable, friendly and relatable brand. One of our customers seems to write most of the posts. It also features builds from other women with great memories and makeup tips.

Another way to communicate with customers is to have a conversation. The psychological need for validation can be met on Facebook by showing that customers are responding to your feedback. The tick example below is fantastic. When users commented on information about their son’s birthday, the company responded with congratulations on the upcoming birthday, mentioning a specific date. These are small moments that can lead to important connections and relationship building.

No matter how much effort you put into creating the perfect page, people will lose interest and move on if you don’t dedicate enough time to it. Avoid this by creating a publishing schedule tailored to your product and audience.

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Consider frequency and timing when creating a posting schedule. Exact posting frequency varies from business to business, but for most businesses, 3-5 posts per week is a good rule of thumb. If you post too often, you will lose interest from your Facebook users. If you post too much, it might piss them off.

Timing your posts can be more difficult, but there are tools to ease the pain of the process. Hootsuite allows you to create a complete content schedule for your social media channels in one go, scheduling posts for when you want them to go live. This will keep you from forgetting to post when you’re busy, which is especially helpful during the holiday season.

This vision ensures that your work has every chance to stand out and make the impact you want, without the burden of posting every day. You can set aside time each week to add posts to the queue over the next few days. If you want to add something specific or seasonal to the day, you can easily queue wherever you want.

Looking for some creative ways to create a Facebook business page that showcases your brand? These three tips are helpful.

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The most important thing you can do when you know how to create a Facebook page for your business is to completely fill out your profile.

This may seem like a small or obvious observation, but many brands don’t use all of the available fields.

You’ll want to see analytics for your Page, especially when it’s being created and when you’re working to promote it.

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