How To Remove Payment Method From Facebook Ads

How To Remove Payment Method From Facebook Ads – Marketing your book can be a difficult process. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine the best option for you. When it comes to social media marketing, you can’t look past Facebook ads. With nearly 2.89 billion monthly users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, and Facebook’s advertising network is a powerful market for publishers.

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How To Remove Payment Method From Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are paid for posts that are posted on the Facebook social network. Unlike Facebook posts (like you can do on Facebook author pages), paid Facebook ads allow businesses to get their products or services in front of a target audience with more choices.

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When you use Facebook ads, Facebook users will see you in various places on the web, such as news feeds, messages, and even on Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram). When you run an ad, you can choose where you want your ad to appear.

One of the main advantages of Facebook advertising is the amount of activity that is available with each ad. Advertisers have the flexibility to configure different aspects of their campaign not only at the start of the campaign, but can also be adjusted or modified as the campaign progresses.

Although Facebook ads can be very successful in many different businesses, authors, in particular, have a great opportunity to use this platform to gain more readers, sell more books or develop a community.

The most common way for authors to use Facebook ads is to advertise their books on retailers such as Amazon, Apple or Kobo. This means that when a reader clicks on an ad, it takes them to a page where they can buy the book immediately.

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Most publishers work on a limited marketing budget and need to decide if Facebook ads fit into their marketing plan. When looking at marketing channels to invest, we want to see the profitability of each channel and the investment time that each channel needs.

As you can see in the grid below, email marketing is always more profitable. They have less time to invest if you use an advertising platform like Written Word Media or Bookbub, making your booking advertising faster and easier. However, email marketing is a one-day process and will only provide sales within 24-48 hours. Facebook ads give a higher return on investment, however, their investment time is high, because advertising on this site requires learning to use each site and continuously monitor the performance of advertising. Facebook ads can generate consistent sales for days.

Your goals and budget will determine whether you use email marketing, Facebook ads, or both. One of the ways to reduce the investment time in Facebook advertising is to outsource this network to professionals or use services such as Reader Reach Ads. Next, we will explain the steps to start using Facebook Ads to sell your book.

While Facebook ads are a great tool for bloggers, they are not designed specifically for bloggers. This is important to remember when running a campaign. Facebook wants all types of businesses and professionals to use its advertising platform, so not all features or capabilities are suitable for publishers to use.

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Facebook ads are divided into three categories. In Facebook Ads Manager, you can go to different sections of your campaign to change different settings such as budget, target audience and ad copy. Understanding the nature of your ad will make creating and managing your ad easier. Let’s start the campaign at a higher level.

This is the first part you edit when running Facebook ads. The campaign stage is where you tell Facebook the main goal or goal for your campaign.

While there are many options to choose from, we recommend Target Traffic for authors trying to sell their books to online retailers like Amazon or Apple. This is because targeting traffic improves clicks, and Facebook will look at people in your audience who may choose to click on your ad based on their first interaction on Facebook.

Another area you need to decide is whether to open or close your campaign budget. Both options are good for different users but we generally prefer to turn them off. The reason is that it gives users control over how the budget is spent, and allows you to run experiments where Facebook sets the budget. However, if you don’t have time to manage your ads, opening them is definitely a good time.

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The marketing department comes next. This is where you’ll play with ad time, budget (if you’ve turned off marketing optimization) and choose your audience. Audience options include location, gender, age, language and other details (Facebook benefits).

Remember that you can have multiple ads in one campaign, which allows you to test your audience or budget. You should familiarize yourself with this section, because you may spend a lot of time here when you are testing or reviewing ads.

The ad level is the third and final level of Facebook ad settings. This is where you can play with the copy and images used in your ad. While most of the first step works in the background, this is where you’ll work on the actual ads that readers will see and hopefully click on.

You can have multiple ads in each setting. This gives you the flexibility to try different images, buttons or text to find what resonates with you. Unlike ad packages, which use a specific budget, you don’t need to spend anything extra to have additional ads, because they all take the budget associated with the ad package.

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A typical Facebook ad might have one campaign, three ads (each with a different goal) and three ads in each category. Publishers using this feature can use three similar ads in each ad set and copy the ads after they are created.

Before you start setting up your campaign, you need to set up Facebook Ads Manager. This is where you will create and manage your ads.

The good news is that Facebook Ads Manager is available to all Facebook users who have a Facebook Business Page. Therefore, this will link to your Facebook page, not your personal page. All ads created will appear on your author page.

Before jumping into Ads Manager, you’ll need to review your account settings and set up a payment method in advance. This will be the account that will be automatically paid for each campaign.

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To do this, when you are in your Facebook feed, click on the advertising icon on the left side of the screen, you can click on “See more.”

Now that you are in Ads Manager, you will need to click on the three lines on the left side of the page. Then, in the exit menu you will click on the bill.

You will now be in the payment process, where you will see all your past transactions after advertising and processing. At this point, you need to click on the payment settings button at the top right.

Then click on Add Payment Method. Once set up, your Facebook ad account is ready to go. If you’re worried about spending too much money for your Facebook ad page, this same screen offers a way to set limits for your account usage as well, although you can set spending limits while running your ads.

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Once you’ve set up your payment information, it’s time to create your ad image. Facebook recommends that images used for advertising have a resolution of at least 1080 x 1080 pixels. The size varies depending on where you want your ad to appear, but we find that a 1:1 (square) ratio works best. To create custom Facebook ad images, there are many online tools available to authors, and thankfully you don’t need any graphic design experience to use them.

While there are many options for creating videos, we have some of our personal recommendations below. It does not require any design experience to use properly.

Book Brush is designed for writers and is one of the easiest tools we’ve seen. All you need is the cover of your book and you can have an advertisement Professional in minutes.

When you publish your book, you can choose which social media sites you want to use. This will automatically create the correct size for your image.

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Once this is selected, you can install

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