How To Schedule An Email In Gmail


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Are you a night owl sending email after email until the wee hours of the morning? Maybe you get out of bed at 5am and start texting team members, or spend Sunday night catching up on emails before the week starts.

How To Schedule An Email In Gmail

That’s good – for you. But there are probably some people on your team who don’t like dealing with after-hours emails. If you say something that can wait until the morning, many feel compelled to respond immediately.

How To Schedule An Email In Gmail

Fortunately, Google lets you schedule emails in Gmail, so you can cross off your to-do list outside of work hours without bothering your co-workers. Here’s how to schedule emails in Gmail. The process works almost the same on the web and in the iOS and Android mobile apps.

The obvious first step is to compose the email you need to send. Once the recipient is listed in the email, the message can be scheduled. You will notice that there is a drop-down menu next to the Send button at the bottom of the email window. Click on it and select Submit Schedule. Mobile users can access this option from the three-dot menu.

If you want to send an email tomorrow morning, this afternoon, or tomorrow night, a pop-up box will appear with the fastest scheduling times.

If none of that works, select Date and time so you can select a specific date from the calendar. You can specify a specific time and even schedule it for a different year.

Gmail Tips And Tricks: How To Use Schedule Send

After selecting the time and date, the email will be scheduled immediately. A new Calendar folder will appear in Gmail, showing how many scheduled emails you have left. Open this folder to see all your scheduled emails and the dates that show when they will be sent.

If you need to undo a scheduled email right away, Gmail features a pop-up message that lets you undo a scheduled email right after you’ve scheduled it. Click Undo and the message will revert to draft.

If not, open the scheduled folder, hover over the email in question and click the trash icon to delete the email. To edit and rearrange your message, open the email and click Cancel to return it to draft.

Mobile users can also long-press the email in question and hit the X arrow to cancel and send to draft (iOS users can also click the trash can icon to delete).

Gmail Delay Send

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As the How To Content editor, I have to cover a variety of topics and make our stories accessible to everyday users. Given my background as a technical writer, copywriter, and freelancer at various outlets covering baseball, comics, and more, I’m used to framing myself as an expert. Gmail’s scheduled sending feature allows you to send emails on specified dates and times. 🇧🇷 That way, the email lands in the recipient’s inbox when engagement is most likely, resulting in better visibility and transparency.

This feature is useful if your team works remotely in different time zones and uses email to coordinate work. Plus, you can use Gmail’s Delay feature to schedule emails for you as reminders!

How To Schedule Emails In Gmail And Outlook

In this guide, I will cover how to schedule emails in Gmail using its web app and mobile app. I will also handle canceling and editing scheduled emails on the web and mobile app.

Access your Gmail account and sign in with your Gmail or Google Workspace (formerly Google Apps) account.

After composing an email, click the down arrow next to the Send button to open a pop-up window.

Step 5 You should now see several options to schedule your email – tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, Monday morning, or you can choose your date and time by clicking Choose date and time.

Gmail & Scheduled Emails:10 Things You Should Know

Step 6 To select your time and date in the Select date and time window, select a specific time on the right and select a specific date from the calendar on the left.

Note: The steps for scheduling an email using Apple Mail are similar to Gmail’s scheduled sending feature. The only difference is that instead of sending the schedule in Apple Mail, you will get a Send Later button. You can use the Send Later button in Apple Mail to send a schedule from your Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook accounts.

If you planned an email but don’t want to send it now, don’t worry. It’s very easy to cancel scheduled emails in your Gmail inbox. See how:

Step 3 Select the email you want to unsubscribe from by clicking the checkbox to the left of the email.

How To Schedule An Email In Gmail On Iphone & Ipad (2022)

A sent scheduled email will not be sent again later and will be moved from the Scheduled folder to the Drafts folder, where you can delete it.

If you’ve scheduled an email but want to edit parts of your scheduled email to send or change the scheduled date and time, here’s how you can do it:

Step 2 Select the email address and make any necessary updates in the Gmail pop-up window that opens.

You can choose to change the date and time here or use the scheduled date and time you added earlier.

Send Recurring Emails In Gmail

You can reorder the email by selecting the drop-down arrow next to the Send button and following the steps mentioned above.

Now that you know how to schedule, cancel and edit emails in the Gmail web app, let’s see how to do the same using the mobile app.

I’ll cover how to schedule your emails using the Gmail app on your smartphone, and I’ll show you how to cancel and edit scheduled emails on your mobile app.

Step 5 In the window that appears, select the next time and date you want to send your email.

How To Add An Email To Your Google Calendar

Step 3 Scroll down until you see Scheduled Folder and tap on it. Then select the scheduled sending email you want to cancel.

Emails will no longer be sent at scheduled times and will be moved to your Drafts folder.

You can also edit your scheduled emails through the Gmail app on your Android and iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc.).

First, follow the steps I mentioned above to cancel your scheduled message. Then, in the Drafts folder, do the following:

How To Schedule An Email In Gmail

Step 1 Open the email and tap the little pencil icon to start editing your scheduled message.

Step 3 Submit and choose a schedule from the specified times (and dates) or choose your own. You can choose to send the email at a later date and time, or send it at a previously scheduled time.

While Gmail’s scheduling feature is great, editing your scheduled email is still a tedious process that involves deleting and rearranging emails. Also if you want to schedule multiple emails it can be very tedious as you have to add date/time for each one.

Linkedin is a powerful email marketing and outreach tool used by companies like Twitter and Google. It’s also a favorite among small business owners, startup founders, consultants, and casual emailers.

Schedule An Email

This tool works entirely within Gmail and is available for free as a Chrome browser extension that you can access from your desktop or laptop.

Step 1 When composing your email, access the scheduling settings by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Send button. (as shown in the screenshot below).

Step 2 Choose from a list of defined times from the drop-down menu or define your own custom time.

Instead of deleting and rearranging your Gmail emails, organize your scheduled emails neatly under the Scheduled Label in your Gmail inbox. Besides the Gmail label, you can also find emails in the default Gmail drafts folder.

How To Schedule An Email In Gmail

Now you can quickly access each one and edit your scheduled emails with the exact date and time in seconds – no canceling required!

One of the best features is auto-personalization – it can automatically personalize your emails using the recipient’s first and last name, the company they work for or other information such as their date of birth.

That way, all you have to do is compose an email to all recipients and make sure that each recipient still gets a personalized email message that looks like it was created just for them.

And since you’re only composing one email for all your recipients, you only need to schedule that email.

Be Like Gmail: Proton Mail Will Soon Offer Email Categorization, Message Scheduling And More

Scheduling emails in Gmail is relatively easy and can help you ensure that your emails reach the recipient’s inbox on time.

It makes it super easy to schedule, cancel and edit your emails in seconds. And from automatic customization to advanced analytics, you also get a powerful host.

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