How To Send A Video Through Outlook Email

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How To Send A Video Through Outlook Email

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How To Send A Large Video Through Email On Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Zohomail And Icloud

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How To Embed Html5 Video In Email

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How To Manage Mobile Email With Microsoft Outlook

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How To Send Large Files Over The Internet

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Although videos embedded in emails are credited with driving 5x higher open rates and 8x higher response rates – only 50% of B2B marketers use video in their email marketing campaigns.

So, to help you get started with video email marketing, let’s look at ways to embed a video in an email:

Studies conducted by many industry leaders praise the role of video in increasing your email marketing success.

How To Compose & Send New Emails With Microsoft Outlook

GetResponse found that emails with video show a 5.6% higher open rate and a 96% higher click rate compared to emails without video. A study by Implix Email Marketing Trends shows that click-through rates on the first email increase by over 96%, which is amazing!

Also, Eloqua shares its results, as it shows that unwritten messages are reduced by 75% (75%) when embedding video in emails. In its Useful Information for Your Message [Video], Wistia reveals the main benefits of embedding videos in your email as shared by its respondents:

Additionally, MarTech Advisor notes that emails with video see a 300% increase in click-through rates, which is good news for email senders.

Anyone who has tried their hand at adding a video to an email knows that the process is not easy. After all, nothing good comes easy. For starters, the main way to embed video is to use HTML5, as Wistia did in their Soapbox email.

Introducing Gmail And Outlook Video Integrations

This HTML code also includes the code for embedding the return image so that recipients of email clients that do not support embedding video in this way can see the return image.

Remember, we’re talking about HTML5 here. This is the latest and most powerful version of HTML, which offers many important options for video. Another advantage is that HTML5 works on iOS devices that don’t support Flash.

In summary, Apple Mail 4, 5 and 6, iPad Mail, iPhone Mail and Outlook are compatible with HTML5 videos. In fact, research shows that 75% of developers use HTML5 and about 35% of mobile traffic is due to HTML5 videos.

The new version of HTML also allows you to control video features such as video size and image banners that are displayed before the video plays.

How To Embed Videos In Outlook Email

There is a catch here though. Not all email providers support HTML5. Only two-thirds of email clients support video content embedded in email. Unfortunately, Gmail, which has 40% of the web market share, does not support this method of embedding videos in emails.

Email providers that do not support live video playback with HTML5 will result in a dropped image. Here is a list of email clients that play videos and show thumbnails:

When it comes to adding videos to email with HTML5, the biggest advantage is that your video can play directly in the user’s email client. This allows the recipient to play the video without leaving the email. Additionally, HTML5 is flexible. It allows you to adjust the playback image and video size to customize the way your video plays.

Liveclicker says, “A video embedded in an email acts as a booster to get more people to view the video content. On average, we’ve seen 35% – 45% more video plays on an embedded video when AB sharing has been tested against an embedded video .”

How To Set Up Outlook: Manage Your Email Easily!

They cite improved UX for mobile users as the main reason for this choice, as you only need one click to watch a video. However, the biggest drawback is that most email clients do not support embedded video, which means that the improved user experience is not equal.

So in a way, by using HTML5 to embed videos in your email, you’re improving the user experience for some of your recipients and ruining the experience for many others.

For email clients that don’t support HTML5, your subscribers will see a static image with a link to the video or a broken image that won’t let them see the video at all.

So it’s good to go if the post shows an image + link combination. But this is a broken image because it creates confusion for the receiver and destroys the whole plan of sending a video stop.

How To Send A Video Through Email: 4 Easy Steps (2021)

Also, it is possible to mark a video email as spam. In such cases, your email may not get the eyes it deserves, or worst, it may mean the customer is blacklisted for your domain. Oh

A final caveat here is that even if you get your customers to watch your video, you’ll want them to click again before they get to your landing page. So, in total you have two clicks – one to play the video (the embedded emails are not automatic) and one to go to the landing page. And we all know how valuable backlinks are.

Of course, the world has solutions to the disadvantages of the HTML5 method. It doesn’t make sense to serve half the people on your email list with a killer video and leave the other half out. So the solution? An image with a Facebook like link in this newsletter.

Here’s how: add an image from a video to your email and set it to play.

How To Send A Video Through Email

In this way, the image will go up as a video (all thanks to the play button) and when the recipient clicks on it, the image and the duo play button will take him to another page where the video will be played.

1. Prepare a clickable image:

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