How To Set Up Business Email Address

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Because everything happens online and in the cloud, we each have our own email account and we use our email address for all our communication. In addition, our email address has become our online identity and the basis of all personal and business services we use. it is therefore important to have different email accounts, or at least different email addresses, for personal and professional communication purposes. Our business email address may only be used for business communications and professional relationships.

How To Set Up Business Email Address

A business email address is primarily the address you use to communicate with your business partners, colleagues, customers and partners. It is only a professional email address if the business email address contains the custom domain you registered for your company. The business email address is the email address used for business communications based on your custom domain. In other words, a professional email address is one that contains your company name in domain form.

How To Write A Professional Email [email Format & Examples]

When you create an email account with a popular email service provider with a shared domain, you can even choose a fancy name or funny abbreviation for your personal email address. however, when it comes to business communications, your email address should not match the email address of your employees. In addition to having a professional email address, following email etiquette will help you write an effective email, reflecting your professionalism and promoting your brand.

Your email address should be based on your domain name and also have a professional look. A professional email address offers you the following benefits:

To maintain consistency in creating email accounts and to ensure that each employee has a professional email address, plan and specify the format of users’ email addresses.

It is one of the most widely used email formats in the world. This type of email address looks professional because it contains both your first and last name. even if there are several people with the same name in an organization, the chances of having the same last name are much less, making the relationship between user and email address less ambiguous. this format is suitable for organizations of all sizes. Even in the case of start-ups or small businesses, this will help with long-term planning and avoid conflict as the organization grows.

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This is another popular format used by organizations around the world. This email address format is preferred because it is personal and easy to remember because it is short and includes the user’s name. however, conflicts can arise when surnames begin with the same initials. most administrators prefer this format and use the short form of the middle name or two letters of the middle name to avoid conflicts.

Customers and business contacts can easily identify and contact the person who sent the email. It is ideal and well suited for startups and small businesses with 10 or fewer users. However, as the company/organization grows, conflicts can arise based on usernames, and this confusion is compounded when both have a customer-facing role. it also creates confusion in internal emails when there are multiple contacts with the same name. this format is very popular because addresses are easy to remember.

For larger organizations, instead of assigning email addresses in this format to all users, email addresses in this format can be assigned as email aliases to prominent individuals in the organization. having an email address as an alias will help them keep their primary email address private and thus easily distinguish internal and important emails from the spam emails they receive.

To create a professional email address with your domain name, you need to set up your domain with Zoho first. After you are done verifying your domain with Zoho Mail, you need to add users to create their email account. If you don’t already have a domain name, you can buy one from Zoho. Domains registered through Zoho are already fully configured and ready for immediate use. You can start adding users right away.

How To Set Up A Professional Email Address Using Your Domain Name • The Work Life Blend

Another important aspect that is often overlooked when creating an email address is the targeting email address. as the organization grows, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc. It is recommended to use public or private email addresses, as this ensures that important email addresses, such as [email protected] , keep working even if employees leave the organization. Support, sales, etc. in the initial phase of an organization. is on an individual level and the communication goes directly from the client or leader to the person. however, for the most standard and professional communication, it is best to ensure that such email addresses are shared group addresses that are managed by a team rather than individuals.

To have a professional communication practice, it is recommended to have common email accounts based on different functional groups of the institution depending on the nature of the position. Below are some of the standard email accounts every organization uses for different business functions.

Public or external email addresses are often used to allow external contacts of organizations to contact various corporate functions. When setting up these accounts, administrators must ensure that the email accounts in the group have permission to receive email from external accounts. emails sent to the group must also be appropriately forwarded to that team.

Organization or internal group email addresses are used for employees of an internal organization to access internal employee groups and internal functions. these accounts can be easily configured to receive email only from employees in the organization.

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For public accounts or mailing lists for your domain, you need to create a public email group to create a professional email address with your domain. See here for detailed instructions on how to create and manage group email accounts with professional email addresses in Zoho Mail. It wasn’t that long ago that you had to pay for every type of business email address. We are now fortunate to have three great options that provide professional-quality email addresses and the inbox tools you need to organize your emails. Read on to learn all about creating a free business email address.

While each method has its pros and cons, we recommend that you look at them in order as they are arranged in order of simplicity and accessibility (i.e. the last method is not technically free, but the first two are free) .

The company has control over these domains, so you can create your own unique email addresses associated with these domains.

As such, you don’t have complete control over what your domain will be, but you can at least take a look at the available domains to see if any of them fit your needs.

Sign In / Sign Up To Zoho Mail

That way you still sign up for a professional-looking business email address. The only difference is that you don’t have to pay for a domain name, hosting, or an inbound email service.

Visit’s email page to see the various business email address options. You can also check the availability of the desired username in certain domains from this page.

For example, I chose to test the domain (which is considered a hobby domain, but could work for a professional) and used a random first and last name as the username. It’s nice to use this special test page because you don’t have to sign up for anything until you find the perfect email address.

The next page shows if this username email address is already in use or exists. If you’re having trouble finding an email address that isn’t already in use, consider adding an underscore or number to your username, or try a similar domain name. For this article, I will pretend to be a therapist and choose the email domain.

How To Create A Custom Email Address For Your Domain

Start with your first and last name and continue with your location. They also ask for your date of birth. It is important to come up with a password that is difficult for others to guess. Enter this password twice to make sure you know it correctly.

Since a phone number is considered too personal to be given to a random company, we generally recommend getting password reset emails.

On the next page, you’ll see some of’s benefits, including email, contacts, file storage, and an editor.

The beauty of is that you don’t have to worry about connecting your domain from another provider or configuring SMTP settings.

How To Use Gmail To Send And Receive Email From Your Own Custom Business Email Address

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be taken straight to’s control panel to view emails and work with everything from file storage to a calendar editor.

It’s a good idea to test if the email works. For this tutorial, I’m just going to show you how fast it is to get yours.

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