How To Promote Your Song On Soundcloud


How To Promote Your Song On Soundcloud – As an artist, you have a responsibility to promote your music. So how do you promote yourself to get more exposure on SoundCloud?

Here are 5 effective strategies to promote SoundCloud related to the music industry in 2022. Here is a taste of what you will learn:

How To Promote Your Song On Soundcloud

By following these strategies, you can increase the number of plays you get on SoundCloud, as well as your followers and likes. Let’s go! 👇

How To Make Money On Soundcloud In 2022 (beyond Premier)

SoundCloud has made changes over the past few years that the homepage is no longer your feed. This means that your followers won’t find your music every time it’s released.

Spotify is the most popular choice these days for listening to music and allows you to reach a wide audience.

Including major services like Spotify and Apple Music in 2022 is essential to unlock the full potential of your promotion and marketing.

While bad music may be promoted, it doesn’t escape the ultimate test: public opinion.

Soundcloud Finally Add A Queue So You Can Choose What Plays Next

It doesn’t matter how much PR or marketing you put into tracking, if it’s mediocre, no one wants to hear it and you won’t get projects.

Never forget this cardinal principle of music promotion – your music is your marketing. It’s not just developing music, it’s closely related to the development process.

One of my earlier songs, “Parking Anxiety,” only got 900 plays in 3 years, despite sending it out to a lot of people. Why; No one wants to share it, because it’s so mediocre.

People don’t buy a vacuum cleaner if they don’t like it, so people won’t listen to music if they don’t like it. This is especially true on Soundcloud, where the barrier to entry is so low that an awful lot of songs get uploaded, which means listeners have to look further.

Do Real And Organic Soundcloud Promotion For Music Do Real And Organic Soundcloud Promotion For Music

I’ve noticed over time that artists and producers (especially those who want a job) tend to overestimate the quality of their music. I did that in the early days, and you can listen to my old music and hear the tempo improvements.

One of my newest drum and bass tracks, Get Your Wish by Porter Robinson, has gotten a lot of airplay and shares because it’s so much higher quality than my older stuff.

But this begs the question – should I upload my music if it’s not 100% yet? This is debatable, but on a platform like SoundCloud, the risk is much lower, and songs are removed with just one click.

Plus, you’ll get valuable feedback from the audience if you ask, allowing you to gauge what will work and what won’t.

Do Promote Your Soundcloud Music On Social Media By Sound_boost

So while promoting music online is important, getting feedback and bringing it to the studio will prove to be the most important use of time.

So how can I make my music “better”? That’s another topic entirely, and that’s why courses like EDM Basics and Songwriting for Producers exist.

There are people who will always be better at music marketing than you. So don’t spin the wheel, use these people to your advantage.

Find channels on Soundcloud that can share your music with more people than you could before. This can come in the form of

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Also don’t ignore the off-site crowd. Just because they don’t have a large audience on SoundCloud doesn’t mean a blog or YouTube channel can’t send tons of exposure your way.

The key here is to find the right channels for your music. Don’t message someone just because they have a lot of followers. They are actually looking for specific types of music for their tastes.

So go through some of your previous uploads/posts and make a decision. Don’t get too upset if your music doesn’t sound exactly like what’s out there, but if it’s too different, you’ll probably get a pass.

Answer? Email. It’s an oldie, but still the best. How does this relate to SoundCloud, you may ask?

How To Get More Listeners On Soundcloud

Everyone has an email. artists. attachments. methods of promotion. Repost channels. Music lovers. And you can reach them through this channel whether they have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or not.

I got my top playlists from email networks, including the top spot on one of Majestic Casual’s weekly playlists on Soundcloud. In this case, it was a form that sends them an email, but the problem remains.

Here’s an example where I emailed my song to a YouTube uploader and noticed a difference in response time.

Not to mention, you can’t use channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These channels are great, but always try to send an email first. And use the Hubspot extension to track open messages, you’ll thank me later.

Promote Your Music On Soundcloud Organically And Honestly By Joimaell54

To make this easier, you’ll need to create an email list of relevant people to send your music to. Just use Google Sheets or Excel.

Personally, I use an app called Notion (which has database functionality) to track YouTube channels, Soundcloud pages, labels, and more. I have deleted private emails.

With fewer plays on SoundCloud (due to less “streaming” visibility), it’s important that your core audience still hears your music when it’s released, and what better way to do that than with email marketing?

If you know download portals like ToneDen and Artists Union, you can start using them to collect users’ email addresses. If you’re a Bandcamp user, you can also get email addresses at checkout. This way, you can create a mailing list for your music the next time you have something to give!

Do Viral Soundcloud Promotion For Your Soundcloud Music And Tracks

Once you have a list, you need to find an email marketing service. Symphonic Distribution has put together a list of the best email marketing platforms for musicians, so be sure to check them out.

This is one of the most useful tools on SoundCloud and is an effective way to combine the power of multiple accounts in a simple and automated way.

In essence, a repost chain is a group of people who automatically post a piece, each on a schedule, to increase exposure. Services like SCplanner allow you to do this effortlessly.

Just find music friends in the chain and one person submit new music songs in the chain. When you get followers, you can always reach twice.

Soundcloud Launches Mobile Editing Features For Creators

First, make sure you’re okay with reposting music in this thread. Does it fit your brand or will it annoy your followers? While the numbers may be impressive, wait if you think they will hurt your brand.

Also, some people have problems with repost chains because they “abuse the ability to repost”, so consider if this works for you. Personally, I think it’s fine as long as you retweet the music you like.

Now that there is a “Discover” tab on Soundcloud, the goal is to showcase your music in this new way of discovery.

The best way to do this is through metadata. Tell Soundcloud about your music and give it a better chance on the platform.

Groove Music Promotion

You might be wondering why I wrote Genre Tags because it’s probably one of the most important factors on SoundCloud that determines where to put your music.

You can see one of the most recent tracks in San Holo marked “electronic,” which is one of the default options when creating your track. Soundcloud loves it because it knows who to showcase.

Moreover, the more metadata that SoundCloud provides, the more opportunities it can offer the song on the platform, not only with “Discover” but also with the “Chart” feature, especially when you get more plays.

Relevant metadata is passed across platforms to other services such as Google, meaning that your music will also appear in search results.

Best Practices On How To Promote Your Music On Soundcloud 2021

Since Google reads text, not your brain, if it can tell you who you are and what your music is called, it will help your chances of getting noticed. Very stylish.

With thousands more games in a short time, you can ruin your career, risk the closure of your account, or lose the trust of your true fans. Additionally, it is against SoundCloud’s terms and conditions.

I had to mention it here because people often think of it when searching for their Soundcloud game. The same can be said for likes and followers, as well as other platforms. These figures are fictitious and do not reflect organic growth.

That’s why we’ve put together our guide to promoting your music on a budget. You can get it for free below:

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If you have any questions about marketing and promoting your music, please let me know at [email protected] – I’ll be happy to answer.

With 10 years of experience in music production and a few marketing moves, I lead the content here. I also make music under Artea. My hobbies are reading, drinking coffee and taking pictures. Three weeks ago, I received the following email from SoundCloud with the headline “You’ve been invited to an exclusive advertising opportunity”.

As it stands today, creating a campaign is easy, although choosing between simple and complex targeting is an issue.

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